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senior officer Mikael van Atta

.38 Caseless Guns And Other Puny Calibers

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Now, about that Malorian 10mm SubFlechette ammo...


I believe (but feel free to poke holes in it) that it is close enough to the 10mCL standard to be rechamberable. I.e. any 10mmCL autopistol (and SMG) could be adapted to use this ammunition - either made in this caliber, or a conversion kit available.


It is caseless, so the basic operating mechanism should be similar.

It is 10mm, so general size should be similar.

I guess it'd need a proprietary barrel though (sub-penetrators aren't likely to be spin-stabilized by the barrel's rifling as conventional bullets are. I suppose they are fin-stabilized flechettes).


The flechettes do 1d6 damage at 1/4 AP each (potentially piercing anything short of a MetalGear), and there are 1d6 flechettes (to the same body part) per hit (suggesting a very tight flight pattern).


There's no ammo cost given, but since these are high-tech ammo, I guess they'd be 5x the standard ammo for any given caliber. Plus, once you've converted your gun to use 10mmSF, you need to convert it back to use any other ammo...


I guess we could scale it, too, introducing 9mm (5 penetrators, 1d10/2 hits), 8mm (4 penetrators, 1d4 hits) and 7mm (3 penetrators, 1d6/2 hits), as well as 11mm with 7 and 12mm with 8 penetrators....?

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Adding to the above:


Any Easy-availability gun may be bought in Malorian SubFlechette caliber for +50% cost.

Any Common-availability gun, for +75%.

Such variants are 2 steps less avaialble.


P and R-available guns aren't made in the MSF ammo save for a few short series.

They might be however converted to that caliber by a competent gunsmith (typically charging 200% of the gun's price).

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Note: under Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads armor rules, both Malorian SubFlechette and 4mmLP flechette seem to have a 50% chance of penetrating (if with minimal damage) anything that is not an ACPA / 'borg armor (any SP short of 36!). Granted, it won't do much damage, but 4mmLP can be poisoned, and this will do.

10mmSF travels in packs anyway.

It has even 10% to penetrate SP80 ACPA armor, dammit. That "double AP" rule makes it work.


Malorian Arms Sliver Gun almost starts looking like a decent idea, too: 2d6 projectiles per hit, each projectile doing just 1d6/2 damage - but at "bladed AP" modifier. So, cuts through a standard Skinweave (SP12) 50% of time, and anything short of a Medium Armorjack (SP18) 10% time.

Sure, it is going to be all "blunt trauma", but we're talking about 7 hits on average. Can cause pretty a bleedin'...

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