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    I'm a big fan of character driven, detail-oriented, short-fiction-lookalike, role play. I also love tossing around dice. I'm the best of both worlds! <br><br>I dig the desperate style of Cyberpunk, the dazzling neon lights flashing off chromed arms and swallowed by gunblued weapons, the death lottery, the boostergangs, the cheap life and expensive death, the style over substance of it all.
  1. Critias


    Knock the b*tch out, kill anyone else who opens their eyes at you. Easy enough. Jace's smartlink triggers his smg to release it's ammo as he listens to the instructions; an old habit to visually check his clip before anything hits a fan. The sharp snack[/i] of the clip sliding back home is timed neatly with the end of a sentence, keeping him from earning any glares. As pictures change and explanations and descriptions are completed, he repeats the process with the blocky Malorian at the small of his back -- his gargoyle eyes him as he squirms to reach the pistol, and he gets the feeling it
  2. Critias


    Jace lets himself get manhandled -- enough to show he wasn't a pussy, not enough to show he's not gonna stick up for himself -- throughout the loading and equipping process, well indoctrinated by that point in his life with the ability to take verbal sh*t if it means getting a gun in his hand. He's not too sure about the bulky toy gun riding in a nylon tac-holster across his front, but he knows he's willing to get snarled at in exchange for the reassuringly sturdy MPK11 he's carrying. It's not his flavor of choice -- a nice tactical shotgun would make his night -- but it's close enough
  3. Sorry for my unannounced absence. My gramps passed away and I spent five days or so out in Oregon with the family for the private services, etc, etc. I'll be able to post something later today, most likely -- I haven't checked the IC part yet, but I hope I wasn't slowing anything down too much.
  4. Critias


    QUOTE (malek77 @ Jan 21 2005, 04:42 AM) Jace : "There is another thing. Kiri's a strange place, strange alliances form here. The Yeng syndicate. An amalgam of Yakuza and Triad, marriage may be involved, but money mostly. It smells like a partnership born of dockyard desperation. As you can see..." he nods to Misha. "They're rather...Unpleasant. Payment is negotiable on skill. We're looking at $500 for a single night playing muscle? - unless you have a better idea, and Mr.Luomba seemed to think you might..." Rubber bullets. F*ck that. Jace would carry them, he'd even load them into
  5. Critias


    QUOTE (malek77 @ Jan 18 2005, 10:12 PM) Critias & Sophia : "Mr.Luomba has stateside contacts who mentioned you were on Kiri' and vouched for your authenticity. He's interested in negotiating your terms and adding you to a small hunting party he is assembling to redress the wrongs done tonight. We will assist in concealing your identity, but can provide an immediate exit if secrecy cannot be preserved. If you are not interested, he extends his apologies and offers you a bar tab for your time. What shall I tell him?" Casa' whispers in rapid fire negotiators terms, the comic piratical eloqu
  6. I don't play on here (or anywhere else on-line) instead of playing table-top. I do both. I play on-line to get my fix during the week when my friends and I all have horribly confliction schedules, and then I'm all primed and ready and full of ideas for when it comes time to sit down and toss dice on the weekends. In addition, I like playing on-line because it's essentially less like a game, and more like cooperatively writing short fiction, which can be good stuff.
  7. Cast of Characters: Kalinsky, Alexander, "Sasha." Straight-up Solo, for the moment, though I'm going to work on integrating and/or updating to get into the official "covert ops" or "assassin" archetypes, by training for Combat Sneak, etc. Russian born, in his mid/late twenties, trained by ex-KGB and Spetznaz who'd found work as the training cadre for a German covert/anti-covert "security firm." I'm having a blast with him, mostly trying to find a balancing act between spook and commando (with the other players relying on me to fill both roles well). Good with pistols and rifles, above
  8. Critias


    QUOTE (malek77 @ Jan 18 2005, 09:49 AM) Sophia & Jace : Mr.Castor - aka Casa' - looks comically mollified by Sophia's comments and flutters his lacey collars as he shoos her into the small office just past the end of the bar, near the corner of the whole floor. "Please ignore my 'employee's' comments, it gives the devil pleasure to have her tease us and so we must submit. In, now." he shoves Sophia through the black curtain over the door and hooks it aside on an iron clasp. Lyssa stifles a moment of hysteria, and is soon making herself comfortable on the corner of a filing cabine
  9. Can the explanation happen somewhere else? I'd really hate for the whole thing going on here to degenerate into name-calling or flame wars or whatever, and it sounds like it's a touchy subject.
  10. Critias


    QUOTE (malek77 @ Jan 15 2005, 11:54 PM) Jace : QUOTE "I dig Diesel allright. 'Less you want it?" Lyssa looks down at him, then jumps off the shelf and smiles, still a little nervous. The crowd near you is beginning to chatter, tension easing. Lots of amazed swearing and 'remarks', boots and heels squeaking on the floor as they dissipate inwards to dance again on an unprecedented adrenalin high... "He's going now...mm? Oh...no, it's alright. I'll get my own -" she bends beneath the faux-granite counter and reappears with a champagne glass and a bottle with a chrome pressure
  11. Critias


    "I, uh..." Jace has crashed and burned before. I mean, everyone has. Even a pretty boy like him, enhanced musculature, style-chromed eyes, and all. He's been let down pretty hard. But, the almost-casual dismissal, the assurance he wasn't gonna score, and the turned back and brisk walk away? In the middle of some security emergency or not, that one didn't leave a fella with much to say. "I'll...see ya." The words were only half out of his lips when the latex-clad super-security started swinging from rafters and hissing at people, flashing their own chill-chrome cyberoptics and gener
  12. Just sneaking on from work (and trying not to get fired for it) -- I'm having some issues with my internet connection at home at the moment, I should be able to post again soon. EDIT -- And there ya go. A post, as promised. Sorry for it being so long, but I had lots of stuff to react/respond to. Hope it wasn't too bad a read for anyone who took the time.
  13. Anyone tried the new Deus Ex game? PS2 or X-Box, that seems to be fairly recent?
  14. One of my friends -- or, rather, a wife of a friend -- is horrible about her walkthrough habit. What gets me the most, is that she uses them for RPGs, and then insists she's some really cool "gamer chick." I mean, what the hell? Any fool can buy the walkthrough for Suikoden or Final Fantasy (insert number here), and then feel all clever for beating the game. But when you're literally playing through the entire disc with the guidebook in your lap, obediently doing whatever it says to do on each page, equipping what it says to equip, etc... why bother? Why not just read through th
  15. Critias


    "What's that?" Jace leans in a little closer, trying to make out the chit-chat at a place like this is always a challenge, even after the DJ's stopped. "Oh, yeah!" He nods enthusiastically, taking a long plug off his bottle. "Totally awesome. I really lucked out. A buddy told me about this place, figured I'd try somewhere new...didn't even know S-P was gonna be here!" He'd given up at trying to pierce the light show and single out the DJ booth a few seconds before this chick had strolled up...ah well. Maybe he'd go ahead and get those optics packages he'd been thinking about, a
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