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  1. Oh gods, I've just realised that my last post had no relevence to this discussion at all. I've turned into that kid with the magic cards Anyway - Kinderwhores - "the bonzai street-walkers!" Both Noir (by WT Jetter) and Necroville (by Ian McDermitt ?) feature some great ideas for cyberpunk People-Of-Negotiable-Affection
  2. On the one hand, given that CP is supposed to be a realistic setting, it ought to include such things, but on the other hand, for a male GM, trying to role play a female NPC can be bad enough, having to play out a romantic involvement with a male player is just too much. Sometimes I wonder about the types who insist such things should be present in an RPG. Prostitutes, Streetwalkers and Hookers are a great answer to such things. You can shoehorn them in without as much as a raised eyebrow. At least in cyberpunk, in other genres it difficult. When you consider that we are talking about the oldest proffession, I am constantly amazed at how few whorehouses there are in AD&D I play a LRP called Maelstrom - it's a kind of 1000-person live-action rpg game. The setting is kind of 15th-18th century (lots of Jane Austin types) with non-human races (Samurai badgers, hives of insect-men, pirates etc). If you've read any of China Meivilles New Curbuzon books you'll have an idea of the setting. Anyway... I play a servant of the gods, specifically I serve a 'heathen' god of the land that the 'old-worlders' are trying to colonise. There were some Jane-Austin types who had hired a 'chamber of delight' to hold a party in - I turned up and bought blessings... power-word 'mass orgy'. When they turned up the next day to lynch me "It's a adult themed game - I'm an eidolon of the god of pleasure - and a mass gay orgy seemed like a good idea at the time" Then I ran like cheep mascara!
  3. OK, I’ve been thinking long & hard about this, and I think there is enough talent on these boards to write a cyberpunk rpg. We’ve been talking about v3.1 or other things, but it’s become apparent that we should really start from the ground up. We'll need original artwork, original rules, original cyberwear, original weapons, original armour, original equpiment, an original setting, original character sheets & a couple of introductory senarios. We'll need a name for it that's not 'cyberpunk' too. Then we'll put the whole thing on the web for free and let anyone who wants it, take it & play. ******************** To get the ball rolling, here’s a basic rules mechanic (modified from my old Swords-of-Midnight rpg). The system uses d6s exclusively. Stats range from 1-5 (with 5 being unmodified human maximum) Skills range from 1-5 (0 is ‘unskilled’, 5 is ‘world-class’) ******* When checking for success you roll the number of dice in your stat. Every ‘6’ counts as a success and is added on to your basic dice pool to generate a total number of successes. ******* Example: I have a Dexterity stat of 3. I roll 3 dice, one of which is a 6. My total successes are (dice pool=3 + success on dice=1) 4. If the difficulty of the task was 4 or less then I succeed. ******* When rolling Stat + Skill every 5 or 6 counts as a success ******* Example: I have a Dexterity stat of 3 and a handgun skill of 2. I roll 5 dice, one of which is a ‘6’ and 3 are ‘5’s. My total successes are (dice pool=5 + success on dice=4) 9. If the difficulty of the task was 9 or less then I succeed. ******* Every 1 rolled subtracts from successes ******* Example: I have a Dexterity stat of 3 and a handgun skill of 2. I roll 5 dice, one of which is a ‘6’ and 1 is ‘5’ and 3 are ‘1’s. My total successes are (dice pool=5 + success on dice=2 – fails on dice=3) 4. If the difficulty of the task was 4 or less then I succeed. ******* If the total result is ‘0’ it counts as a critical failure ******* Example: I have a Dexterity stat of 3. I roll 3 dice, and they all come up one. My total successes are (dice pool=3 - failiures on dice=3) 0. I critically fail the task. ******* Having a ‘background’ lowers the difficulty of dice rolls by 1 ******* Explanation: When rolling just a stat on it’s own ‘success’ on a dice is ‘6’. (If I have an appropriate background ‘success’ on a dice is ‘5’ or ‘6’) When rolling a stat plus a skill ‘success’ on a dice is ‘5’ or ‘6’. (If I have an appropriate background ‘success’ on a dice is ‘4’ , ‘5’ or ‘6’) ******* A word on backgrounds… ******* Backgrounds are things like ‘soldier’ or ‘ex-police officer’ or ‘resident of X-place’. They encompass knowledge, training and instincts honed by a career or a long period of study. For example, soldiers would have backgrounds appropriate to give a bonus in combat situations, understanding tactics, maintaining self-discipline… an ex-police officer would have knowledge of criminal activities, would know how to ‘read’ people, would know about law-enforcement… a resident of a certain place would know of shortcuts, the layout of the city, when and where crowds form… Combat… Each character has a number of ‘hits’ based upon how healthy they are, and a number of lethal wounds. Wounds are taken in levels, with each level giving a penalty to the character’s dice pools. There are 5 ‘levels’ of wounds, and a 6th ‘dying’ level. For example… a character with a ‘health’ stat of 3 would have 3 ‘hits’ and one ‘lethal’ per level. *** Joe Average *** 1) Lethal-O Hits-O-O-O Penalty –1 2) Lethal-O Hits-O-O-O Penalty –2 3) Lethal-O Hits-O-O-O Penalty –3 4) Lethal-O Hits-O-O-O Penalty –4 5) Lethal-O Hits-O-O-O Penalty –5 6) Lethal-O Hits-O-O-O Dying When shot with a gun or likewise a character rolls a d6 and takes a lethal wound at that level (for example… a roll of 6 a character would be ‘dying’, a roll of 1 would be a –1 penalty). Some weapons do two or more lethal wounds! As a guide... a knife or handgun does 1 lethal, a shotgun, rifle or sword does 2 lethals, a squad-level weapon does 3 lethals & an automatic weapon on full auto does 1 extra lethal. If the indicated lethal wound level is already checked then the next wound level up is used. If the ‘dying’ wound level is checked and a character rolls a 6 he dies instantly. Body armour converts 1 lethal wounds into 1d6 ‘hits’. These can be ‘soaked’ by rolling successes on a ‘health’ check. A character takes the greatest penalty on their wound track. ‘Hits’ are healed at a rate of X-hits per day. Once the character has no ‘hits’ left to heal, his highest lethal wound converts into 6 hits. Non-lethal attacks such as that done by fists, falling, fire or other non-piercing damage count as ‘hits’ Dying characters loose 1 hit per round until they receive medical attention ******* OK – what do people think? Will it do for a basic mechanic? *******
  4. ASH

    Inviso Suits?

    Hmm... metamaterials are a dead-end as far as cloaking devices go, at least with practicle applications... any suit made using it would resemble a deep-sea diving suit - though it might make a good technology for stealth tanks ). If you are looking for a cloaking device then you will need the following: Layer1: Topographically Sensitive Material (as a base layer, if using cloth or other non-ridgid structures) Layer2: EM Absorbant Material (over the Topographically Sensitive Material) Layer3a: Programmable EM Emiting Material (over the EM Absorbant Material) Layer3b: EM ensitive Material (over the EM Absorbant Material) Processors The suit works as follows... Light (or other parts of the EM spectrum) hits the suit. The light is 'read' by layer3b The suit's processors work out the topography of the suit at that time (using information from layer1) and the direction of the light The suit's processors work out the path that the light hitting it would have Controlled by the processors, layer3a emits light Basically, it's v3.0 Digital Fabric. Still - if building stealth tanks a cheepr way than metamaterials is to use full-spectrum video-fabric and cameras, either in draped sheets or panels. Remember - tanks get shot at, and you'd need to replace damaged panels - making metamaterials cost prohibitive (and very heavy from the sounds of it)
  5. C60 and other related carbon structures break down when subjected to an input of energy - for example, 'buckyballs' evaporate in light!
  6. Escaped test subjects? Ohh, ohh. I want to play a psychokinetic prom girl (minus the pigs blood)!
  7. *Tsk* God dosn't play dice... I hear he uses cards for random number generation
  8. I've been doing a lot of research on armour recently - yep ... armour is continuing to evolve faster than weaponry designed to pierce armour - the CP rules are if anything too much on the bullets side! The pike formation is what turned the tide last time - I wonder what will turn the tide this time?
  9. Welcome Uncle Todd. What's for supper? CC Uncle Todd? You've lost me there man. There's nothin but kibble an' soy rat for supper. Pitch in! Aw, and here I was hoping I could get a nice soylent green pie.
  10. ASH


    I'm not sure that having a trademark would stop someone else using the name, as it bis not a distinctive trademark http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trademark A generic term is the common name for the products or services in connection with which it is used, such as "salt" when used in connection with sodium chloride. A generic term is not capable of serving the essential trademark function of distinguishing the products or services of a business from the products or services of other businesses, and therefore cannot be afforded any legal protection. This is because there has to be some term which may generally be used by anyone—including other manufacturers—to refer to a product without using some organization's proprietary trademark. Marks which become generic after losing distinctive character are known as genericized trademarks. Although a trademark which lacks distinctive character is not prima facie registrable, most jurisdictions will permit registration if the trademark owner can demonstrate (whether through a licensee or otherwise) that the public exclusively associates the mark with a particular commercial origin or source (ie. the trademark owner or its business). In such cases the mark will be registrable on the basis that this association evidences the distinctive character of the mark as a matter of fact. Therefore calling your game might be potentially infringing the trademark calling it might not. As there are other cyberpunk games on the market just calling CyberPunk2020 or CyberPunkv3.0 'Cyberpunk' is not enough to diferentiate it from other such games, therefore it is a generic term. Infact - having just checked it is strictly the word CYBERPUNK as a word, the words Cyber and Punk are not registered nor is 'Cyber-Punk' or 'CyberPunk'
  11. Well, you asked for it, so here's a couple... Laurences sheets for his current character... MrBunny's The rest were uninteligable scrawls with far too much crossings out & sake/vodka/mead/wine spills on them
  12. We don't think we are cool, we KNOW we are cool. Our coolness is fact.
  13. Teleportation - Plain vanilla a-b jumping requiring line-of-sight, familiarity, co-ordinates, far-sensing or whatever it normally requires... basically what you have above. However... Self-bioteleportation - You can teleport, but naked - very useful for getting rid of acids on you (and your stomach contents are left behind too!) Castling - You swap places with a you-shaped volume of air, water or (ouch) rock - good for killing foes, or producing lifelike marble sculptures of yourself (provided you teleport out of the rock instantly)! Displacement - You disapear with a 'pop' as you leave behind a vaccume, but appear with a 'boom' as you displace air (displacing into something solid will HURT!) Stutter-jumping - A series of small jumps (milimeters-long) that makes you look like you are stop-motion animated, but allows you to 'fly' by teleporting in a stutter upwards Stutter-rush - A technique whereby you move faster than you could normally Stutter-dance - An advanced technique where you appear in a blur of multiple sequential jumps around a target location or person (either in order vto dodge attacks or to attack at the same time from multiple angles) Apportation - The ability to teleport objects or people to you or away from you (useful for never being unarmed - or for teleporting grenades through walls or foes into traffic) Warping - The ability to temporarily compress, stretch or shape local space, useful for making melee attacks at a distance or creating warped space so that bullets or explosions take a detour around you Portaling - The ability to create a hole in space, allowing you to reach through with your hand, or to drive a car through - create a portal to space and suck someone's lungs out, or blast-cut them with deep-sea high pressure water Shadowing - The ability to move your body out of phase with reality, into another realm through which you travel before reapearing Ghosting - The ability to become ghostlike, passing through objects (though if you loose concentration it will HURT!) Bilocation - Be in two places at once (divide stats between two 'bodies', they share a pool of hitpoints) Attunement - Attune to a favorite item and always be able to call it to you (or you to it), can also be used to attune to a place and always be able to 'port there (also allows you to always know your relative position to the attuned item or place) - attuning takes time but allows you to use all psionic powers on the object more easily (such as TK) Sence Attunment - Allows you to trace the link between a 'jumper' and attuned items or places, and allows you to sence if an item or place is attuned and trace it to it's jumper Sence Porter - Allows you to sence uses of teleportation nearby Actuality shield - Allows you to stop or interfere with teleportation nearby Auto-teleportation - Allows you and your equipment but nothing else to teleport - useful for escaping bonds or grappling opponents Group-teleportation - Allows you to teleport a group of people, or the bike you are in, or to take your [power-armour with you, depending on how strong you are Part-teleportation - Allows you to teleport only parts of objects, so you could teleport the ammo out of a gun, teleport a sphere of matter out of a bank vault door, ot teleport out the hearts of polititians! Bio-portaling - Useful for medical practitioners or sadists, you can open a portal inside someone to perform surgey without having to make an incision or just punch them in the brain and pull it out from within their skull Atomic 'porting - This allows you to create a mist of tiny portals micrometers across, and anyone passing through it will have every 4th cell teleported 1mm forwards - effectively liquidising them (fun at parties!) Shifting - You can move portals around or close them or redirect teleports in your area (your own portals are easier than others) Obviously some things will be to do than others, they are all harder vthan straight teleportation
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