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  1. I'm interested. What kind of game? Would it be ok if I play a runner?
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/180372...-nakamura-tower It's a kickstarter about a cyberpunk game. It seems heavily influenced by GIS.
  3. kabukiman


    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dreadl...pg?ref=category The game in itself remembers me old games like double dragon or golden axe (but I may be wrong, I hope so). But the hacking system seems promissing.
  4. Two weeks ago a zero was discovered in France. A women was with her car in a garage and the people there heard some noises in the car. They got suspicious and open the backdoor and discovered a child in a box. The women had kept the baby for about 3 or 4 years (the medics aren't sure the age since she didn't developed normally in such a place). The women had the baby in secret and never told anyone (she has a husband and 2 other kids) and she had the bad luck (and good luck for the child) of being caught . So in theory, yes, you can be born out of the system and never be discovered. But it's very difficult...
  5. http://community.eidosmontreal.com/blogs/F...ion-for-Deus-Ex So it seems they will try to cash everything they can. For me, as long as they do games with meaning, I'm ok with that.
  6. It seems they gonna make a true movie with it. Hope they do it right, the visuals aren't enouth to make a good movie. Never were actually.
  7. kabukiman


    Pure cyberpunk.
  8. Wow, they even have a girl playing. I thought it was just an urban myth.
  9. Agreed absolutely about the bosses. It seemed that in the game they had to cut all info that could help you to know anything about them.
  10. I'm thinking of creating a game with players working to a corporation (and not as merc). They will have acess to better material, insurance, and trauma team. Primary classes: corporate, solo, runner, techy, cop (as security agent). The players will have a better background (including university) and will receive some extra skill points. Starting in NY. Anyone interested?
  11. The game will be a continuation of chromium countermesures. But it will be very different. The players will be a group working for a corporation. And it will be action oriented. Anyone interested (besides doom)?.
  12. Ok, let me think something, and then I'l tell you.
  13. Well, we can do then 2 things: 1. We resume your game but you play with a different char. 2. We resume the other scenario that I was playing (with a different GM, datadream, he left some time after starting).
  14. Well, then if you don't mind, I can continue as a GM and you as a player and we resume withe the same crew.
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