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    All, Here's one from the real world that just needs a bit of the CP flair! http://www.imaidcafe.com/
  2. Hey guys, Here's an idea on how the vending machines can work. First, the Fixer must on a legit vending machine business. This gets him machines of various dispensing types, from cold sodas, toy in a ball types, candy/chips, sandwiches, etc. Second, all vending machines have a small amount of space for extra goods for storage. Third, add a special storage slot that feeds into the normal dispensing channel, then modify the interface (by this time it will be a touch screen with nice graphics I bet) The Fixer only stocks certain items in certain machines due to the items sold in them. Soda machines can dispense cans that are hollow and hold anything up to a grenade!!! Candy machines have packs of ammo (some preloaded in clips!) wrapped in packaging matching the candy. Sandwich machines can dispense hold-out pistols, polymer pistols, whatever in the nice triangular sandwich package. Each machine would be set up so that you have to enter a certain preset code to access the sub-menu for the illegal goods, and your credstick would have the cost deducted from it. As to the security of the goods, the storage comparments would be uber-strong boxes and the machines themselves in high-traffic area with lots of other vending machines. A PC would either call his Fixer and get the location of a machine that has the goods he needs, or would already have that info (from a previous job) or watnot. This is my take on them! Enjoy!
  3. Hey guys, What if the magazine had the shells stacked vertically instead of horizontily, and used a feed/loader mechanism simular to the G36 caseless rotating feed mechanism? with an oversized mag with actuators and some kind of rfid whatnot to id where in the mag the round of choice was located it might be a fun night on the town! -Eric the Dread0395
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