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Sorry I've Been Away For A While

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I'm sorry I've been away for a while. Here's what's going on: The Demo Team is on hiatus until Mike Pondsmith tells me otherwise. I have been trying desperately to find out what's going on with the demo team since the end of GenCon 2006...still no luck.


I think the only way that anything might get done with regards to getting The Chrome Berets moving again is to get a petition going, but I don't know how or where to find a good online petition. If anyone wants to help spearhead a movement to get the demo team back in order and on the march again, I'd really appreciate it.


For those who've heard, or might care, my own gaming company: Knighthawk Games, is on the move, and my first game: BLOOD AND LEATHER should actually be reaching end-stage soon. It's already been starting to make appearances at local conventions, particularly Dreamation, DexCon, Ubercon, and I-Con.

O.X.E.N. is still in the shop, and likely won't be getting touched till after I get back from my vacation in Florida.


I guess that's about all.


Catch ya'll later.



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relevant to pad your post count? :lol:

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