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HANDLE: Wilbur {Formerly Known As Scattershot}

ROLE: Solo




INT [ 6 ] REF [ 7 ] TECH [ 6 ] COOL [ 7 ]

ATTR [ 4 ] LUCK [ 6 ] MA [ 7 ] BODY [ 7 ]

EMP [ 6 ] Humanity [ 60 ]

run [ 21 ] Leap [ 5.25 ]

Lift (kgs) [ 280 ] Lift (lbs) [ 617 ]

Carry (kgs) [ 70 ] Carry (lbs) [ 154 ]

SAVE [ 7 ] BTM [ -2 ]



Combat Sense [ 6 ]

Awareness / Notice [ 6 ]

Handgun [ 4 ]

Arasaka Te [ 5 ]

Rifle [ 5 ]

Athletics [ 5 ]

Submachinegun [ 3 ]

Stealth [ 6 ]

Driving [ 2 ]

Motorcycle [ 2 ]

Ed./General Knowledge [ 3 ]

Intimidate [ 3 ]

Heavy Weapons [ 2 ]

Basic Tech [ 1 ]

Teach [2]



Clothes: Blue jeans

Hair: Wild & all over

Affectations: Tattoos

Ethnicity: Anglo-American

Language: English



Family Ranking: Combat Zone Poor

Status of Parents: Something happened to one or both parents; you never knew your parent(s)

Family Status: Family status in danger, and you risk losing everything; family vanished. you are the only remaining member

Childhood Environment: Spent on the street, with no adult supervision



Personality Traits: Shy and secretive

Valued Person: No one

Value Most: Having a good time

Feel About People: Neutral

Valued Possession: A weapon



Age: 42

17. Nothing Happened This Year.

18. Romance. Happy Love Affair.

19. Nothing Happened This Year.

20. Nothing Happened This Year.

21. Nothing Happened This Year.

22. Disaster Strikes. Hunted by the law. the FBI or equivalent national police force wants you.

23. Make an Enemy. Female. Childhood enemy. Foiled plans of the other. The feeling's mutual. Go into a murderous killing rage. An entire government agency.

24. You Get Lucky. Find a Teacher. Add +1 to any INT based skill, or begin new at +2

25. Nothing Happened This Year.

26. Nothing Happened This Year.

27. Nothing Happened This Year.

28. Nothing Happened This Year.

29. Make an Enemy. Male. Government Official. Turned down the other's offer of job or romantic involvement. The feeling's mutual. Backstab them indirectly. An entire gang.

30. Romance. Happy Love Affair.

31. Nothing Happened This Year.

32. You Get Lucky. Make a Powerful Connection in City Government. You made a connection in the District Attorney's Office

33. Disaster Strikes. Hunted by the law. the FBI or equivalent national police force wants you.

34. You Get Lucky. Make Friend on Police Force. You may use them for information at a level of +2 Streetwise on any police related situation.

35. Make an Enemy. Female. Corporate Executive. Deserted or betrayed the other. They hate you. Ignore them. An entire gang.

36. Romance. Happy Love Affair.

37. Make a Friend. A teacher or mentor. Gender of friend: male

38. Disaster Strikes. Illness or addiction. You have contracted either an illness or drug habit in this time. Lose 1 point of REF permanently as a result.

39. Make a Friend. A partner or coworker. Gender of friend: male

40. Disaster Strikes. Hunted by a Corporation. Larger corporation with offices statewide hunting you

41. You Get Lucky. Local Nomad Pack Befriends You. Call on them for one favor a month, equivalent to Family special ability +2

42. Nothing Happened This Year.




Militech Crusher Shotgun

5 20 gauge slugs

1 1/2 quart of cheap whiskey

3 cigarettes in a plastic bag

Cheap plastic lighter

Thrice broken cell phone {held together with tape and shockingly works}

Slosh Bag


Shopping cart

A variety of junk scavenged from the dumpsters of Night City

8 sp Jean Jacket that looks like it's been shot dozens of times

6 sp Gibson Jeans that also look like they have attracted bullets

Old Paratrooper boots held together by duct tape


The name might seem familiar if you have ever read the Night City Stories Scenarios. Wilbur was introduced and killed in the first few minutes of the pcs encounter with their employers on the first mission. I fleshed him out a bit and am using him as an npc in a roll20 campaign.


His story was that he wasn't always a druggie. At one time he was a very successful solo with a lot of talent. One rogue operation changed that. He missed a claymore during a job. His metal gear armor saved him, but he was hurt badly. He needed lots of work and rehab to get back up to snuff. Painkillers dulled his reflexes and senses so he started mixing them with snapcoke and it took it's toll on him physically and mentally. Now he is just wandering the streets of Night City pillaging dumpsters for food and recyclables. He has a wealth of knowledge that could be passed on if he found the right pupil.

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