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  1. ACPA Pilot & Field Technician, demolitions division, Axel 'Sparx' Rose reporting for duty, SIR! (however, anychance i could be reassigned from her majesties Marines?)
  2. Economically, china is the next big thing. Thats the power of a tyranical communist state. back in the eary 90's when 2020 was written, it was a no hoper. now, its on the up. I could very likely c china as a massive influence on the world in the later 2000's if you wanted to write something for V3, then i suggest you start by possibly having a revolution. maybe the people of china decided that they didnt want to be a peoples republic anymore. perhaps they got fed up of the democratic capitalists having all the fun & the cash & they over threw the government. jus
  3. America is not all u say it is Krypter 1 - production - the majority of the medicines of the world ore actually made in cuba - the majority of software is made by microsoft (ok american company) but is made in the far east as its so much cheaper to do it there. - the majority of patents owned does not mean they were designed by americans. infact, i believe that most patents owned refeers to american companies that have offices all over the world. - engineering - maybe the USA does build alot of stuff, ill grant u that. bu the best stuff (cars, planes, ships, etc...) are still de
  4. i am a picture & content hoarder i took about 95% of the artwork on his site & its now in 'my pictures' along with another 11,000 images, all sub catagorised & cross indexed (gotta love thumbs plus) if anyone else has some good picture site or locations id appreciate a heads up!
  5. yeah, my bad. Curling is the sliding rock thing. I should have said Hurling.
  6. We used to play that on DoD, that was fun, lol... But seriously. What about Gaelic football or Aussie Football Both are full contact & brutal. Or maybe CURLING (irish form of hockey where the ball is played in the air but you cant pick it up, oh & theres no padding, at all!)
  7. I think the main question here is: "What are the pros & cons of Metalstorm over standard reloadable weapons?" thats the only way to make sure if it is viable or not
  8. Yeah, both work. But i think the xtra damage for the 'critical bullet' roll should only apply after armour. If the armour stops the bullet then the additional dice arent rolled. Hows that sound?
  9. Webby

    "puke Stick"

    i would say its a question of constitution over willpower Maybe a body save rather than cool?
  10. Your talking battlefield emplacements there. If on the otherhand, Mr Bob Bobson of 'Bob Corp' wanted to setup some defences for his HQ, they wouldnt be at 50m intervals, cause he doesnt own that much land. Maybe every 20m, mounting 5.56 miniguns or a 7.62 machine gun or 2. Fire corridors like those in bunkers & turrets mounted in the ceiling. In short, the works...
  11. This guys so good! this guy does fantastic work, why didnt R. Talsorian use him for the illustrations for V.3 instead of action men & barbie dolls?
  12. i have to say that living in 2020 has a habit of lowering your life expectansy as it is. there wont be that bad over crowding cuz that many people get killed its amazing
  13. i like!!! btw, how long does it take to do deus-x that way?
  14. basically, it was designed to replace the side arm of russias pilots, they realised it sucked monkey ballz & said 'hey, lets give it to the guys who will never need it ever!' i still have no idea what the second trigger is for
  15. Webby


    i just see a dragoon chasing somone down on his BMX
  16. Самозарядный = Autoloading пистолет = Pistol ПШ-45 = .45 Calibre 9х19ПАРА = 9x19mm The best i can come up with going through the latter half of the document is that this is called 'The Shevchenko pistol' Infact, it could well be the Shevchenko PSH pistol that has recently been developed. The pistol in question (pictured) was design for russian air force pilots who operate in the northern regions as a survival weapon. It seems that the previous weapon lacked the power to stop the animals that are native to those regions (this being a .45 Auto loader). the weapon will
  17. yet again, there cannot be a fixed rate. Respect, debt & alligence - aka: GIRI - is relative. this really is a case that if you want a set price, you have to do it yourself, but guide lines could be useful. personally, my main issue is that the only way to get the majority of the Alt-Tech is in packages. Half the time you already get the same stuff duplicated by getting more packages. what about individual giri costs for seperate parts of the package, or even custom packages!
  18. thats a point, when r they going to do some of those? anyone heard anything?
  19. probably realised what a bad idea it was not to finish v3 before they released it & didnt want al the negative feedback
  20. the rifle is disposed of afterwards. Although, it doesnt need to be a rifle, it can be any fire arm. Or even a knife, no need to get a liscence for that. all im saying is, thats the closest i can think of to a way to assasinate somone withiut being treced
  21. Very simple in both cases Lets take Great Britain for example Identity papers: To get a copy of your birth certificate takes exactly 24 hours. You turn up to a registry office with the full name of your assumed identity, their parents full (&maiden) names, the address & the name of the hospital they were born in. Pay £7 streling & pick it up the next day. With that you can apply for a driving license (photographic ID) as long as you get somone who holds authority to agree that the picture of you that u send in is the right one (a £10 back hander to your local corn
  22. moral & decent - no efficient - HELL YEAH
  23. I have to say that that isnt always the case. Think about it. Modern cultures are shaped by their technology. We rely on vast networks of communication & high tech gadgets. Without such things, life as we know it would collapse & so would our culture. I beleive that a more appropriate idea is that Technology & Culture go hand in hand, particularly in the dark future. AltCults hoard their technology. It isnt understood by the other AltCults & therefore cannot be used by them. Their culture has driven them to develop or refine such technology as they have. In turn, i
  24. i dont know if any of u guys have tried this way of playing, but why not make the PCs the bad guys. You would be amazed how much simpler life is when yopu throw morals to the wind & play dirty. Its great fun making it your personal goal to takee over the world instead of save it.
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