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  1. This may be of use not a bad bit of info this too
  2. now thats how things should be! but will it work, we know there will always be some little wanker who perverts the whole thing!
  3. Im interested in playing too, but how do u work this in the forum? no dice? Anyway, im up to work this out. Anyone wanna invite me id be glad to join
  4. How about something a little more cyber with a hint of punk? To Log Out Final Format Reboot Terminate Program Exit Beta Return to Alpha To Rewind To Replay or what about A Fresh Start New Begining Cancel Your Appointments Cash In Meet The Big Man Meet Your Maker Take A Long Nap Food For Thought
  5. nice, lol... I have to contend with a guy by the name of panther... Owns a corp with more guns than militech, is fullborg (but hrder than most acpa) & hes cloned, (so when u do kill him he has a clone made & hes back in an hour or two... AAAAARRRRGH... I HATE THE %$@£3R!!!
  6. Webby

    Burst Fire

    To the best of my knowledge, the 3 rnd burst was first employed on a large scale by the americans durinf the vietnam war. The M16 was given the 3 rnd burst setting to stop all the gungho GI's from wsting ammo. 3 rnd busrt is more accurate than a few rounds from a fully automatic, & double tapping requires trainging. Fireing 3 rounds from a semi to me is a lot harder than a simple 3 rnd burst. at least you know they're all on their way to the same spot.
  7. WELL, THERE IS THE LEE ENFIELD BPR 1 from UK. Has double mags too
  8. Webby


    Thats a great idea, but i see one flaw... What u gonna do about other riders, or what if they are carrying more weight? U need to be able to adjust the level to accomodate your carrying capacity. & thrust, how about installing a little batch of gyrojets? something that uses the air going into them & forces it out at greater speed? Something that isnt powered. Just a thought
  9. I have this problem. I cant get enough pictures. My 'My Pictures' folder on my hard drive has over 10,000 different pictures in it, all catergorised, indexed & sorted into folders & sub folders. I will spend hours trawling google for pics of most things. But im stuck... I need some pics of full borgs & ACPA armour to do a compendium im working on. Anything will do as long as it looks good. Can u guys help?
  10. ...or.... roba a few corporations, get all the cyber in one go, spend a few months in rehab (check the food quailty first) & wahey, your a metal head!
  11. There a re some sick MOFO GM's out there man! ...Im one of em... ...w00t u h4}<z0r!
  12. I would say they were all integral to the actual sight. I never leave home without my IR, UV & IE Smartsight on my .50ETE Sniper rifle. These were only ideas anyway. Any feedback is welcome. I may not know as much about rocket science or Engineering as some, but i can do pics. Anyway got any ideas for madifications that nee to be made, let me know.
  13. AA-Gun Commander: Gunner to tou posts, were about to be bombed by those damn yanks!!! AA-Gun Gunner: Heat seeking wendslydale Loaded sir! Edam at the ready!
  14. In ther games i end up playing, everyones in ACPA or full borg. We take on aliens that can eat dragoon for a snack & then we blew up new york. Talk about power gaming. I have to use a 20mmETE rifle just to make a dent!
  15. I always said it was only a matter of time! space travel, Cloning, now machine controled by rat brains... Next thing u know well have an OS that is half decent & doesnt crash all the time!!!
  16. plus th recoil would be phenominal! bye bye shoulder
  17. http://www.policeguide.com/Photo_Galleries...ms/firearms.htm This site may be of some use
  18. Did i miss something? Is that some sort of code? or am i jsut speaking another language?
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