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  1. Just like real life then really.
  2. point taken but im just going out on a limb & giving a reason why i think there would be a large market for Borg fashion
  3. just you fipps, this is the General Chat, not 2020 Cheers for your input guys Also, i had an idea about an addition to C-Metal. The AI who want out of the net using bodies in the real world, just like Ghost in the Shell how about that idea? Plausable (as CP3 goes)?
  4. After thought: APPLESEED Briareos wears clothes, because he was human & wishes to retain some semblance of humanity. He mourns his current state & the loss of his meat body. Secondary After thought: Would not several other borgs be in denial or over the top about losing their body? Im not going into the whole psycological aspect (its called cyberpsycosis), but the fashion, clothing aspect. Not every borg wanted to be one. when the meat just cant take it any more, haw many of our characters hae ended up in a borg body? Also, would it be plausable that a shri
  5. Basically, your talking accessories, paint/coating colours for the body etc... (just have to see a Gold plated borg with diamond teeth,eyes,etc... THINK OF THE BLING!!!)
  6. as some may have read in other threads, i am working on a 203X UK supplament, and i have come across a major flaw in the new Alt-Cult system... ITS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CREATE NEW ONES WITHOUT COPYING THE OTHERS! it suxx, it really does. so far ive come up with plenty of ideas for Alt-Cults, meme's & all, but i cant work on their tech. Ive managed one so far: - Kindred of Avalon - General hippy thing going on here. Protect mother nature, do not taint yourself or others with cyber implants. perfect yourself & get intouch with the earth, defend the weak &
  7. Webby


    Whats a Chav? This is Chav these 2 links should answer any questions Chav is dominating british culture at this time. but unknown as it was 5+ years ago, it was still there, lurkinglike a bad smell... ...With a burbary cap & a can of stella... ...and it wont go away!
  8. Webby


    Im currently in the process of writing up some material for Britain in 203x, and im coming up short... Beyond the evolution of cyberchavs, a scottish revolt, assasination of the queen orchestrated by her own son & a massive revival of pagan worship, im a bit stumped anyone got any ideas to throw my way? anything u want to see in the UK in 203x? specifically im looking for between 4 & 6 alt cults total & ive got 3 so far. 1. - NuChavs - they had to be in here 2. - Neofascist BNP - gotta have a huge racism element, spice things up. Extreem prejudice towards anyo
  9. RADIOACTIVE BORGS! - http://www.raddecon.com/ - try this for more information on how 2 decontaminate them Wis, let me know how that pans out Phang - I would say that if the guy was INT 0-1 he might get away with thinking he has been reincarnated as an angel or something. Or possible hes a zombie... However, if he can infact out think a lump of rock, then i would limit the HC a little. Maybe a 20% - 40%. Either way, hes gonna notice being able to crush things & that hes stronger, faster and tougher than before. He will notice & he will flip his lid. (I however would
  10. http://www.scribble.ws/ this one too
  11. http://www.albatross1.com/ANIMIMG/animimg.htm another good site for anime
  12. there isnt one to my knowledge, but ill c what i can do for you. gimme a little time
  13. to be honest, i cannot disagree with a single thing you have said. You know your politics. But could a revolt not occur, as i said, by the ressurgence of previous reign. AKA: an heir to the former emperor, backed by the Bhuddist community that the communist state tried so hard to expunge? Would that not be enough? Or even a military coup? Disgruntled or disgraced military leaders, sick of the corruption? or maybe just power hungry? just a thought...
  14. In breif: What are the rules governing Borg MOT's?
  15. true OK, the last emperor of china was forced into a puppet position at the head of the communist republic of china in 1912 after the revolution in 1911. so why not have a revolution, instigated by the religeous upheavel of the buhuddists in the years following 2020? i think this would be a great story line? In fact, im gonna have a go at it myself!
  16. Webby is member Webby love sexy nu look to black hammer site Webby say yes
  17. i used the pretext 'WAS' on the basis that it has not been updated for some time. As per all the best CP2020 sites. No offence intended
  18. Lieutenant (pronaounced Left Tenant) Axel 'Sparx' Rose Serial number 10661982 Demolitions Specialist ACPA Division 539 assault squadron 3 Commando Brigade Her Majesties Royal Marines Reporting for duty, SIR! ________________________________________________________ You want Zelous, ill give 110% queens own SERGEANT MAJOR SAAAAAAAA! if it kills me!!! i dont play pansy ass lone guns for hire, i eat them for breakfast! (if u need my mail, its bullshiter12@hotmail.com)
  19. Ok China is corrupt as they get. Pacific rim took this into account. But how long will it take before the people rise up. before they have had enough? what if there was a revolution? Its a communist state now, so what about a true republic? or even a democracy? Or, pushing my luck & the boundries of fantasy a little, a resurgence of the emperor. an heir to the throne? just a thought for the speculative pot
  20. thats a very interesting take on china jesus. Never a super power. I have to wonder. What makes a super power? That i have to say is my question...
  21. Black ahmmer got a face lift, some botox & a boob job... The man called webby, he say YES!!! love the new look
  22. i think we all agree that the black hammer project was one of the best CP sites around!
  23. well i cant turn down the chance to offer my services. even if u dont need my help, i would gladly feed any content i can come up with to u directly. ive got loads of stuff & ideas on the go & i would gladly send it to u as soon as its finished
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