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  1. Actually, in our game, we noticed that very same point, which is why we upped the power and territory of the Blood Razors, they control 60% the combat zone, and have headquarters in the dead center, their ranks stretch out into the city, not much short of a serious corporate assault would be able to unseat their stronghold, and only an alliance of several other gangs would be able take them down without a corporate budget, but thats just in night city, in other areas we have encountered the rack and shiv nomad packs, who we consider gangs, and decided that a large widespread union of the exile
  2. Gangs are an important part of Cyberpunk when considering the way the streets work. Gangs rule city blocks like their own towns. They wage wars on citizens, police, corporate forces, and other gangs. They are one of the three major powers in the Cyberpunk universe. Gangs made up almost 80% of our encounters in the beginning, we were edge runners working in the moderate zone. Doing small scale jobs for local gang leaders, low level corp types, and community jobs like keeping any one gang from attaining to much power. We included specifically the Bozos, Voodoo boys, yakuza, italian mafia, th
  3. oooo, must do research, time to put my datahound skill to use! *goes to look through news articles*
  4. Heh, further refinement may even allow feedback, make an artificial limb that lets you feel how hard your squessing with the hand, or perhaps interprate a basic sense of touch with contact/nocontact, imagine having remote systems like that, or even virtual ones, take it a step further and this is the path that leads to virtual reality in a form perceptible in more than just visual, full immersion could be possible if the feedback were refined far enough. ahhh, I love technology.
  5. The points malek brings up are very informed and well thought out. It makes sense, PA are a specialized thing, their true strength lies in urban combat in large scale wars, where cities and industrial complexes are being directly assaulted, and the only case weve seen in our own game where more than a grasshopper was a good choice was assaulting a large corporate research complex. So really, larger scale PA fit their very narrow niche very well, their mobility, targeting systems, and versatility in equipment make for an excellent power without having the nasty san loss from becoming a borg
  6. Ah, point well made. Funny enough, you say glitterboy in black trenchcoat, we actually had an interesting time when we were moving a shipment of blue ice with some nomads, and I used my grasshopper, put a dispersion weav duster on it, the helmet matched up ok, and some custom jeans and boots and had one of our members who was a tech/scout use his skills to make it look good enough so most people viewing us from more than a dozen yards though I was a borg on a motorcycle wearing a helmet and some custom clothes. kinda corny, but as long as they werent using anything but a normal pair of eye
  7. In our game, I started with less than 10,000 eb worth the equipment and threw together a hydrolic frame with metal gear slapped on it, it took me over a year real time to work to actuall PA, and I am the richest person in the party, I started with about the highest possible monthly income, sold out to Milltech for more money, and after I bought off my contract, we ended up in this petrochem mission with horrible results that nearly killed all of us and DID kill some of our family, and we got big settlements, like 250,000 eb for those who lost family, plus our lawyer made some good rolls. And
  8. As far as maitenance goes, the grasshopper frame is smaller, and has many simmilarities to cyberware in its systems. The way I figure, maintenance requires less people, and slightly less money than your average millitary or Corporate owned PA. I dont believe it upsets game balance as much as almost any other frame would. Really, its not much worse than a full con in terms of power, and weight for weight, dollar for dollar, a full con can beat out a grasshopper if you build it right. With maintenance, we divide the work between myself, I am ACPA design and tech trained, and have some skill in
  9. So we play a game of 2020 based out of night city, your typical merc team setup, weve run for a long time, and I've been playing a PA pilot. Now, some people have urged me to go for a big ass PA, or at least a med range with good armor, but honestly, I have found the most effective PA for use within city limits is a modified grasshopper frame, its 24 BOD, I placed 30sp armor on it, highboosted, and I carry two main weapons, the Milltech 20mm anti-material rifle in one hand, and a belt fed browning M-1919 moded like crazy in the other, as well as mounting a micro missile pod. I am tapped ou
  10. NOTE :I've been playing this character for a while now, I had some damn good rolls in the beginning, and gotten myself cybered up and equipped like a vet, cause he is a vet. But I will admit, weve progressed to a high power campeign, and not easily. So yes, he is what could be called a high level character,and I'll play him like I do in the regular game. Chett Roffler. Chett was born in Poland in late 80's. During his childhood he experienced severe illness and was sent to the US for treatment. A bright boy, and having alot of time on his hands, he studied, and grew intrested in c
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