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  1. Could somebody point me in the direction of this thread? Sounds good… Never mind. Found it myself. As you were.
  2. Could somebody point me in the direction of this thread? Sounds good…
  3. That was very interesting! A period I'm really intigued by and your summary puts our contemporary situation very much in context. You are now officially VftE's resident scholar and gentleman!
  4. Wisdom - you confused me there for a second, and then I realised we were saying the same thing (albeit in reverse). Thought I'd got it wrong and had a panic moment
  5. Officially, yeah. But we add the save, if they pass they're unconscious and in a baaaad way. Been doing it so long, forgot to leave that bit out!
  6. This topic made me think of this site: http://the-electric-church.com/ Not neo-Catholic as such, but I do like the imagery!
  7. How would you guys enforce living off the grid issues using game rules/guidelines? How would it affect a PC trying to do it in your campaigns?
  8. I like the idea (in-game) of a major corporation thinking it has the means and legal position to declare itself a CNE and annex territory that it believes it already owns. With the state of the US in 2020 being what it is, would the government actually have the money, power or disposition to oppose it? What if the CNE-to-be had the policy makers firmly in it's pocket prior to the challenge? Even if it sounds unfeasible in the real world, it'd make a great plot thread in any ongoing campaign if, say, Biotechnica declared itself a national entity, initially for tax purposes, and slowly star
  9. Wouldn't the 'luck' aspect come from the damage roll anyway? I mean, if I roll low damage when my PC crashes his Audi, surely that was lucky? The GM rolling for luck seems a bit too weighted towards PC survival, something I personally try and avoid, plus it's an extra, possibly unnecessary, roll of the dice. Don't get me wrong, I don't run games to wipe out characters, but it just seems a little artificial increasing their chance of survival. PC survival should be determined by the type and extent of the injuries sustained, as well as the speed and type of response to said injuries.
  10. Geist

    The Fuse

    In my game, legitimate net-use has similar fail-safes and user protection. Illegal netrunners (hackers) would need to bypass all the legitimate crap on their jury-rigged deck and in the net itself to stand a chance of getting to the good stuff. It just opens them up to getting their lobes fried. But that's the trade off. (Love the phrase The Fuse, BTW)
  11. The vehicle could fill with an impact suppressant gel to cushion the passengers. Helps the PCs survive but is very hard to extricate your dazed ass from. PC: My car slimed me…
  12. It means that more lawyers (CNE & state sponsored) get rich. Again. And I would think that the US of 2020 wouldn't have too much of a say in whether an individual had a dual-nationality CNE issued passport. There's already corporate immunity in canon IIRC. And a CNE would happily allow an employee to carry the company passport. Again, in canon, a lot of company employees live in private corporate suburbs humming the company anthem - it's not much of a step further to issue a passport because your company is now classed as a nation. Plus, it would help avoid the threat of a strong
  13. Sounds okay. Just don't draw attention to yourself in any way. Don't loiter or look furtive, don't carry a concealed firearm in case the cops stop your shifty looking ass, don't run a red light or get into a drunken brawl that the cops actually respond to, stay away from ANY monitored CNE territory etc. If you don't show up in the loop, the CNEs or the powers that be could hang any unsolved crime on you and make you disappear. Just think back to the Victorian era, pre-finger printing. Any odd looking vagrant, stranger or foreigner would be picked up and charged for a crime, simply by bein
  14. It's one of the Interface magazines, I think. One of my group borrowed mine a while back and it's disappeared into the kudzu that is slowly consuming his house. But the cover sounds very familiar. And it was a great issue too. Sorry for the threadomancy. Cthulhu made me do it… <rocks backwards & forwards>
  15. That would work. Example: INT 6 and COOL 5 PC has a base Awareness of 11 plus a D10 vs. difficulty number No different to an INT 6 PC with an Awareness/Notice skill of 5! The player just gets to spend skill points elsewhere…
  16. I'd say apply BTM before doubling the damage to the head. If you're wearing a steel lid (SP20) and take 25 points to the head, 5 get through, then minus BTM, then double what's left. If the result is over 8, instant death save!
  17. I would also add that we ignore any 'soft' armour and halve any 'hard' armour worn by the vehicle occupants as they're not designed for these kind of heavy impacts. Can get quite messy…
  18. I use the following rules from Solo of Fortune, page 73: Crashing Whether a vehicle hits the ground, a wall or another vehicle, it will take damage based on it's speed. For each 20mph increment of speed, a vehicle will take 1D10 in damage. If two moving vehicles collide head on, average both speeds together and assign the total amount of dice damage to both vehicles, rounding uneven values down. Example: Derek still can't pull his AV-4 out of the fatal nosedive it has taken. He hits the deck at 200mph. The AV takes 10D10 worth of damage. Meanwhile, Mike skids his Toyo into the
  19. Kenny and Dog Soldier - I'll be stealing these, if you don't mind? Good stuff! Keep 'em coming…
  20. This is what we want! Good stuff. Anyone got anymore?
  21. Following on from my Gang Names thread, here is a list of new bar and nightclub names to use in your campaigns: • Alzo’s - bar-style recreational pharmacy - legal and semi-legal narcotic use in a relaxing atmosphere • The Cage - retro-Punk Rock club - concrete, metal and chainlink interior • Riverside Babylon - regae bar & club • Blacklight - nightclub - lots of UV and sticky carpets • Dubculture - 24 hour tech-dub music • Sliders - legal stripclub, illegal ‘puppets’ - oily pole-dancers - mixed gender • The Flesh Café - fetishist-chic bar - dangerous furn
  22. I'm currently extending away from central Night City, detailing the west and south of the area detailed in the Night City Source Book. With new city blocks come new gangs and the turf they war over. After an off-board conversation with Destecado, I thought I'd share a few new gang names here: • Southern Cross • Full Metal Jacket • Gang Green • The Lobes • Crosstown Traffic • The Feminazis • The Moulin Reds • Animal Impulse • Gestapo Moderns • Cognitive Warfare Collective • Beautiful Losers • Lucifer's Babies • Neural Dissidents
  23. Don't get me wrong, I like Night City. It's a hugely useful resource, it just seems a little dated in 2009. I have ideas for jazzing it up some, but wanted to get some of the old guard on these forums adding some concepts. And you are very right in stating that the combat zone shouldn't be mapped. It should be a transient thing, borders always shifting, traders disappearing, new gangs replacing the old etc. The real vibe of Night City should come from it's inhabitants. But I think I may replace areas like Studio City as well as spread out, increasing the area of Down Town/City Centre
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