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    Spending time with my wife is a priority, I like building stuff, particularly motorcycles, but just building things is fun for me, and of course, gaming.
  1. So we finally did it, I got the guys to sit down and build their chars, and we did a little quickie run (well really about 1/2 of it, but close enough). It was the first time I'd run in about 12 years, and once I got past the initial nerves, I wasnt' terrible, especially considering that I'm still missing my game screen (*bleeping* E-Bay and Post Office). And of course none of the guys had ever played the game before either, so there were a few things we all didn't know. But then they had to go and try and do goofy stuff, like trying to impale a guy on a sword stuck out the open back door o
  2. Um.... you say that like it's a bad thing. Not at all, my wife drives an '03 GP, and honestly I prefer it's styling to the new ones, but the new ones still are among the better styled cars out there IMHO
  3. the latest version (version3 I assume) looks an awful lot like a Pontiac Grand Prix to me, just with a slightly different roofline and grill...
  4. No offense, but just imagining trying to fire a weapon holding it like that is painful! I mean it just feels awkward to me to hold a rifle left-handed, but what you're describing seems infinitely more so...
  5. DOH!!! Why didn't I think of that!!!! I've actually plinked around with a .22 a couple times, and didn't do too poorly (considering) but I never even thought of getting an airsoft gun to practice with! Thanks!!
  6. This really has fairly little relevance to gaming but... Due to an injury a few years back, I can no longer use my right eye to aim, and I grew up using that eye to aim while shooting. Partially because of where I live, I have spent almost no time shooting since then, and also because I find it very difficult to try to shoot fro the left shoulder. Actually it really isn't much of an issue with handguns, I'm actually equally comfortable shooting with either hand dominant with them, and crossing over to the other eye is pretty simple, in addition to not ever having really handled one pri
  7. Wiredude


    An interesting development, at least for me personally. I unfortunately lost most of the function of one eye a few years ago in a sports accident, and I've worn glasses for liek 25 years anyhow... It would be really cool to have full normal vision again...
  8. As someone who works in the electrical industry, I see a couple of possible (at least partial) explanations. Advances in florescent & LED lighting can cause drastic reductions in power usage. Current florescent technology can produce approximately 4x the amount of light for the same power as incandescent lamps, and improvements are coming very quickly. HID lighting, commonly used in parking lots, large warehouses, etc can currently be replaced by florescents that use about 1/2 the power for the same light output. LED technology is still somewhat in the developmental stages currently, b
  9. I'm all for more environmentally friendly transport, but I have yet to see a vehicle that I could use both my daily commuter, and for my hobbies (I like to build stuff, so I frequently have materials in my truck), and given whre I live, and my finances, I have neither the space nor the money to have a second car for myself, heck I already have to keep my motorcycle in the basement.
  10. Cool, I finaly found what I was looking for, thanks!!
  11. Could someone give me a brief, yet clear explanation of how the drug / drug-addiction rules work, I've tried readign that section several times, but I can't get a handle on how/when ot make rolls concerning addiction, etc. Effects, duration, etc, make a fair amount of sense to me, but the aspects that would seem to come most readily into gameplay are eluding me... maybe I'm jsut being dense...
  12. I do suppose that my earlier comments about using house rules could be applied to any game system, but my point was that most "new editions" are brought out to "fix" this or that. Many times, it's jsut plain stuff that everyone went around anyhow, so it's really irrelevant. But what often happens as well, is that things are often added/changed jsut for the sake of doing so. Someitmes however, things do change for the better. I played D&D 2er in college, not bad, but far from a great gaming system, then I was unfortunately unable to game for a while, since I simply could not find a
  13. Geez... If people buy it... Like was said above, that doesn't mean anything. There are tons of products out there that are terrible, but have been purchased but many. As it pertains to gaming, I know people who have jumped into the new editions because they didn't want to be "that guy" that still plays with all the old stuff... I know a guy near me that stills plays wiht the old D&D 2nd edition rules... I dunno, I play for the fun of playing, some things have been improved in some games over the years, but I think that often the only reason for releasing new editions is so
  14. Thanks for the replys, I'm fully aware that too many NPCs with the party is a bad thing, my idea was more or less to have a stable of them that I trot out 1 at a time, i.e. Bob the Techie for this rum, Burt the Nomad for that one, etc... Actually the idea with the netrunner was sort of inspired by Charlies Angels, though I was thinking of him less as a boss/controler, and more as a helping hand that's jsut a phone call away. As for the story aspects of it, I'm still working there, but I have a couple angles I can play off of in the (still incomplete) backgrounds of both characters, a
  15. As far as the tech goes, yeah, parts of 2020 seem a little campy compared to what we have now, but if you think about it from the perspective of when it was written, what, 1990 or so, it's really quite well done. I look at certain things in the books and sort of chuckle, but I'm also looking at it from a perspective of 18 years after it was written. I look at it as a game world, and it's no more or less silly than a world where short stocky guys with beards live in cities burried deep underground and short skinny people with pointy ears live in the woods, or big, ugly guys with green skin an
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