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  1. Both posts are great.


    love 'em, lov 'em, love 'em!


    one thing. The flight thing. the arms would be stronger so i think a -2 BOD/STR penalty for everything that isnt purely strength based, such as lifting. stuff like BTM & hits should go down to represent the lost toughness. (carrying is still fine, maybe 1/3 carry cap if flying & no hard armours at all. could get away with some armouerd insert plates.)


    other than that, u are so on a roll!


    Fallout boy salutes you!


    user posted image

  2. cool


    been thinking about that mutation skill


    not sure its necessary


    think about it. The mutation isnt instantatiopus, they would have grown up with it, so would have natural abilities with it. I think the mutatipons shuld just offer opportunities to get bonus's on some things (Awareness for extra eyes, Armour for scaly skin, etc, bonus actions in certain circumstances for extra limbs, etc...) and so should just cost character points to get them.


    maybe a blend of the two. what about if you treated each mutation as a skill so that the bonus it gives is dependant on the lvl of the 'muutie skill' bought. it could be advanced very slowly using treatments or radiation.


    your thoughts?

  3. true, but nessecity is a great incentive. Eventually they could possibly produce a cheap simple nutirent sludge based on almost anything that contains nutrients? how about using ammonia? similar to how maggots ingest food. They secreet ammonia so that it breaks down the food so they can ingest the nutrients. If it is possible for them, surely it could be done for borgs. Produce a chemical that breaks down the organic matter into a disgusting sludge that is full of yummy goodness?

  4. 2 things:

    Vault 34 - The armory was overstocked with weapons and ammo and not provided with a lock. Now: dou to 200 years of rapid evolution and adaption, these guys are natural predators to the extreme. They grown claws, highly evolved senses and extreme raw strength.


    mayber too far. i could see them being some sort of super soldiers. alternativley they bacame uber muderers. only the strong surviving & all that. not so sure about the deformed monstrocities your describing. or was that due to radiation?


    (Them, not you!)


    Vault 42 - No light bulbs of more than 40 watts were provided. Now: they have become very nocturnal. Dark obsidian skin, perfect nightvision. Their eyes are very light sensitive, and they need protective googles for anything more then a candle. They make a living on the outside as spies and assasins.


    would they not have extreemly pale skin naturally? or is the darker pigmentation a genetic alteration?

  5. One might say the same thing about humans...


    (sorry, i've been having ridiculously long conversations with Malek about this recently, its been on my mind alot. Sometime soon I might be able to formulate a thesis that actually makes sense and adds to this conversation...)




    when u get that done can i have a copy?


    I see the biggest borderline among the denizens of the Afterpunk world along one's current state: is their intellect biological (humans, uplift animals, clones, bioroids, cyber / nano improved versions of the above, bio-brained 'borgs) or electronical ('net-roaming AIs, self-aware computers / robots, biological "borgs", that is human or animal bodies with computer brains).


    That sounds very Ghost in the Shell to me. & i like it!


    that to me is a logical step forward. The moment we create a machine that can learn, unless we restrict it heavily & monitor it, it could easily progress & learn beyond its origional means (given time).


    there is even a divide in 2020 about FBC & meat. FBC's being treated as monsters & shunned by society. If there is a economic crash, anything that can do something better than a human or is even different to a human would be targeted as an afront to humanity & a risk to the security of mankind. (boiling down to the fact that people need money & dont want a machine or bio thing taking their jobs)

  6. Now, i know that this post will more than likley be a mistake, but im gonna say it anyway:




    but what about 'Data' from Star Trek Next Gen.? He's an android, which is basically AI. If an AI is programmed with an infinite learning circuit, surely over time it could become self aware (not with current programming capabilities & techniques, but more than likley in the future)


    But i repeat:



  7. so, logical advances would be things like self repairing nanos for borgs or even human skin? slowish, but still alot faster than natural heraling (say 1 pnt per hour? 1.5 while sleeping?)


    also, things like reactive nano could work. colourshifting nano that change when a signal or frequency is sent to them? (similar to colourshifting bio stuff from one of thye source books for 2020 (i forget which one)

  8. I personally have decided to include the timeline data provided by the abandoned Fallout 3 material (it feel like it should be in there after all as almost everything in the fallout universe is abanodned itself).


    but this is a group effort. Im asking for a vote.


    Those of you who are working on this project, i ask that you post either:


    YES - use the Fallout 3 material




    NO - dont use the Fallout 3 material


    I would also like a breif description as to why or why not to use it.


    It can be found "HERE"


    I vote YES

    because having read some of it, i think there are some excellant possiblities for development afforded by the material.


    what say you all?


    voting closes on monday 12pm (GMT)

  9. First of:


    Both of you calm down.




    I mean, if Germany started sending military-backed drug smuggling runs into Switzerland, do you think that the Swiss (let alone the UN) would just brush it under the table like our government has?


    Of course they would, theyre the Swiss. The last desicive desision they made was to cover Edam with red wax & not green!


    I quote futurama -

    "Shall we declare war Mr. President?"

    "My gut says maybe!"

  10. They will lose power soon, and need replacing regularly. There is no central unit that can be targeted for upgrades or intentional downtimes


    Would it not be possible to for some sort of charge in the air, similar to static electricity?


    Further, that many transmitters increases the risks of crosstalk and 'radiation damage' to nearby organics


    That is still unproven to my knowledge. Also, in another 30 - 50 years, could they not develop a means round this?


    Simply using a modern wireless router is better. Upgrade that modern unit with 30 years of advances and it is still better than a cloud of micro units


    I agree whole heartedly!


    nanites will possibly be useful in combating infections, surgery, and some other 'temp tool' applications. The ability to build molecule sized tools will also be useful in building large scale but stronger tools - such are super strong yet still flexible cables - needed for such things as space elevators and tension lines used to power space stations...


    But the 'devour things and regrow into new forms' nanites are not realistic. They're comic book science.


    Again, i concur with you on that one.


    In my view (which may be limited), Nano tech will be a useful tool, but in V3, its gone too far. I could understand Nano as one-shot tools. Like an injection at the doctors. Its designed to cure you, but you'll never get to re-use it. - u see my point

  11. "CHARLIE! Cover the LZ. Dallas! I want a hole where that doorway was. STAT!"


    While CHARLIE takes up positon & Dallas prepares the doorway for blasting, Fornway updates his troops.


    "Corporal. When that door goes i want you & Ericsson to enter the bridge. I need that room clearer of yours to be the first thing through the hole. The rest of BRAVO will follow you. Remember Lads, offer them surrender first. If they are hostile, we have permission to terminate threats."


    Satisfied that his team was ready he turns to Private Dallas.




    "Yes sir!" Dallas replies, knowing as he said it that he had made a mistake...


    "Listen to me lad! I work for a living, you will address me as Sergent. Is that clear?"


    "Yes Sergent."


    Mildly irritated, Fornway took the detonator from his trooper as the team took up appropriate positions.


    "By the book gentlemen, by the book. FIRE IN THE HOLE!"



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