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  1. Last blog post of the year has gone live and concerns hackable assets. http://neuralarchive.blogspot.co.uk/2016/1...r-is-buggy.html
  2. I've tweaked both tables (only) slightly for the city kit, but cheers, that makes me very happy! Also added a device history table… The latest update to the blog talks about the gang table: http://neuralarchive.blogspot.co.uk/2016/1...miscreants.html
  3. Nice one! I'll see what I can pilfer from that. Same goes for the linked vid. @Companero, I may just do that, but it'll be more like a Wage Slave 3.5… Oh, and here's an update. It's a gang table.
  4. Gig work: What's The Agent Got Lined Up For Me Today? 1. Drone Recovery - trace and recover downed courier drones 2. Data Input - mind numbingly tedious 3. Dataterm Cleaner - DTs often used as a urinal… 4. Gig Groomer (persuades others to sign on) 5. Graffiti Hoser - clean up and removal 6. Drug Trial - neutraceuticals, pain killers, DeStress Xpress, productivity drugs etc. 7. Vendomat Restocker 8. Mobile AR 'Augvertising' Hub - body rig with AR projectors outputting adverts as you wander around 9. Human Security Camera (optics required, must allow remote access) 10
  5. Comp, I'd love to see your take on future sexuality - maybe something to consider for your blog?
  6. The problem with that is that each entry has both odd and even numbers! Hence gender being the GM's choice. I do see your point. But, the nationalities can be completely ignored if the GM wishes. They're there if you want them. If the PCs are in Tokyo for example, it would be very unlikely the taxi driver was not Japanese. None of the tables I am creating have to be taken literally. They're there to spark ideas, not to constrain.
  7. Freaky cabbies and more previewed.
  8. And today, I show the digital world my filthy cabbies table from the WIP city kit. http://neuralarchive.blogspot.co.uk/2016/1...nd-hookers.html
  9. Still here. And I'm looking for ideas on the following: 10 or more (upto 50 max) 'Gig Economy' style jobs - the kind of job you get hired on for through your agent for only one or two days - the more future-specific, the better. Any ideas on hackable assets - stuff you could sift and search for at street level or inside a building's foyer, using a cybermodem. And I'm looking to do a table of 50 items you'd find on a corpse - small items in their pockets, packs etc. - again, they need to be quirkily futuristic. Have at it chaps!
  10. http://neuralarchive.blogspot.co.uk/2016/1...cification.html Added a brief little something about the police forces of my future London sprawl.
  11. Only 98 more to go… Meanwhile, my neural archive continues leaking. Somebody phone tech support. http://neuralarchive.blogspot.co.uk/2016/1...n-city-kit.html Although I am struggling to share it on the 2020 G+ page… EDIT: And it works in the old style. FFS. :roll eyes: EDIT: AND NOW IT DOESN'T. AAAARGH.
  12. Yep. Only gone and started a new blog. http://neuralarchive.blogspot.co.uk Not much there yet (obvs) but hopefully there'll be ACTUAL CONTENT any time now…
  13. Yeah, I like that! I was just considering a 911 table too. And the weather table ideas are great. I can work with those. Work on the kit has progressed nicely, but I'm away for a few days, so there won't be any updates for a week or so. In the meantime, if anyone has any more ideas, just drop 'em into this thread! Hopefully, it won't be too long before the document is complete and ready to use at the table.
  14. Here's mine: D10 1-9: Raining 10: About To Rain
  15. Yep, works for me gents. I'm going to try and a do a first draft in the next few days using your excellent ideas. Maybe names could be a combination of elements, much like the adjectives in the file you PMed me Mikael? Again, I'll throw a draft table together for you guys to check out. This is coming together rather nicely.
  16. An amended version of the WIP to date is available HERE And here's a peak at the edited Infotainment table, using senior officer Mikael van Atta's suggestions: And a new set of tables: Still thinking about gangs!
  17. Very well said. Something I need to remember myself, if I want to avoid too much drift. And can I steal that for the intro gomiville?
  18. I can't believe I overlooked that! Good catch! Oh yes! I shall do an edit tomorrow. Great suggestions! I'm up for a challenge! Not sure how I'd tackle that yet, though…
  19. More work following some suggestions. And now with less pigeon smell! Edited the drop down pages slightly, added a D100 for building quirks and reconfigured the Senses pages into D100 charts. A4 PDF version (WIP) available to download HERE Let me know what you think… And if anyone has any charts or tables they'd like to share, please do so!
  20. Cheers! I needed this bad boy boxing off as soon as possible, as I'm going to test it on game night this Friday! Wish me luck!
  21. Inspirational stuff Mikael! Loving the 'what the gang does for a living' table. Handy! And thanks for the kind words so far! Ask and ye shall receive… And here's a link if you want to print it and test it - LINK
  22. Yeah… I hear you. I shall have a play and try and get the three I've done into three D100 tables - two with 100 results, one with 50. In the meantime, here is number three - the sounds. Listen! Can you hear it?
  23. Sweat and shame. Most of the tables I proposed above would be fairly short and simple. The Sense & The City tables just sort of… grew. What kind of thing would you want to see in that? Can you give some examples? Are you thinking a couple of tables like What's That Building? and Who's Inside It? Encounters are something I wanted to avoid personally, but feel free to add your own. I can format them and add them to a PDF easily, if you agree. Here's another sample spread. This time, sights.
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