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CP2020 Core Book Night City map as SVG

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Hi all,

I have looked up and down for a high res map of Night city from the CP2020 core book as it includes the southern part. As I could not find one I recreated it as an SVG so it can be freely scaled to whatever you need. Its very simple and not annotated or color coded or anything yet, street names are also still to come. But before I go there I was wondering if any of you had suggestions / wished that would make this more useful to you. There is also a PNG of the map. The night city book map is nice but I always preferred this one as I like it simple to leave room for the imagination.


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cool idea

one thing a GM of mine did a few years back was mark up wisdom's extended map in "thinglink". a bunch of the linked content is now broken, one sticking more to official content could be a cool project.


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That is very cool eraser! I had no idea this existed and is a thing I wanted to do but had no idea how. Fantastic. Thanks for the tip! I like Wisdom's map a lot but the detail is a bit overwhelming.

I am now adding street names and will add the new ones from the Night City Sourcebook as far as I can make them out. I only have the PDF and its very tough to read.

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North-south streets in NC are apparently named after writers significant to the cyberpunk genre.  

So, you have - going from the western side:

  • (I assume) Mick Farren St.
  • Roger Zelazny St.
  • Philip K. Dick St.
  • Norman Spinnard St. 

and continuing East, outside of this shot:

  • John Shirley St.
  • Rudy Rucker St.
  • John Gregory Betancourt St
  • Meridian St. (I'm unable to identify the person behind this one :()
  • Samuel R. Delany St.
  • Bruce Sterling St.
  • Greg Bear St.

plus in the southern part of the town, you can also find:

  • George Alec Effinger St.
  • Walter Jon Williams St.
  • Patchett St. (again, I can't identify - I wouldn't expect Terry Pratchett there, as great as he was, he didn't write c-punk).

You have a good eye, I never gave the street names any notice before...

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Thank you! I figured it was all Authors and tried to Google but my knowledge in that are is non existent. I often pay attention to it because I like to be able to tell my players "Corner of 21st and Dick Street." And be able to point to it in the map as a frame of reference.

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