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  1. Well, one thing I would have bought it over for (keeping in mind that I like v3), is a simple update on the technology. When I ran 2020 for the first time, my players and I had a good laugh over the fact that fax modems were a big thing.
  2. I know there arent a whole lot of you who like v3, but I just checked the Talsorian site and they do indeed have an updated Errata on the game up. Errata
  3. OMG he gets it! Its not about "finding the next "BAD GUYS" or "How about making it a small group instead of a big group". My thread is about finding a Motivation, beyond personal gain, that is SPECIFIC to the world of V3. Making money, Personal/professional gain, getting along with your neighbours, are motivationsthat apply to ANY roleplaying game! 90084[/snapback] How about 'Reclaiming Reality', or, if that turns out to be too hard, 'Make sure our reality wins over that guys reality'?
  4. Its TraumaTeam to save the day! Trauma team is on the way.
  5. So, last night, I was running my game. A new character is in, and he is essentially a medtechie. So, one of the characters gets his arm shot off, and the medtechie needs to stop him from bleeding to death. He botches his roll, getting a 1... And he succeeds anyways. I ruled that he slipped, and stuck his elbow right into the wound... which plugged it up enough that he could wrap the bandages around it.... Any funny botch success (or botch failure?!?) stories?
  6. The KultureKampf is taking place very simply because I am of the opinion that people are closed minded and stupid, even when they're the protagonists. The Edgerunners think Desnai looks too much like the corp they have been effectively brainwashed to hate, and Desnai made a few stupid moves by inadvertantly moving closer to Edgerunner territory. As for the Hack and Slash... well... Yeah, it sort of is, although you can fit pretty much anything into the little gaps inbetween. Im known in my gaming group for mixing extreme amounts of violence with political and personal intrigue, so my scenarios tend to focus on those things. Modify as you like, Im just trying to get some ideas started. A lot of intrigue, however, requires knowledge of the characters. Im trying to put this forward as an idea you can use in your own games, and to include any amount of personal intrigue would require pre-made characters... Fit whatever you want into the little gaps.
  7. Story the First, Part the First Cyberpunk V.3 The characters are members of the Edgerunner AltCult, operating out of the Omicron Alpha enclave. The Edgerunners and Desnai are in a state of KultureKampf, started by the Edgerunners. Recently, Desnai has built an Enclave called 'Happy Panda Land' a little too close to Omicron Alpha. The 'leader' of the Enclave sent a team out to scout the place and rate it as a threat, and also to gather any information they could on Happy Panda Land's defenses. The team didn't make it back. Thats where the players come in. The leader of Omicron Alpha holds to the philosophy that if one plan doesnt work, send the same plan a little more subtlely to get it to work again. He wants the players to go find the other team, find out what they learned, and bring them home, and get them out of the hands of those Desnai bastards. And if Desnai just kill them, call back for some names, and pay back in kind. Problem: Its true the scout team ended up attacking Desnai when Desnai seemed to have figured them out, but they didn't get killed or captured. They got away... from Desnai. The Blood Razors saw the entire thing and figured the Edgerunners for easy prey, so they attacked and captured the team very subtlely. Their plans for the Edgerunners are simple... hear them scream, and blame their dissapearance on Desnai. Start up a lot of chaos and take advantage of the situation... Of course, the PC's can figure all this out by asking the right questions in the right places, but they don't know they're working on a time limit. The Blood Razors are having their fun, and the scout team probably cant last too long in their hands. If at any time the GM feels that the players have taken too long, he can have members of the scout team dying of, revealing their death through a cutscene.
  8. Thats what you were asking for, right? Dammit, don't have my book here... 89836[/snapback] Yep. I ran 2020 by borrowing the core book on an extended basis. I no longer have access to it.
  9. Nimyere


    Actually, this struck an idea chord with me. Visualization. Before they make a jump or an attack, they visualize in their minds eye what they want to see happen... This could be a roleplaying opportunity, as well as some dice rolling... Make the visualization, and roll the dice.. If you succeed, you get a bonus to the ACTUAL roll. Just takes a little more time. For example: See the use if Iijutsu in the movies 'Zaitoichi: the blind swordsman' or 'Hero'. The entire fight takes place in the heads of the combatants before the fight ever actually begins. (granted, Zaitoichi cheats ) In game mechanics terms, say you had to make a 50 foot jump for whatever reason.. You spend a turn visualizing the jump, and every way you could possibly make it... then you roll the stat normally. If you succeed, you get a +2 bonus to the roll to do the actual jump, or something.. Something you want when you're looking at a 200 foot drop.
  10. Oh, I wouldnt think you would use Giri to purchase ammo (though the way I look at it, you could always ask for it. It wouldn't be that much.. 10 or so). I was wondering what the cost was in Eurobucks, since eB and NCD seem to be pretty much interchangeable in terms of how much each is worth.
  11. Its a possibility that Im considering. He would still need to get the Mechapresence links, and learn the Link skill, of course. Let him dream for a while.
  12. Absolutely! One of my PC's wants a mech, but all the PC's are members of the Edgerunners. Desnai and the Edgerunners are in a state of KultureKampf, so before he gets his mech hes going to have to find a way to end the bickering, despite the fact that the Edgerunners are going to send him on a lot of Anti-Desnai missions. Should be fun.
  13. Hey, maybe someone with 2020 can help me out and give me the costs for ammo in eB. v.3 seems to be missing this information, other than allowing you to take a box of 50 ammo as part of your starting outfit.
  14. A friend of mine is in an industrial band up here called 5hr4pn3l, and since a lot of their stuff is admittedly by them in the cyberpunk genre, I thought I would do them a favor and pass on their weblink. They offer all of their songs up for free download (something about not believeing in CD's, for a reason concerning the fact that they're corporate or something ) 5hr4pn3l homepage
  15. Thanks! I'll see what I can get done. It'd be mostly for the RPing stuff, but, hell, a seperate place to put original fiction in the genre couldnt hurt either.
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