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  1. where did the fiction written by the people here go?
  2. okay then let me rephrase..if anyone got custom PA and custom PA rules posr em..and we will whack something together
  3. now how did that joke about the japanese version of Mr. Studd not selling? seriously....micro stuff are sometimes disadvantageous..say you drop that japanese cybereye another option on the japanese..maybe lighter or more easily concealed?
  4. i believe there was a discussion about expanding the options and other mechanics/options for PA last year, in the vein of cheap FBCs....but not cheap . so what happened to it?
  5. lemme just put in my input: this is the current state of the philippines the philippines has a negligible formal military force...what we relied on is guerilla tactics(case in point...our air force only has 4 F-14 and only ONE is flying) the local law enforcement here is expert in covert ops and counter insurgency...but they are demoralized by low pay and corruption as well as the posting of political apointees in high posts in both the military and police. the MILF is the local Muslim insurrectionsists(they have training camps for terrorists run by JI in the south)..what i
  6. specifically the cyberdragon and mentat FBCs..i saw them on a site some years back associated with Mockery and the Blackhamer Project
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