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  1. Generally speaking in our campaigns Wardrobe & Style, Personal Grooming & Social tests are done at the Easy difficulty. This level of success means you haven't embarrassed yourself socially and/or you aren't a fashion "disaster". An Average difficulty roll is exactly that: You have comported yourself well in the situation and/or your appearance is on par with what is expected. When you hit a Difficult or better test result that usually puts yourself in the category of one of the polished and/or "beautiful people". This type of roll is usually only made by those with superior stats
  2. Our gaming group is taking a month's break now as a convention that most of the group participates in is coming up in the middle of November. Heck, our GM and a player actually are some of the main organizers. I myself have a play opening up at the end of the week so things are getting a bit crazy. Anyhow, we will be back with Episode 20 at the end of November. Until then we might post so extraneous information about what is happening, but for now the convention will be sucking up a lot of our time. Please enjoy Episode 19! Episode 19 – The Holy Place
  3. I generally have no trouble getting people to roll for Wardrobe & Style or Personal Grooming as appearance has always been a necessity to get into the best clubs and such. Most of our Players have always operated under the maxim of Style over Substance. Social rolls are also a must, because as stated, no one will talk to you if you don't "fit in" to where you are.
  4. I have done a lot of reading on the Paris Commune. While the Commune arose as a reaction to the incompetence of the government of Napoleon III and their dreadful mismanagement of the Franco-Prussian War of 1970, the undercurrent of popular discontent had been brewing since the aforementioned Napoleon III had co-opted the Second Republic that had replaced the Orleanist monarchy. The government that followed the fall of the Emperor of the French was a mix of old monarchists, new bourgeois capitalists and discredited French military officers. The final symbolic straw the set of the revolt was
  5. Tired of being chased around the swamps of the Rio Atrato valley the Team takes their frustration out on a detachment of Devil's Cartel soldiers. Episode 18 – Strike Back! The Team has reached the temporary safety of the Emberá village where they brought Santiago to. One of the people that arrived with Aries and Smith yesterday proves to be the new eighth member of the Team, a C.I.A. operator called Harp, bringing them (along with Darwin) to a full strength eight person strike group. Now that some sort of agreement has been reached with the Medellin Cartel (details of whic
  6. Here we are, back at it. The Team is either going to be heroes for breaking new diplomatic and political grounds or criminals spending the rest of their lives in Leavenworth, if they can catch us! Episode 17 – Running the River The Team gets to the Rio Leon just after dawn and is surprised by the upgrade in transportation that Aries has provided them. The boat drop has also brought Lieutenant Charles Stuart of the British Royal Marines. Now an SBS special operator, Stuart, call sign: Darwin is there to bring Captain Price’s Team up to full strength. He will transfer off
  7. This sounds like a good start to a potentially very fun Cyberpunk Campaign. The area of Kaliningrad is small enough not to need too much of an extensive set-up, but large enough for individuals to remain somewhat anonymous in. The corruption reminds me of a few places I have lived IRL, so the situation has an aura of authenticity to me. A question comes to mind that you have probably already considered: What "power" level do you want to run this at? The advantage of a more "street" game is the action is faster (usually) and the chance for advancement is geared more to the players' own
  8. It is a little sad about your Nomadpunk concept falling by the wayside, but honestly, I think you have a much better idea here; Age of the Jackal is a great name too. I have always liked the timeline of When Gravity Fails and it would make a great start for a new campaign. Our original game which we posted here for years is still going on (now called Space Punk)and has progressed into the 2230's with new characters (often descendants of the older ones) and we have adopted much of the When Gravity Fails tech as our own along with some of the general political situation on Earth. A
  9. It has been almost two weeks since I posted an episode, but that is because we have skipped a week in our by-weekly gaming schedule. I had a gig with my band last Saturday afternoon so we didn't game. We will be making up the date by playing two weekends in a row. Before anyone one asks, nobody has ever heard of our band as we are a bunch of old guys who like to jam in the basement and drink a little (sometimes a lot) of beer. Be that as it may. A bunch of local gamers (including many in this campaign) have a yearly meeting in Northeastern Connecticut called Vic Con. It is a backyard gat
  10. I have to go with both StrayCatalyst and Mikael here. Denver in Home of the Brave is a transportation hub still for all of the remaining agriculture in the area. With the state government and National Guard it would be safe enough for businesses and industries to remain. Also, I have found a few references to a large Nomad Market there. This is due to Wisdom000's work I believe, but that would mesh quite well with Denver as a transportation hub. This is a great start point for anyone to update and fill out a Cyberpunk: Denver. Find a local map (Goggle is good for that) and then turn
  11. On Economic & Currency Issues This is some minor additions we have added to our version of South America in Cyberpunk 2069. While there is still much hostility between the United States and the South American Alliance, another major war is out of the question for the US. They have too many of their own problems to address many resources into a continuing major military effort there. Hence, the US effort is now the C.I.A. Top Secret mission that Aries is running. The current Team is a major part of that, but this Special Access Program appears to be taking a different approach tha
  12. Things often turn out not to be what they seem! Episode 16 – Complications The Team discovers the identities of the three Medellin Cartel members that they have “rescued”. At first this leads them to think they understand why the Devil’s Cartel attacked the jungle mountain hospital. In fact, the real story is far more complicated and reveals previously unknown relationships between the various power groupings in Colombia. The Team and Aries is forced to reassess their preconceptions of who is the enemy and why. Whether this will result in changes in United States int
  13. OK, here is a second draft of our proposed entry for what is happening in Colombia in 2069. As you can see we are leaving in the Third South Am War from the Conflict Sourcebook although we might toy with the outcome a bit more. Over the years relations with North America hasn't gotten much better. The Narco gangs still make strikes against the United States, and still faces opposition from the Federal government. We have introduced a Fourth South Am War which is detailed in this, but the struggle was smaller and less conclusive than the previous ones. The United States is seeking a new re
  14. Yes, as far as Japanese descended presidents in South America you must be thinking of Alberto Fujimori, the first president of Japanese origins, who was elected in 1990 and re-elected in 1995 in Peru. Unfortunately in his second term his administration was rocked with scandal and charges of corruption. While Peru has always hosted a relatively large Japanese descended population, this country has a long record of anti-Japanese discrimination. During the Second World War, all Nikkei newspapers were closed; many businesses seized and important members of the community were stripped of their c
  15. Yes, indeed on page 34 of The Pac Rim Sourcebook, in section #1 of a Japanese character creation there is the reference to Japanese characters born in South America. I will have to run this by our GM. He might want to do something with this. Thanks for pointing this out!
  16. Yes, yes, you have some very good points here and we have considered some with one being more of laziness on my part in the explanation. I pointed this out to our GM on game day, but he said he had it covered. As my character is a new C.I.A. operative, I have asked if my character would know about the size of a SAS unit in the field. I haven't got an answer back yet. I do think that the experienced military characters would know this. Nomad our Team leader had a private conversation with Captain Price and we are not privy to that. All the same my character is on the look out
  17. No, I haven't forgotten about Brazil and Argentina. We have a great deal of information on a Cyberpunk Brazil as we did 1/3 of our Burn Notice Campaign (which is recorded here on Views from the Edge). Our date was 2045 about, and used rules and characters from our long running campaign string, so this didn't happen in the "world" as we play it now. I totally agree that Brazil would be a regional power and perhaps even more so. In our Space Punk Campaign, which is set a couple of centuries in the future it is a world Super Power. Well, as much as one can be in a world that is rising from t
  18. Again the Team heads into Colombia. This time the mission is a rescue, but at what cost? Episode 15 – An Emergency Extraction Apparently there is no rest for the wicked. The Team is allowed eight hours of sleep before being summoned to a briefing for an emergency extraction of an undercover C.I.A. asset trapped in virtual open warfare between the Medellin and Devil’s Cartel. It is a straight forward get in and get out quickly assignment. Of course, things are generally more complicated than they seem at first glance. Moral choices must be made and sometimes, in the heat
  19. Yes, I have read Datafortress' Conflict II and I have downloaded Wisdom000 complete files. They are an invaluable resource. I have read the C.I.A. factbook on the country, which is always a great source. I have done quite a bit of reading on Colombia and consulted a few friends of mine from there. As to your other points: 1) Mining is very important and IRL there is a lot of pressure from international corporations who are hiring mercenaries to drive the indigenous population from their lands. Hence the guerilla groups from these peoples that exist today. As to oil I hadn't co
  20. Picking Everyone's Brain One of my pet peeves with Cyberpunk 2020 and its iterations is how little attention has been paid to non-western culture. The older 2020 system did start to go into other countries situation, but with the exception of Western Europe, Japan and to some extent China, other places were often just dismissed as “shit hole” countries. With (near) global collapse that can be somewhat understandable. However, it seems many of the writers were thinking without Western technology and leadership, everywhere else would just fall apart. There are many incredibly older a
  21. In two days our group gets together for Episode 15 of our current campaign. The GM left us with not a lot of information on our next mission. He has since had a little mercy and given us the bare mission profile. The Team will get one night's sleep and be doing another night HALO jump into the foothills of the northern Andres Mountains in Colombia. The mission is simple: we have to rescue six doctors from Doctors Without Borders at a mountain jungle hospital, who are being threatened by (drug gangs, right wing militias, leftist guerillas). Pick one, I guess. We haven't been informed,
  22. These are interesting observations. One was explained by the GM later out-of-game and the other wouldn't have worked in our situation. 1. Lazy Dog bomb: This did come up in our after game discussion. We had watched the plantation for several days and "counted guns". There were 13 guard towers with two men each and during two of the three daily guard shifts there were always two 4 man patrols moving around the plantation. In addition to these armed guards were about a half a dozen overseers watching the "slaves" while they worked. That was a total of 86 armed guards plus the overseer
  23. Aries' Misguided Children finally goes into action! Episode 14 – The Plantation Raid The Team pulls off its first strike with much success despite a number of botches during the operation. Fortunately none occurred on a weapons roll or anything that could possibly be fatal, so it just led to embarrassment for the players involved. Six lost American POWs are rescued and a Drug Plantation is decimated. The Team hopes that this attack kicks off a war between the two of the feuding rival cartels in the area, but only time will tell. Background Most of the world h
  24. And away they go! They may not be the type of group you originally planned on, but this is a great start. Nomads are often notorious scavengers looking for parts and supplies to keep their aging equipment going. Their lack of combat types will be a challenge, but this only means that they must be clever. Their lack of social skills can be great fodder for you (as GM) to provide character growth and a bit of humor. Also, a small group of three won't attract as much attention as a larger heavily armed group would. Players seldom do what the GM expects and that is often a fact of ga
  25. Finally, we are up to date with our episodes! Episode 13 – Welcome to Colombia Aries commits his new Team into action. They are to operate in the Chocó Department in the northwest part of Colombia on the Pacific coast. They will drop into the municipality of Nuquí and start operations in the town of the same name. The Team quickly locates a drug “plantation” and laboratory hidden in the jungle. They make a discovery about the operations there which leads them to plan a strike on this facility. As they wait for the gear they requested for the operation to arrive, they
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