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Dog Soldier

Sakura: Intellectual Property

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I read the publishers description but it did not prepare me for this book. For the first time in years I stayed up past midnight reading, went to bed, couldn't sleep so I started reading again


Sakura is a vocaloid, the most advanced in history and she is the Metal Queen being an android (gynoid?) who plays all genre of metal music.


The back story is that there is an international treaty ban on all research into advanced military AI....this is cyberpunk so you should be able to see where this is going....


Anyway, Sakura can and does totally control the entire venue wherever she plays and can not only create animated graphics on the fly but and rewrite code while she's doing it. And that barely scratches the surface of what she's capable of.


Within the first few pages you meet her evil older sister, Kunoichi, who has attempted to override her core programming during a live concert. Sakura not only fights for control but more than salvages the concert and boost her sales internationally.


There's major fire power, gun fights, assassinations and hacking along with genuinely evil corporations and even more evil CEO's


Just read it, and listen to the recommended music tracks while you do!


Sakura: Intellectual Property

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