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  1. That was an awesome show, and TOTALLY not their style. I saw them the tour before Lolla, and both of the next two tours after Lolla, and while all the shows were awesome, the Lolla show was a completely different show and sound than I had ever seen them do before or since. I caught them live last year, excellent show, but they barely played anything post 1990, which I thought was weird. Pulse is an excellent record, but I'd heartily recommend UP Evil and Evil Off as well as an addition to your CP soundtrack.
  2. Okay, here's a question. If you're not using R. Tal's game world, is it still worth buying for the system? Is it still generic enough to apply to any cyberpunk world? Ah, shit, that's two questions...
  3. You know, looking at the amount of cosplay going on (dressing up as charactersd not only from actual TV shows, but mostly as anime or J-Pop characters, for the unitiated), this wouldn't surprise me, either.)
  4. Yeah, sorry about that. I hardly ever have a chance to post on this forum anymore, and it felt like I was being singled-out for some reason. Especially as you hadn't said anything on this subject until I posted. No worries, mate. All just thoughts and opinions.
  5. Erm... The original question referred to TV in a cyberpunk world. We're in a RPG General Chat forum for Cyberpunk 2020. Which part of the real world are we supposed to be talking about? I have yet to see what you think TV would be like, I have read nothing but critiques of others ideas from you. Are you being contentious for the sake of it, Monk?
  6. Net access and bandwidth costs money, which was my point. Also, there's no point is starting a TV station if no one's ever going to see it. You have to publicize, and that costs money. I have an ego site, which is really nothing more than money down the drain. It's for people to get in touch with me more than anything. But it still costs money... And remember, this is the future, where cellphones cost $400. Ain't nothing gonna come for free...
  7. Okay then, if not gladitorial combat how about these Perfect Match The Love Blimp Idol Cops SWAT-Cops Cyber-Cops Fawlty Towers Ghost House Are You Being Served? 84097[/snapback] You actually work for Fox, don't you? It's all swings and roundabouts, but cyberpunk is a horror story after all, so rather than your typical 'it's all sex and violence on TV' why not reverse the trend to make it different. Turn it into the TV of the 50's; bland, mediocre, appealing to the plankton of society. All Leave It To Beaver-style sitcoms and game shows. After all, the channels are global now, the lowest common denominator is that much lower, Uzbekistan and Nigeria are now flyover states. Someone suggested net TV, with eveyone having access and able to broadcast their own shows. Well, in a way these exist already, and it really began with Jennycam, webcam porn is pretty big business. Having your own station is easy. Paying for it is another business entirely. You need sponsers, and to get sponsers you need traffic. And if a 100 million people are surfing and even 1% of those have their own stations? You're gonna join something like Live365, because they'll handle the sponsers and the promotion and hey, it's okay to pay the man to host YOUR TV station because at least you have a tiny part of that audience now, right? But once it becomes REALLY big business, just like P2P sites and mp3.com and internet radio sites, they'll get bought out or shut out by major corporations and turned into something else. Now TV365's price keeps going up, and you keep getting less service, you have maintain a 4'x3' green screen somewhere in the background of every shot you film so TV365 can sell advertising space WITHIN your show. You need to frame your shots higher because more ads are starting to 'pop-up' along the bottom of your screen. Next thing you know, you're paying 5x what you started at, and your station looks like Bloomberg TV, with a tiny picture in the corner surrounded by ad space. If you keep going, remember it's only ever going to get worse. If you quit, remember that's what they want you to do. They love your cash, but they hate competition.
  8. I've been re-organising my life and stuff for a while now and my little corner of the web is just the beginning. Not much game-based stuff on here right now, but you can now read my cyberpunk stories in pdf format, and there's plenty of cyberpunk-inspired electronica up there for free download in mp3 or wma format. Knighthawk: Feel free to totally tear my site design a new one... Ridski... ridleymcintyre.net
  9. The first Dragonlance trilogy is not bad. Once I got past the first book, the other two were getting better. You can learly see how Weis & Hickman were getting better at writing and sentence structure and their limited vision was definitely widening. The Time of the Twins trilogy was way better than the first, technically, but bored me story-wise half-way through the first book. Personally I'm bigger fan of Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy, or anything by Katherine Kerr. Tad Williams loves to drag a scene out sometimes, but his characters are outstanding. Kerr has created one of the most believable fantasy worlds I've ever seen.
  10. QUOTE (gomiville @ Jun 29 2004, 03:20 PM) I've seen it and have mixed feelings. On the plus side, it's based on Gibson, has both Christopher Walken and Willem Daphoe, so it has to be good. On the minus side, it didn't live up to my expectations. [sNIP] Still, as a cyberpunk buff and Gibson fan, I recommend seeing it at least once. Gotta agree there. The short story is told entirely in flashback. The movie is told *first* in real time, until he gets to the coffin hotel, *then* the whole story starts again in flashback. Dafoe was okay, Walken is brilliant, and Asia Argento flashes some skin. Very low on tech, you're never exactly sure if this is the future or 1998, and highly stylised. Okay if you're looking for a slow, grainy arthouse movie. Nothing like the corporate extraction movie you wanted it to be.
  11. Any chance we can get a generic playlist? That way we don't waste our bandwidth loading tracks for download that you already have? I have a bunch of techno/industrial mp3's I'd love to start my own Live365 station with, but now I've just bought a house and I can't afford it...
  12. Wow, Mark! Totally forgot about that Cyberpunk Slang dictionary. Thanks for adding all my suggestions to it back in the day, BTW...
  13. QUOTE (malek77 @ Apr 1 2004, 06:59 AM) Gah.... *Malek will be temporarily out of commission while recovering from the endorphin hit caused by the promotional movie. Life signs are at 120%...* Yeah... It's a little like that, ain't it, Malek?
  14. QUOTE (Console Cowboy @ Apr 1 2004, 03:29 AM) Meh. Give me Sanctuary on DVD anyday. [sNIP!]Compared to that, APPLESEED looks a little homogenized-kiddy to me. Even pedestrian. CC Well, compared to Sanctuary, Kimagure Orange Road looks like a teen soap opera. Probably because it is. Sorry you can't get to see Sanctuary. I loved the Sanctuary manga, too, and don't understand why even Hollywood hasn't picked this story up and written it for an American audience. But honestly, comparing Sanctuary to Appleseed is comparing Appleseeds to Orange Pips, basically. Appleseed is a mildly violent futuristic action manga, Sanctuary is a real-world tale of the Yakuza, the cops and politics clashing together.
  15. Anyone know about this? NEW APPLESEED TRAILER I heard rumours a while back that Masamune Shirow didn't like the oriinal OVA that was made from Appleseed. This looks like a new movie, though Deunan, as always, still doesn't look right. But it does look v. fecking cool...
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