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  1. Nearly forgot, have u seen this: http://www.pathguy.com/d20modern.htm & im sure youve seen this: http://cyberpunk.co.uk/archives/assets/cp2020v1.1.pdf & this may help if you havent seen it before: http://www.silicon.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/mi.../CP2020v5_4.zip
  2. ill sign up for testing. Im always working on another character. Deal me in
  3. My mistake. I heard about bullets called 'dum-dums' on a documentary a long time ago. I only half remembered part of it. Sorry. My bad. Either way. No use to us though. I suggest a simpler approach. Hollow Blade packed with C6. Hows that sound?
  4. I know i harp on & on about it, but use this: http://users2.ev1.net/~egrayfox/Cyber3/refbook5.pdf The node16 ref book 5 has every official peice of documentation for cyberpunk in it, in a referance format. There is a section in there, 8.11, it has the stats for every official full borg body & directly below it is the customisation chart. Your gonna need to fork out big time, but you can get exactly what u need.
  5. Alright... As a temperary messure, you can see my ideas at this link, seeing as the forum wont allow me to post images from MSN communities. http://groups.msn.com/mystoragebin2020/ Feel free to join, as im only using this community as a data bin anyway.
  6. Yeah, but that isnt very realistic. Do you know a way to make that work? I sure as hell dont. Its also in blackhands street weapons. I use node16 & thats about it now. Everything i need is in there. Anyway, i digress. Im thinking snap-link disposable blades. U can have several different types: HE, Mono edge, utility, stealth (blackened), even taser or drug coated. All shrink wraped in their seperate packs. Obviously u would have a multipack, consisting of say, 3 HE, 1 Utilty & 1 Mono Edged. (discounted introductrary offer obviously) ...maybe a free gift too, like a
  7. use the same tech that dum dums do. There is a round that explodes when it detects organic matter. Alternatively, use a pressure switch in the but or grip of the gun. press the switch, boyonet detonates. (might be handy for opening door hinges too!)
  8. Yeah, different blades for different purposes. Why shouldnt the bayonet be specialised anyway? u want a tool, get a damn swiss army knife... ...u want a weapon that gonna kill somone, u wanna knife that explodes in the guys gut!
  9. If anyone here ever played 40k (games workshop), do you remember the atillian hunting lance. The lance had an explosive tip. As a bit of a 1shot weapon, it might be an idea to have a bayonet that had disposible blades that exploded within the target. Now that is a high tech bayonet!
  10. right, so thats why your a psycho?
  11. are you kidding? look at the advances we have already made! In the last 14 years, how much have computers advanced? or mobile phones? Come on, one guy has even made a cloak that can make him almost invisible! 14 years is more than enough time. Not sure about full borg, but hey u never know!
  12. Well, heres what i came up with: Magazine: (note: side on veiw, it would be the same on the other side. The 2 fluid containers are seperated by the battery & ammunition. The whole thing would be in an upside-down 'U' shape) http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0XwAAAEYcC0E...493922178838670 Blue Print: http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0XQBxA20blPU...493922169167040 Sniper Barrel: http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0XQAyA4sbAQA...493922184527116 Carbine Barrel: (note: I was thinking about maybe having the barrels linked so that they are on a snap on link, so that u have to
  13. http://users2.ev1.net/~egrayfox/Cyber3/refbook5.pdf This link is direct, & its not zipped
  14. I have to agree with the point about the availablity of ammo. 7.62 will be far more common than 6.8 But would it not be possible to still get them most places anyway? If the weapon became popular quick enough, it would most likely become a very common round real quick. Anyway, im going to post the pix i came up with this morning in a few hours. Hope you like.
  15. Look at the advances made in the last 5 years? How much more power is available to us? Its a huge change. The durracell of today will be about the size of a watch battery in 2020. Power wont be as much of a problem as you think. Also, im sure there are more appropriate liquids to use than water. They would probably work with a smaller charge, in a chain reaction maybe?
  16. http://uk.msnusers.com/mystoragebin2020/Do...%20refbook5.zip Feel free to join the community. Im going to use it to hold all my stuff, its just a resource bin really.
  17. I have only joined this forum very recently. And I must say that i am very impressed by this particular topic. I have never seen anyone actually think out the design & research their weapons in such an in-depth manner. BRAVO CHAPS!!! Ive read your current work & i have to say that the idea about the adjustable velocity is a really good idea. How many rounds was anyone thinking about in the mags? & has anyone tacken a look at the metal storm project by the american military? The one that gets over 1,000,000 rpm? They use caseless tech, but the theory & assembly might b
  18. I have found that if you take the transisters from some hardware (bigger the better) & hook them up 2 the mains current in reverse (pos - neg / neg - pos) you get a cool explosion. I managed to cut a sapling down like that when i was a kid. But you can make anything flamable in a liquid or powder into an explosive. Its all to do with pressure. Black powder will burn, but if it is in a sealed container, the expance of pressure will create an explosive force with the combustion. For instance: Petrol burns. Set fire to a can of petrol that is sealed, said can will detonate wit
  19. Truth be told, my weapons company is actualy very normal. A few new gadjets like a tri-shuriken launcher (under-barrel, hand held & rifle versions) & my air cannon (non lethal) but aside from that its the service provided by the custom weapon cunstrucion kit i put into it that i thought would be helpful. I think that they are fair, ven thoughmost people say theyre a little too expencive, but i say that if u want a brand new, one of a kind weapon, its gonna cost more than something of the shelf. right?
  20. Hello there guys. This is my first post on this forum & i must say that this is a damn good forum at that. Now, where was i... ah yes! My Company is called Protech Arms TM & i am going to make all the media i have available (being my weapon & equipment catalogue, corperate profile, Hiring info & gun customisation catalogue & order forms) as soon as i have them online. They arefully illustared PDF's. Anyone with any thoughts on the subject, your opinions are more than welcome. Thanks, Webby - AKA - Axel Rose, CEO of Protect Arms TM
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