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  1. True . However , this Mass Sterilization isnt discovered till long after the fact . It'll go out with a whimper , like any timer a document detailing a US massarcare from 40 years ago is disclosed . Why is that un likely ? Facism is on the rebound . Open Nazi's in Russia and Germany , Le Pen in France , the BNP in Britian , Christian Facism in the right wing of the US Republican Party . Lets say I get rid of Ethiopia , There is still a massive exodus of jews to israel from that country . Ill respond to youre last point later . Sorry for the Spelling .
  2. Andwat Sadat Signed a peace treaty with israel amidst public oppisition. So did Jordan . There were no Iran Esque anti-goverment movements. Well , lets see . Jordan , Saudi Arabia , Iraq , Eygpt and Israel econmie are propped up by US Suppourt. If the the US was to pull Funding , There economy's would collapse , and they would be in no position to wage war . Syria and Libya are the Only Pro-EU country's that would be in a posistion to launch any armed struggles . Theres a entirly new Political Situation in the Region , homey . I admit that the situation has changed Drasitcly and Quikly , but I only had 15 years to work with . Becuase of cheap labour ,not new sales markets . I will discus the problem of Overproduction in Capitialism later , if you like . Heres a low level article disscusing that issue . Overproduction in Capitialism WTF ? Political Islam is a Direct conseqence of Fuedal Economic and political Relations , But by this point the Relations of Production are fully industrial . New Political Reactions wiull occur , like Semitic Natinolism , in this case .
  3. This is very fictinol . Im not Advocating this , im just creating a Simple setting for the " Game of the Dark Future " . Keep in mind , it was a very very quik and dirty Timeline. The reason that no war breaks out is becuase its averted by US pressure on Jordan and Eygpt ( After all , there the 2nd and 3rd Biggest Recievers of US Forign " Aid " ) . No , After the US removes forign suppourt for Middle Eastern Country's , The Semitic Country's begin looking for new tradng partners . We'll say Israel Signs a CAFTA Style-pact with the EU , Turkery , Kurdistan , Iraq, Eygpt and Jordan . Lets Call it the Semetic Free Trage Agreement with Europe ( SFTAE ) So ? The EU would want to take advantagfe of Israel's distress , i imagine , and Economic's is the drivinmg force in history , not demographic's . By this point , Zionism , Islamism and Arab Natinolism have eroded as Ideaologys , and due to this , a Pan-Semitic Ideaology Occurs .
  4. Quik and Dirty Timeline : 2006- Mossad Sterilize's 90% of Israeli Arabs and 25 % of Palistinians to even the demographics Struggle . - Russia Expels all its jews to Israel . - Israel Increases pressence in the settlements VIA Resettlement of Immigrants 2007- Israel Attacks Syria ; Occupys south ; Bulids NYC Style Projects For Russian Jews in Damascus - South Africa Deports Azhanazi and Lemba Jews to Isael - Uganda , Ethiopia , All Fmr. Soviet Republic's and EU follow Suite with there Jewish population's - The Naturaul Groth rate rises to 12.4 % 2009- America pulls Plug on forign aid to Israel , Deports Jewish population . - Israel Annex's Gaza - Israel Settle's 500,000 in West bank, then Lets Palistians Take Care of themselves and new jewish settlers. - Help's Bulid Kurdish State in NE Syria , Cuases war of Kurdish Sucsesion - Invades and settle's Lebenon to ease Population problem . 2012- Population Problem out of Control , Growth rate Aproaches 25% - Kurdistan War end's - Gov't Bankrupt - Unemployment at 60% 2013- In a Attempt to solve the prob. of Chronic Unemployment , Gov't Signs a Embarising Free Trade Treaty with the EU . - A Coup occurs , creating a One-Party Gov't around the Kach Party - The Main oppisition are the Semite-Natinol Party and the Israeli Communist Party ( Marxist-Leninist ) - Settlers in Palistine Launch Civil War , Re-unify with Israel . 2020- At this point Israel looks like a 21st Century Banana Republic for the EU. Its Population is sitting around 43 Million. mo' later .
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