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  1. Malcolm

    Busy Busy

    Hi, Just to let everyone know, I might not be about for moderating stuff over the next couple of months, as we have t o prepare for going to GenCon Indy in August. Got two demo games to write, product stuff to organise, print runs to get done, t shirts to get printed. I must learn to say 'no' at some point. Anyway, thought it best to say I wouldn't be about overmuch. Cheers Malcolm
  2. I deliberately left Barnes' later novels out of the list as, in my opinion, only 'Streetlethal' deserved to be included, ansd then only because it was representative of the author. And yes, I do also feel it cashes in on the cyberpunk bvandwagon. Then again, I feel exactly the same way about 'Hardwired'. Cheers Malcolm
  3. Personally, I would hit the big BAN button, but perhaps it would be best to see how this new warning helps. Cheers Malcolm
  4. Seems like a fair plan to me. Cheers Malcolm
  5. And what's wrong with having so much Rancid? Cheers Malcolm
  6. Agreed, I think a concrete policy that we can all adhere to on these matters would be good. Cheers Malcolm
  7. Malcolm


    I've just deleted two thread started by the above user, who is nothing but an outright spammer, advertising WoW stuff for sale and so forth. Cheers Malcolm
  8. If he's purely advertising his wares and does not really contribute to the forum, then ban him, or at least put him up to a very high warning level. Cheers Malcolm
  9. I've shifted this topic: http://vfte.cyberpunk.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=4663 from general chat into websites, because it is fairly commercial (fairly?). Anyway, there's been a couple of these recently, do we want to have an actual moderation policy on commercial announcements, i.e.: do we keep moving them, or do we delete them? Cheers Malcolm
  10. Steady there mate, this looks a mite like promotion of a commercial product, which really doesn't belong in this particular area. I realise the product is free, but Lulu is charging money, which makes it commercial for the purposes of this forum. I'll shift it if you don't mind. Cheers Malcolm
  11. I that case, eargerly await developments! Cheers Malcolm
  12. I thought I'd give them a chance and see how they respond. If they continue to simply use this board to make commercial announcements arther than contributing to the community, it's fair to say we should give the boot. Cheers Malcolm
  13. I've just shifted this topic from General Chat into the website announcements forums, as it seems to be pretty commercial in nature. That, and general chat didn't really seem to be the appropriate place for it. Do you think we need a seperate forum for announcements of this nature? Edit: I also sent the poster a friendly PM letting them know I'd shifted the topic and asking if they could make any future announcements in the appropriate forums. Cheers Malcolm
  14. I've shifted this announcement here from the General Chat forum as it is the only appropriate forum I can think of for this kind of announcement. Cheers Malcolm
  15. Yes a sad event when a creative figure so important, in his own way, to speculative fiction passes on. I always enjoyed his books and would certainly second your recommendation. Cheers Malcolm
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