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    Fixing V3.0

    There was little that I didn't like out-right. I did have to tweak a few things, however. The netrunning system didn't give ANY net hacking rules. Thus, I ported over the netrunning rules from CyberGeneration and used those to fill in the gaps. Also, since there are no rules on how to treat constructs (like robots, like automated mecha, like just special FX for the function of the programs) I treat them as just programs in the real world....I AM considering upping the price of the nano-dust and nano-clay as it's FAR to cheap to own your own pet liquid metal killer (say 1000NCD instead of 100.) Also, the advanced combat system isn't necessary...that's right, Friday Night Firefight isn't needed. I stick with the basic combat system and make it up cinematicly, ala Nobilis, Serenity, and some optional rules in Victorian Age Vampire and Mage:the sorcerers Crusade. Also, while there are templates for non-AltCult Cyberpunks, there are no rules for advanced characters that don't belong to an AltCult. Thus, I allow the independent to use his 150 giri on any NON-CYBER altcult tech. So, he can pick up a BFG and a hazer but not NuCybe or a Bioform. As for the NeoCorps, they got all the cool stuff from CGen that didn't make the cut: Spinner Aerodynes, "advanced" cyberwear, Genius Guns, Virtuality (within the confines of a CorpZone) and genetic upgrades from EuroSource. I'm still trying to fit Carbon Plaguers into it. Maybe just make EvoTypes a Perk or Talent. Not sure I wanna go there with PCs yet, but I've already introduced an NPC Scanner.
  2. Ah! I totally forgot about Batman Beyond! I've sorta been cribbing from Washington DC in Minority Report and Marvel 2099. I gotta Netflix it next. Hmm, Desnai does sound good. Maybe a low-level Parker that goes out and strips other AltCulters of their NuTech. Kinda one-part Red Dragon, one-part Sylar.
  3. No I'm serious. Yes, the book's spelling, grammar, artwork, errors and layout are hideous but underneath is all, it's a good game. 2020, while a good game, was not even close to perfect. While it was probably put together better, the world setting and the rules weren't the end-all, be-all of gaming. It wasn't simple when it first came out and the inclusion of more rules, more guns, more roles didn't help any. For a game that was supposed to be about tragic romance and cynical heroism, it sure had a lot of lists and those lists seemed to have attracted the very type of gamer that likes that sort of thing, causing R. Tal to make more of those types of books instead of PLOT. The game became a shopping game, where the whole point was to make money to buy the next cool thing. Oh, and they don't make it anymore. Which makes it dead. So seriously, can't we just get over how "great" the old days were and move on. Also, can we stop trying to fix it "officially". Everyone is going to do what they want with it. While it's great that people share their particular patches for the game, do we really need to right addendums for it? What we really should be focusing on is plot. Stories for the games. The rules will figure themselves out. On to part 2 of my post: Am I the only person that thought the Night City Stalker from the original book was the scariest guy on the planet? When I used him the very first time I ran the game, I must have been watching a lot of horror movies because I somehow knocked it out of the park. I only used him once and he did die....sorta....at the end of the game but my players were convinced that I was gonna bring him back. At least twice my runners were sure that the mystery-man seen running down an alley was really the NCS. What I wanna know is how I can finally resurrect him in cpv3. Suggestions?
  4. MrWolf

    Fixing V3.0

    I don't think they were meant to replace society. I alway got the impression that the AltCults are just that, alternative cultures to the rest of socity, which still outnumbers all the AltCults and the NeoCorps put together. While I would have loved for Mike to actually state what the population breakdown is, I'm fairly certain that the Cults do not dominate. Hell, I'd think that, except for Desnai, most cyberpunks are avoided by the general population. Actually, I figured all of that stuff is the "AltTech" of the NeoCorps. Spinners, capacitor lasers, Vituality (and a truly secure "net" in their arcologies) and improved OldCybe. I'm even thinking maybe the CyberEvolutions are NeoCorp tech, though I'm not sure how to implement it or how I'd explain that one.
  5. My games style used to be very mission oriented, but I evolved out of that into a more dramatic mode. I can't say it's "slice of life" because the it sorta resembles a cross between Sin City and Ghost in the Shell. Now, with CPV3, I'm not sure how I'm going to approach it, since the whole "profession criminal" thing has been done to death.
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