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  1. These guys make a ton of awesome videos - check out their Scorpion (from Mortal Kombat) vs. White Power Ranger video - amazing. Eric
  2. The pdf files for all that (and more) was only around $100 - all from World Works Games. Though I have around 100 hours spent in building all that stuff! Eric
  3. I have had lots of free time while waiting for the Interface Zero 2.0 RPG to come out (A cyberpunk RPG for the Savage Worlds rules). Here is what I had used said free time for... http://www.dwarvenforge.com/forum?func=vie...10&id=55210 Make sure you check the 2nd post as well - both are mine Eric
  4. Keeps fingers crossed that this update is something awesome. Hopefully CD Projekt Red has knocked some sense into Mike - after all, they wanted nothing to do with V3 for their video game, and now they have Mike working on 2020 again! Yay! Eric
  5. Our fantasy campaign is winding down - so once that is done, Cyberpunk is the next game waiting in the wings. You will then see with some UV sensitive wet erase markers and some nice high brightness paper stand up minis (real Cyberpunk mini's are just hard to come by, and I don't imagine they would glow very well ) Eric
  6. Check out this interesting little web series called H+. H+ Corporation has invented a computer that is implanted in your brain, allowing you to be online 24 hours a day. But what happens when a virus infects the chips... http://www.geekscape.net/watch-the-first-s...bryan-singers-h Eric
  7. I will 2nd Hanns' opinion. This movie is now a part of my DVD collection. Holy balls Batman does this movie rock. The unrated cut is 1 hour and 40 minutes. I think 1 hour and 30 minutes of it is insane crazy action that guys will love! Eric
  8. I have not been around lately due to fantasy and Mass Effect being played at my table. But, one of our GM's is getting together a Cyberpunk game to replace the Fantasy game that is due to end soon and I wanted to get the UV sensitive battle map I had upgraded. I never liked having a little glow in the UV board resting atop 2 wobbly fold up tables. So, I got myself a 5 foot by 6 foot piece of plexiglass and a similar sized grid and bolted them over the top of my fold up tables. This creates 1 single flat surface that covers the entire table space and being bolted on makes them nice and
  9. I am with Wisdom on this one. I spent 2 months in Mississippi a long time ago. If there is a more miserable place on earth, I don't know where it could possibly be. Eric
  10. Since I stole Wisdom's gaming room and made a copy of it in my house, it is kind of obvious that I play. One would think (or hope!) that the percentage of people who dedicate a whole room in their house to gaming, yet don't play is rather low. My house in the location of a weekly (barring silly things like real life getting in the way) gaming group. We have a 5 person gaming group of people who range in age from 21 to 39 (and I am the oldest ). Everyone gets along really well and we all have very compatible gaming styles. Heck, we even got a celebrity in our group - one of th
  11. LOL. The very first picture in the link...I drive that building almost every day at work. The complex is absolutely HUGE. A movie company owns it now - they sometimes shoot scenes in abandoned factories in it. When my job takes me through the city I see scores of abandoned homes with the windows boarded up and the porches collapsing. The city is such a ghost town that there are entire city blocks with only 1 or 2 occupied homes. The mayor is forcing those people to move as it costs the city too much to supply services such as water, etc to those few homes. Eric
  12. I have always kept netrunning in my games short and sweet. If it only takes 15 minutes or so, the other players usually maintain interest - especially if the netrunner is on the verge of collecting some important information...or in danger. If the run is for something basic/easy, I will resolve it with just a roll or two, then give the netrunner the info he needs. To spice it up, give the other characters something to do in the meantime. The netrunner is furiously working to snatch up some important data...while the other characters are in a firefight, defending the netrunner until his
  13. There is a thread on the Cyberpunk CCG. Unfortunately the game is absolutely horrible. Once combat starts you need to start breaking out calculators to figure out the math. I bought a bunch of cards on firesale for $36. Then I sat down with a friend and we started reading the rules. Once we got to the combat part, I stopped about half way through the chapter and asked him if we even wanted to continue. The cards are used for art now. The netrunner CCG - it was designed by Richard Garfield (the guy who designed Magic) - it was a great game, and in fact started doing better than Magi
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