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  1. I do not see it working if it is transposed from Japan to the United States. Some of the meta-themes in the political universe of Ghost in the Shell, specifically the tensions towards Imperial America, would not be able to function if it was a movie situated in the Beltway. I think the Japanese crew should be allowed to expand. But I do not see it being able to function the same way in North America. I think there is great potential, but I do not think the style can be better placed by making it a politically correct movie hampered with the certain ideological zeitgeist of the U.S.
  2. Something like this? The Cyberpunk community would like to petition the use of Interlock, the gaming system of Cyberpunk, to be used freely for development of roleplaying games. This petition would like to note that a new edition of Cyberpunk with a new rule set has been released and that this petition does not touch upon that system. Instead, the cyberpunk community would kindly use the pre-existing Interlock rule set. The implementation to safeguard R. Talsorian's rights would be similar to the manner implemented with the Open Gaming Licence with d20.
  3. Depends on the character, but I think one of my favourite characters - Scream, her favourite weapon was a mobile phone. Not to kill people with but to arrange to have people die. -Chrysalis
  4. Apperently the dolls were an experiment with doing something different. This was mentioned in an interview with Mike in the first issue of Roolipelaaja magazine. -Chrysalis
  5. Review: C3 Flashpak First impressions: The general look and feel of the flashpak is that of being stylish. Good images and plenty of black to keep up the cyberpunk mood. They had done away with the ken and barbie dolls of tomorrow with computer generated images of Cyberpunks. All signs of going in a good direction. Taking off the plastic wrapping revealed a 3 panel GM screen and a 32 page booklet nestled inside the screen. The GM screen was filled with various tables that could be considered useful, mostly damage tables of all sorts, shapes, and designs. Some of the damage tables also appeared on the back, obviously meant to help the players pick the right weapon or roll the right dice when it came for that big fat kill. The ones I thought would be more useful was the SP tables and the line-of-sight illustration. The cybertroop tracker next to it, while supposedly to be used for keeping track of the cannon fodder with a grease pen lead me to the inevitable question of - wouldn't a notepad serve better? The cyberpunk character cribsheet was copied directly from the C3 main book, althought I the starting outfit and cybertech lists may be recent additions that I don't remember seeing. The GM screen was filled with tables that would give the GM the data for system resolutions. However, I do feel something more importnat may have been missed out as the majority of those tables dealt with the multiple different ways on dealing damage. The booklet caused me to have mixed feelings, mostly of doubt on its usefulness. The first article with the basics of running an adventure that I felt left many more unanswereed questions and would leave a beginning GM hopelessly confused. I would have found it more useful on having a longer paged article with deeper explanations and ideas on how to run a cyberpunk adventures. The template rules though after a few tweaks and changes would be excellent springboard for building tournament use characters with a few extra stats, equipment and such so that players can do some modification by ruling out the unnecessary without bogging down the game too much with needless character development. New tech was outlined for the Alt. Cults. None of it was unusual and most could be categorised and general hallmark pieces that you would expect from the alt.cults. Finally we get to quick scenarios and ready made adventure. The scenarios were far too short and not grasping. The Scardia adventure was actually quite boring and with anyone with a brain would discover the adventure to run through far too quickly and not be a good place to start as an opening adventure and too routine for a any group of gamers. To sum up, I found that the Flashpak to be useful as a quick reference and most likely as a good starting place on writing up a A4 rules summary for new CP players. Unless you are big into GM screens this does not give out anything new, interesting, or eye catching to the Cyberpunk player.
  6. I was in Forbidden Planet London, when I picked up the Flashpak. it was just regurgetated info from v3 with a GM's screen. There was a page on what is an adventure, and an adventure at the end of the 32 page booklet, which unless you had played before was far too sparse for you to actually develop into a game. What is needed is that the adventure should be the kind that would be an introduction to the gaming system. In a similar way as with some games having an introductory level. I will talk to you all later. -Chrysalis
  7. As I said my own take is that you can have a skill 10 in a martial art, but its not an effective martial art without physical prowess - your BOD stat. With extended practice you develop muscle memory. I learned judo when I was twelve. I still do combat rolls as I was taught nearly 15 years ago. When I did parachuting we practiced so many times, its near automatic now. Its the same with a lot of training, prone three quarters prone position are easily taken. I guess what I am trying to say and this is something which I have thought about in length is that all damage is based on BOD. All successful hits are based on your skill. Nonetheless you can still go out and buy upto skill level 3 from your local ninja store. Most of our sergeant majors are graduates from the school of hard knocks. Our RSM likes boxing but as a hobby. He did 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and did the 3.6km run in under 7 minutes. Most of them pump iron, eat vitamin supplements and consider physical exercise a stress relief. Its a different kind of world for them.
  8. Well, here is my take: I do not think martial arts should be more difficult. Quite the opposite I think they should be easier. Anyone in Cyberpunk can go out and fight. Whether its at a dojo or in a back-alley. You can pick the martial you want to learn from anything from prestigious school to one of the many practicioners who have a shingle up. In additiion if you are lazy you can go to your local Ninja store and update you l33t ninj4 skillz with vast variety of skill chips. Just because you know a martial art does not make you stronger, or faster. That comes directly from your BOD. One of our sargeant majors could pummel any of us cadets in a fight, not because the know kung-fu, but because they are meaner, better built and have more punch per square inch than any one of us. -Chrysalis
  9. I've wlays done the same. I find that cyberpunk has a lot of redundant skills and this is one of them. if you can tell the difference between a Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein outfit, you probably know how to take care of yourself. Even if you don't, bullshit walks and money talks. You put down your cred card and get a full makeover while sipping bad over-priced espresso while the tailoring machine makes your club wear. So what if you look like you just walked off the coat hangar. You look, cool, casual, clubby. And a good edgerunner knows that cammo comes in all colors. -Chrysalis
  10. Well I have pretty much gone over to playing D&D. Easy enough to find a group, and having a wide enough spread of characters I can pretty much drop into a game anywhere. -Chrysalis
  11. It depends on the model. Most will have the biopod housed in the torso. But there is nothing stopping you from having your biopod floating above your metal shell. Just highly impracticle. I see 'faces between the different borgs to be a bit fiddly, but most of the odd 'faces are the ones of defunct models. I hate to say it, but I don't see many people buying FBCs with biopod attachments unless they can use them. -Chrysalis
  12. Well KS was like that. But that was years ago. Everyone will just say its easier on picking up the RIFTS: Game Master Guide. Not sure how useful it is. Or if you can photocopy the relevant pages for personal use and then have your scrawl on it. -Chrysalis
  13. Australia: Steyr Aug Canada: C7 aka M16 C8 aka M4 assault carbine India: INSAS 5.56mm CGG Assault Rifle 7.62mm with 1.5x Optical Scope Questionable reference for both weapons, wikipedia. The British army now uses the SA-80A2, in addition there is also the LSW and sniper rifle version of the SA-80 in use in a section. About the Falklands: Umm... no the paras specifically used the FN-FAL rifle as that was used by Argentinian defenders. Intermediate powered assault rifle? Maybe a term among gun bunnies, but for me: if it hits and you go down it does not matter what the round is. No idea with Mogadishu. The equipment did what it was supposed to do. Everything beyond that is the realm of fiction and idle speculation. Afghanistan and Iraq are poor places to make decision on current readiness of kit, as what we often see are specialist pieces of kit on display. Nonetheless it is usually the M-4 as the chosen weapon due to its size, caliber, and over-all ability to get the job done. The M-16 is too long for effective CQB. What the hell is a battle rifle??? I mean we use a LSW in section attacks, it is long barrel using light machinegun, that is based off the SA-80 (some of the parts are even interchangeable). There was an older model of light machinegun that was in use using 7.62mm. That has been replaced with the switch to the SA-80 and the 5.56mm NATO round as the choice of ammunition. Recoil is minimal. The only time I can think that recoil becomes an issue if I was firing my rifle from the hip on full auto and even then, I will not be putting rounds into a target at 150 meters. I will be in the shit-has-hit-the-fan-oh god-please-don't--let-me-die-today. This reaction is usually caused by having my position over-run and my life expectancy is based on seconds. Caliber has very little to do in the end with how a weapon handles. That comes with design and purpose of the weapon. Our doctrine tells us that assault rifles are optimally fired from the prone postion or kneeling, on semi-automatic. Improper weapons handling is just what the name says.
  14. I use a system modified from CP v3. Hitpoints are your BODY x2 Your armour gives you additional hitpoints. So an SP24 softweave jacket actually gives you +24 hitpoints. When your jacket reaches zero it does not protect anymore. You also have Damage resistance on your armour, so the metal insert in your torso gives you 5 points of damage resistance. That means if you shoot yourself with your HanSolo, dealing you 12 points of damage, 5 points get deducted from your overall damage, and the other 7 are deducted from your armour jacket, makign it now have a SP of 17. Simple. Althought it does not asnwer your question just a different answer to a similar question. -Chrysalis
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