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  1. With Nolan, this has a really good chance of being incredible! Without him, it has a real good chance of being horrible!
  2. I'll have to pick this and the graphic-novel for the comics up!
  3. I'll rent this eventually, but I only like Space Hulk(Death Angels and Genestealers) from 40k.
  4. I may spring for the special edition. Usually I don't, but I would like the artbook. I wish it had a soundtrack cd as well.
  5. I actually just sold the latest 3 novels the other day. I decided my cutoff point is when he started writing about now. His prose is still good, I just don't care about the settings or themes of the newer books. With that said, he gave many many good books to enjoy so I can't complain!
  6. You failed to see that the movie was watered down because it did not have a "R" rating? Surely you jest? There was no blood&guts in the movie. This is Terminator!!! If it had been "R", it might have been a hell of a lot better with the added violence. In this movie, none of the Terminators actually seemed scary.
  7. I liked the trailer with the the lil droid hovering along the road getting sniped by a soldier off the side of the road!
  8. It was a hell of a lot better than 3, but definitely not better than 1 or 2. What would have made it better was cutting out the hand-holding cheesy intro (telling you the guy was a cyborg from the first frame of the movie) Also, the movie should have been rated R. Lastly, the movie would have been better if it was set 10 years further in the future. The reason it was not was that the director thought he was going to get to make 3 movies. This is always a huge mistake. Make the best movie you can, then if it is really successful you get a shot at a sequel. So I'd give it a 7,
  9. I prefer 1st person. I like how this prequel will be 1st person, but have 3rd person stealth and special moves to give it a cinematic feel. For games like Deus Ex and Thief and vastly prefer 1st person. But I am definitely cool with a lil 3rd person for cool moves etc.
  10. IGN Preview... http://ps3.ign.com/articles/109/1096080p1.html Eurogamer Preview... http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/deus-ex-...-preview?page=1 Eurogamer Fan Service Article... http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/deus-ex-...-article?page=1 Images...
  11. This looks pretty amazing. I hope my local gaming store has a copy so I can take a look at it!
  12. Seriously dude, you NEED these games! They are absolutely fucking awesome!!!
  13. Awesome art! It is tragic though that the artist went through all that!
  14. Thanks for the info! I like what I see from the links you posted!
  15. Is it new art or is a lot of it lifted right from the RPG?
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