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So, Is There A Place To Post Cyberpunk Stories?

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High, I'm Psiberzerker, and I'm insane. You may remember me from such travesties as Bay City (In Mortified Games) or not. I mostly write erotic stories on boreds like Literotica, Ravishu, Kristen's Archive, or I did before they went "FUT!" and let out the magic smoke.


So anyway, I've run out of options. For places to share my personal brand of whackiness, but I consider myself a Sci-Fi author first, and only got into "Erotica" for the free publishing. Basically, as long as there's some sort of sex involved, it's "Erotic" and sites will host them until Odd Job comes and shuts down the site for indecency. (Or whoever president Goldfinger has working on cybercrimes. Apparently someone uncharacteristically qualified, since I've lost 3 sites in 2 years.)


"Once is an Instance, twice Coincidence, 3 times is a pattern." ~The FBI BAU.


So anyway, I'm working on something new, that's cyberpunk-ish. Dystopic, 20 minutes into the future, involves personal electronic enhancement, and sexually motivated serial murder. Not a lot of it, it ain't graphic by any stretch of the imagination, but that's the central conflict that drives the story.


If anyone's interested, but I'm not going to expose the boreds unless anyone is. Also, fair warning that sites I post on seem to have mysterious catastrophic server failures, for some reason. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.



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