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Merganser Weight Loss Clinic

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Merganser's is one of a host of sleazy biosculpt clinics, located in the shady side of a good neighborhood. Sharing parking with a convenience store, they have a four-room office on the second floor of a cinder block building.


The waiting room looks like a fairly modern dentist's office - receptionist behind lexan shields, Ikea chairs for a half a dozen patients, a few dispirited palm trees in pots in the corner. The receptionist controls the locks on both doors, and has a phone line, but there's no real security aside from that - it's a plastic surgery company that specializes in liposuction and fake tans, there's really not much there to steal.


While the usual client here is a middle aged corporate without the money for a better surgeon, Merganser's has been known to alter faces and finger prints for a price. With a successful STREETDEAL (med difficulty) or STREETWISE (high difficulty) they'll make you look entirely unlike that wanted poster, for a cost of 3500 eb or so. With a failed roll, they'll still do the surgery, but will sell pictures of your face and fingerprints, before and after, to the highest bidder.


The doctor who runs the clinic affects a French accent, but is in reality a Yugoslavian who fled his home country when he double crossed a crook with good connections. Interpol bought the pictures of the 'new' face, but the agent who bought them was a plant, who informed his criminal bosses about it. The doctor bought a new face and a new identity for himself in the brand new Night City, and has been lying low for several years now in the hopes of being forgotten.


The clinic can also do basic medical work at inflated prices, but will (unless bribed or intimidated) report bullet wounds to NCPD. The only cyber they install is fashionware or some shady weight-control stuff (HL and cost vary, suppresses appetite and gives the outward appearance of better health, sided effects are usually limited to eating disorders).


This clinic is one of many that specialize in that vague "cost is 600eb per point of ATTR gained" type surgeries. Breast implants, liposuction, skin shading, removing collagen, smoothing out wrinkles, etc. There's a dentist on site who can replace your snaggly teeth with a set of plastic pearly whites that look straight out of Hollywood, and their nano can add, subtract, or alter hair anywhere you can imagine. But if you're looking for the newest Raven Microcyb arm with all the features, this is the wrong place to go.


If you're using LUCK rolls to keep yourself from dying of your MORTAL 2 wound, on the other hand, you really don't have the option of being picky.

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What class a specific hooks there could be.


Media and rockers can always use an updated look. Anyone can use a new look in a hurry. Hackers would love the before-and-afters. Cops, ditto. (Weird fetishists, ditto. Doubly if the cop has a kink). Solos always get inconvenient leaking holes to patch.




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