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  1. Actually, in our game, we noticed that very same point, which is why we upped the power and territory of the Blood Razors, they control 60% the combat zone, and have headquarters in the dead center, their ranks stretch out into the city, not much short of a serious corporate assault would be able to unseat their stronghold, and only an alliance of several other gangs would be able take them down without a corporate budget, but thats just in night city, in other areas we have encountered the rack and shiv nomad packs, who we consider gangs, and decided that a large widespread union of the exiled nomads would make for a good gang as well, thus was born a network of some seriously dangerous merc nomads who are tough by necessity as the "honorable" nomad packs attack them on sight. Thats what I love about cyberpunk, if something seems a little off or you dont like it, custom it up! theres examples for game material everywhere.
  2. Gangs are an important part of Cyberpunk when considering the way the streets work. Gangs rule city blocks like their own towns. They wage wars on citizens, police, corporate forces, and other gangs. They are one of the three major powers in the Cyberpunk universe. Gangs made up almost 80% of our encounters in the beginning, we were edge runners working in the moderate zone. Doing small scale jobs for local gang leaders, low level corp types, and community jobs like keeping any one gang from attaining to much power. We included specifically the Bozos, Voodoo boys, yakuza, italian mafia, the blood razors, a ton of obscenely annoying poser gangs including the gilligans, the coneheads (with whom we got into some serious tangles) the western stars, the james gang (who had their 5 star members gunned down by our "cowboy" in a seriously over powered bar fight, but thats what gun-fu does for yah), then there were some chromer gangs like the steel slotter slammers and a few others, the O-zones come to mind. I cant recall specific names for the rest without my game notes. We actually got heavily involved in an encounter with the leader of the BloodRazors once, a mission where it was made to look like the leader of a rival gang had gotten his brother killed by the police, and it was an attempt to get those two gangs to fight it out, leaving two weakend powers to be cleaned up by the police and corporates, seriously tilting the power structure and distribution in night city. Fun times indeed. To bad I was a Milltech sellout at the time, or I would have done something more, but as it was I rode the back of a pickup in my grasshopper and took a few pop shots here and there till I got enough attention to show some evidence that made it clear that the whole thing was staged by drugging up the guy.
  3. oooo, must do research, time to put my datahound skill to use! *goes to look through news articles*
  4. Heh, further refinement may even allow feedback, make an artificial limb that lets you feel how hard your squessing with the hand, or perhaps interprate a basic sense of touch with contact/nocontact, imagine having remote systems like that, or even virtual ones, take it a step further and this is the path that leads to virtual reality in a form perceptible in more than just visual, full immersion could be possible if the feedback were refined far enough. ahhh, I love technology.
  5. The points malek brings up are very informed and well thought out. It makes sense, PA are a specialized thing, their true strength lies in urban combat in large scale wars, where cities and industrial complexes are being directly assaulted, and the only case weve seen in our own game where more than a grasshopper was a good choice was assaulting a large corporate research complex. So really, larger scale PA fit their very narrow niche very well, their mobility, targeting systems, and versatility in equipment make for an excellent power without having the nasty san loss from becoming a borg. A PA team could be outfitted with specialized equipment, you could make an entire team in PA with almost everything but a stealth man, and even then it might be "possible" but in that casae you just throw an eclipse borg on the team and youve got everything, dont even need a dedicated medic in the large PA, autodocs can be installed, and in smaller PA, you give the medic a unit with some tech tools to cut you out of your PA and medics tools on the PA itself. Course, by this time I am sure the game would be a PA centered one, its still difficult to have a single person in PA on a team, though I seem to be handleing that ok in my case, but its taken a couple years of play for our party to become what it has and be able to handle that kinda power player joining it.
  6. Ah, point well made. Funny enough, you say glitterboy in black trenchcoat, we actually had an interesting time when we were moving a shipment of blue ice with some nomads, and I used my grasshopper, put a dispersion weav duster on it, the helmet matched up ok, and some custom jeans and boots and had one of our members who was a tech/scout use his skills to make it look good enough so most people viewing us from more than a dozen yards though I was a borg on a motorcycle wearing a helmet and some custom clothes. kinda corny, but as long as they werent using anything but a normal pair of eyes, it was a good one, we were doing this sort of thing just to see if it could be done, didnt really have any point, but it was a funny concept, making a grasshopper look like a borg by stripping the external equipment and using a little disguise skill.
  7. In our game, I started with less than 10,000 eb worth the equipment and threw together a hydrolic frame with metal gear slapped on it, it took me over a year real time to work to actuall PA, and I am the richest person in the party, I started with about the highest possible monthly income, sold out to Milltech for more money, and after I bought off my contract, we ended up in this petrochem mission with horrible results that nearly killed all of us and DID kill some of our family, and we got big settlements, like 250,000 eb for those who lost family, plus our lawyer made some good rolls. And that was only a grasshopper, I dont know if I could ever afford more than maby a boris, nver anything with a 40 str, and I cant even come close to imagining getting better than 40 sp on any frame. Not nearly enough money.
  8. As far as maitenance goes, the grasshopper frame is smaller, and has many simmilarities to cyberware in its systems. The way I figure, maintenance requires less people, and slightly less money than your average millitary or Corporate owned PA. I dont believe it upsets game balance as much as almost any other frame would. Really, its not much worse than a full con in terms of power, and weight for weight, dollar for dollar, a full con can beat out a grasshopper if you build it right. With maintenance, we divide the work between myself, I am ACPA design and tech trained, and have some skill in cyberware, I pay out about 1000 eb a month to two techs I retain, they are ex millitary and in my story they were part of my original jacksuit test unit (about 1/4 of my total monthly income not including mission pay, after living expenses goes to them) then I spend an additional 1000 to 2000 on what we call monthly maintenance, we determin parts loss due to damage and general wear, figured up a table for percentage chance of any given part reaching limits of use, and roll for how much I need to fix once a month, this brings financial balance to it. Also, I maintain that the nanotech made to clean and maintain weapons and cyberware, for a high price, could just as easily be programmed to maintain PA systems, no one has refutted me on this, but we havent determined a price yet, but I am certain I can afford it, our team had a settlement from petrochem, we lawyerd them into a corner when they spilled a tanker of hydrochloric gas across the bay and killed alot of people, drew in 50,000 eb apiece for being exposed (we managed to escape before it reached deadly levels), then got settlements for deceased family members as well. As far as overpowering the game, that was never an issue, I brought this character in halfway into this campeign, by then our party had moved up to some serious high risk gaming, and a PA was about what was needed to cope with our increase in difficulty, our rep earned us high paying, high difficulty missions, and we had alot of contacts who made our jobs more efficient. So really, in the very specific realm of our game, it works fairly well, but not in most, it really is an issue of to much power and drawing down to much fire on the party unless your playing a campeign based around it, elite millitary unit or heavy corporate strike team, that sort of thing. Theres also the idea of running a team of PA pilots, but thats not something for begginers of course. Well, I most definantly appreciate the views youve all expressed, it puts it into perspective.
  9. So we play a game of 2020 based out of night city, your typical merc team setup, weve run for a long time, and I've been playing a PA pilot. Now, some people have urged me to go for a big ass PA, or at least a med range with good armor, but honestly, I have found the most effective PA for use within city limits is a modified grasshopper frame, its 24 BOD, I placed 30sp armor on it, highboosted, and I carry two main weapons, the Milltech 20mm anti-material rifle in one hand, and a belt fed browning M-1919 moded like crazy in the other, as well as mounting a micro missile pod. I am tapped out on slots, but my total weight allows me to cart this thing around in a van easy, I can replace the guns very cheaply, I dont have to be any more concerned than a heavy combat borg on entering structures, and I can actually hide sometimes. So, opinions, disscussion, I personally believe my PA setup to be pretty ideal for an in city based game, now of course something bigger and heavier armored might be better outside, like if we were doing something like attacking a powerfull armored convoy, but I believe I have set up the best for fast paced street and building fights. Plus, I only slightly more likley to draw a police PA strike team than a guy in heavy hard armor with a cannon, or a serious combat borg. So far Ive actually avoided police incursions at all. We are a liscenced small corp, and the team has alot of good contacts.... Anyways, rambling, back to post point, discussion of PA, application of types in what conditions, viability of a PA pilot on a team, game power balance issues associated with the class, and PA customization.
  10. NOTE :I've been playing this character for a while now, I had some damn good rolls in the beginning, and gotten myself cybered up and equipped like a vet, cause he is a vet. But I will admit, weve progressed to a high power campeign, and not easily. So yes, he is what could be called a high level character,and I'll play him like I do in the regular game. Chett Roffler. Chett was born in Poland in late 80's. During his childhood he experienced severe illness and was sent to the US for treatment. A bright boy, and having alot of time on his hands, he studied, and grew intrested in cybernetics and robotics, he even began studying the theoretical papers. This led him to a decision early on that he wanted to work in a feild based in these areas. Chett learned while in the hospital that his family had been killed, possibly murdered, all of them, parents, siblings, and even his extended family. (What Chet didnt know was that a psychotic man had targeted his bloodline, and did not know where to find Chett.) When the US was attacked, and the EMP's caused alot of data loss, Chett was almost done with his treatment, he lost touch with anyone he knew, and was going to be turned over to child services, but a doctor who was studying prosthetics and the blossoming field of Cybernetics, decided to take him in. She was soon hired by the military, and took up a position in a secret op known as the Jacksuit program. Chett was left to his own devices, and spent his time studying and experimenting, by the time he was 17 he had made it to college. While there an experiment failed on him, and a portion of the science lab collapsed, injuring an Arasaka recruiter who happened to be below, there was a police investigation, and he was arrested, being a non-citizen, he spent 10 years in minimum security, most of which he worked in vocational training programs, he had been taking work in the new area of hydrolic exo frames. His mother, having been out of touch due to the secretive nature of their program, learned only now of Chetts misfortune, she immediatley asked the head of the program to consider Chett as one of the test subjects for the new suits, he was selected, and there was born his new life. He joined the military, began his training, and was soon accepted into the Jacksuit program as a pilot. He showed a natural aptitude for piloting the behemoth hydrolic suits, and was willing and able to work on the new cybernetic inspired systems, the magnetic muscles, and his technical knowledge and innovative ideas made him invaluable to the research teams, he told them what was going on in their language, then got out and worked on it with them, together they developed a fighting machine the likes of which had never been seen before, and they were going to put it to use. He found himself thrown with his research and development unit into a live testing ground, they sent tham all to South America. Officially they were a special mobile mechanic division on an extended roaming mission, looking for salvageable equipment, unnoficially they were there to get some combat testing on this new war machine, and did a damn good job of it. When the US economy fell and they went bankrupt, Chett and his team were left deep in S.A. with a semi truck holding a machine bay, two Jacksuits, and a hummer. They knew they had to get back, and they had a prety good idea of how. Drive there, stop where they could, do mechanic and hard labor, get more feul, and keep going. Most of them made it, Chett, and a few of the mechanics team, the drivers, and a soldier on the Hummer. They had made the long walk, and they returned to a weak welcome, and no recompence. Chett did what he could to live, got a job at the mayors office, he wasnt about to turn himself over to a life working for a corp, not after what Arasaka did to him, but that wasnt giving him satisfaction, he was a soldier, he was a trooper, and he needed the feel of metal around him to feel at home again. Well, Arisaka was the one that screwed him, so if I gotta go to a corp to get back in the shell, it might as well be their competition. He joined up with Milltech. He didnt just join up, he sold out, they implanted him with reflex boosters, skin weave, and much more, he was enhanced and he was trained, and he became a black op for them. He was on fire, he was completing missions with an incredible success ratio. He soon realized though, that he was under Milltechs thumb, and would never get anywhere, he bought off his contract, and joined up with a local solo team, they were all famous types, well, that suited Chett fine, his name had been plastered across plenty of papers when the Jacksuit program got declassified, and he had no fear of letting people know who he was, but now he wasnt under the corporate umbrella, and didnt have the corp budget, and he needed a PA He scrapped as he could, and picked up a grasshopper frame, then proceded to make it like nothing a grasshopper should be. Now he roams NightCity, doing pretty damn well for himself, but above all, feeling satisfaction with what he is doing. Currently Chett works with a merc team, spends his free time working on political campeigning, his long term goal is mayor of night city, and to get there with no corporate backing. Stats INT – 9 REF – 13 TECH – 10 COOL – 9 ATTR – 5 LUCK – 6 MA – 6 BODY – 10 EMP – 7 Run – 18m/s Leap – 4.5m Lift – 100 Rep and Fame: Rep: PA pilot/war hero: 9 (yes I friggin rolled that) Rep: Local politician: 4 (background roll again) Rep: (from play) we made a run to columbia on a mission from biotechnica, while there we found a drug lords home and buisness on a large coffee farm, and that he had US POWs long thought dead, and he was using them as slave labor, had been since he caught them on the long walk, we were pissed, as most of us were ex millitary, and we lit that place up, them brought those POW's home, it was a big splash on the news and we recieved a temporary REP of 9, this will degrade over time unless we do something simmilar again. Skills, equipment, cyberware, PA stats I'll list these later, I dont have the time right now. Fashion: Edge runner, typically millitary garb, when dealing with political career and corps its casual buisness suit. I'll finish this later tonight while I am actually looking at my character sheet, to much typing right now.
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