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  1. goog god yes! excellant work that man! also, THIS will be usefull i think (cheers Hound) & also a LIST of all the stuff along with the stats
  2. true, there is a whole can of worms there waiting to get opened Mutaions Big orrible muuties Human Hybrids (tactics - raiders & beastlords) Cannibalism Fear of contamination (guys who persecute you just because your not from around there. Bit like league of gentlemen - 'THIS IS A LOCAL SHOP FOR LOCAL PEOPLE, WE'LL HAVE NO TROUBLE HERE!')
  3. The art came on a special disc that was in the collectors edition ive got it all (its so cool, even got little animations of Powered Armour walking round firing miniguns & stuff) & the thest death animations came from Auto-shotguns @ point blank & you know it!
  4. what a good plot hook though for netrunning game: Stop the RABIDS taking over the NET v.2 or die trying
  5. Webby

    10mm Rifle Round

    Ive done some trawling & come up with this: 15mm Kurz round - 4D10+3 (reduced propellant 15mm rifle round) 20mm cannon round - 4D10 (reduced propellant 20mm cannon round) so a full capacity 10mm round should factor in at about this range my 4D10+2 idea will begin playtesting tonight.
  6. OK! it is my intention (with the help of Mort & any one else who will lend a hand) to create a Fallout setting for CP from here on in its all radioactive pipboys & ghouls with trees in their foreheads! VIVA LA PIPBOY!!!
  7. Mort, u & i need to collaberate on a Fallout/CP crossoevr setting but we shall not use up Mr Attas thread any more, we shall instead use a thread i am creating now VIVA PIPBOY!
  8. V3 & fuzion ok, but 2020 has some major differences to fuzion, its more like V3 is a go between for the two of them
  9. im so happy! I just want to thank all the little people who made this possible...
  10. ideally both, but failing that V2, as thats the better game (complete, hence better)
  11. while were on the subject: Is there a Fallout RPG? (as in not on a computer) i didnt like the mechanics of the cross over they provided in the collectors edition (the one with all 3 games in one box) I love the back ground & i would like to play it as an RPG If not i will have to convert it to the CP system (& maybe run it in the VtfE online board, mwaahahahahaha!)
  12. good man i just thought that as Fuzion is very similar in mechanics it would at least aid you in your quest but i think it sux munkee ballz too
  13. Nasty thought RE: my little pony D20 rpg does this mean i have to take my GF to my roleplay sessions now??? O_o
  14. ok, bad guys win: Lord of War Swordfish Hannibal Seven Fight Club Natural Born Killers Payback Devil's Advocate Star Wars - Episode I Primal Fear The Usual Suspects Arlington Road Fallen Leon (ish) Thats the best i can do Yes the main characters are the bad guys, but thats why they win
  15. well then there isnt one to my knowledge, cuz that movie would bomb!
  16. Alternatively, i hate to say this... ...but... have you looked at Fuzion? **involutary flinching & spasm**
  17. Im really into this idea, good one Atta! Alt-cults - in my opinion, new tech would be such a valued commodity that i would be a prime score for anyone killing off someone from a rival alt-cult & lets not forget - EVERYONE & EVERYTHING has a price! So sooner or later, the tech will become understood, etc... There is not such thing as an infallible secret, somone will always talk sometime. Alt-cults are about the culture, hence the name so new cults - need to add in the obvious: High Riders (space jocks extraordinaire) Ghosts (the AI's & soulkiller ictim
  18. SWORDFISH - john travolta was technically the bad guy & he made it away ok also, the opening scene covers your point with exceptional clarity Also, there is HANNIBAL. Dr. Lectar gets away (minus a hand) scot free
  19. Best i can come up with off the top of my head would be to base the whole thing from stats that both systems use: INT + BOD Also, you could add a skill or 2 in to the mix I would suggest that u use your INT + BOD / 2 = how many PSI points u can use before you need to take stun tests. The points could recharge over a period of time (25% of your PSI lvl per hour maybe? sleeping doubling the rate of regen) every power uses a set number of PSI points, or maybe a variable number. Thats up to you after your PSI points are used up, each time powers are used they suffer an i
  20. Webby

    10mm Rifle Round

    Now that makes so much more sense
  21. both, or better yet, make it interchangable
  22. Webby

    10mm Rifle Round

    Ok, cheers im gonna go with damage of 4D10+2 ill play test it & see how it goes Thank you everyone for all the help & information
  23. You could push it one step futher... How about a stun test? Every time you use your powers in a set period of time (possibly based on your body &/or Intelligence stats, so as to relate to the constitution of the character) they require a stun test or they may lose conciousness? just a thought, but you see where im going
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