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  1. Psiberzerker


    Corset is! I liked watching her work, and go through the thought process in the garage.
  2. Also, when you do something out of the ordinary, like reach up 1 handed for something above you. Normal waist carry (Let's say inside the waistband) is for arms, and shoulders hanging at the sides.
  3. I'd just roll against the Concealment Score when whoever's using Awareness. Sure, nobody notices your EDC, when nobody's paying attention. Likewise, you don't have to draw, bring it to battery, and fire accurately, when you're not threatened.
  4. This is a great rule! IDKY I didn't think of it, it's so simple, and obvious, I feel like an idiot for overlooking it. For me, this is what VFTE is all about. Comparing notes so all our house-rule sets are even better! Mechanics wise, is this a point-in rule, or calculated after everything else? Assuming the possibility of Multipliers (I have one in Wardrobe/Awareness for the chance-to-detect roll) whether this is a base bonus, or +/- at the end could make a significant difference.
  5. Zapata is a French jetski racer. He's marketing it in America because of EU regulations, and yeah. It's a proof that the concept of personal flight is finally technologically feasable. If it will never be practical. We can't stop Drunk Driving. How many times have you run out of gas, and not plummeted to your death? There's a reason why he almost exclusively flies it over water. He's basically the only one who's mastered it, and as it's designer, he knows it's ceiling is too low to safely deploy an emergency parachute. Pretty damned cool, though. I actually featured it in on
  6. What exactly is a dumb-missile? An unguided rocket. Sure, they're getting progressively more sophisticated along with everything else (About in parallel with Moore's Law) but just about anything with: GPS/Satellite Guidance, Delayed fuse to explode in armor/structures, Dual Stage/purpose Warheads... The list goes on. This is a Smart grenade. Which is cool, and all, but pretty niche. Like 1 guy per Platoon unless they're dedicated Urban Combat/House Clearing specialized Squads (Then 1 per squad) is all the US Military should even Train to use something like this. When most of the tim
  7. I'd put in a "Twists" subtable. Like Double-agent, 3rd party interference, cop raid... Something to change it up at that (Randomly determined) point in the campaign. Just put a ## TWIST! parameter on all the tables, where something could come in with a monkeywrench, and a quart of KY to throw off the scenario as the players (Think they) understand it.
  8. Keep in mind that's by itself. No sidearm, no helmet, no boots. 106 lbs for 1 weapon, standing stark naked in the middle of a firefight. Which means no Armor. I personally would rather have a Luger carbine, and 60 lbs of Armor. Or any practical firearm. I have a shoulder holster/stocked Browning High Power (Inglis Canadian spec) because it's legally exempt from the SBR classification in the NFA. But, we're talking about fantasy here, so I'm going with something that looks as sexy as this: I can fucking hit what I'm aiming at with that, and look good doing
  9. Compared to a rifle round? I'll just assume that the same factory that's been making machineguns since the Maxim, and Hotchkiss know how to temper a barrel. Yeah, it's hot for a pistol, but it's not a .338 Lapua.
  10. LOL, same people who made the "Pocket AK." Somebody needs to tell them that chambering the same round does not make it the same gun. (Also, you're not going to get shit out of a rifle round with that little barrel, other than a flashbang with a handle.) http://heizerdefense.com/2015/05/28/the-pak1/
  11. Could be worse. http://www.trailblazerfirearms.com/products/
  12. Valmet, anyone. Yeah, I think it's pretty well proven that the best thing that ever happened to Soviet arms is the Finns getting their hands on them. Not to say that something being Soviet means it's crap, but the Finns have a long illustrious history of finding what's wrong with them, and banging them out.
  13. Well, thanks. Just for future reference, in this discussion I'm limiting myself to the realism of the Man Portable Minigun. At least when I refered to their being no model other than a prototype. So, let me clarify: When it comes to converting that particular weapon to a gas operated system, there's 2 main problems of scale: Heating, unless you're going to fit all (Let's say) 6 barrels with a seperate pushrod system, then the gas blocks will have to all feed a single central pushrod, or direct impingement system. (Also, adding 6 seperate ones like 6 separate AR-15 actions on a turn
  14. AUTO-CANNON. Not a minigun. The mini-in minigun is in contrast to the electric Auto-cannons they're miniaturized from. Yes, there is 1, successful, air-cooled aircraft auto-cannon. It's pretty damned easy to cool one in the nose of a flying aircraft, because there's a lot of air to carry the heat off. Now, show me the man-portable minigun that isn't a prototype. Then, we'll talk. Unless you want to add a water-jacket, along with a gas block to every barrel to make it gas fed, along with everything else. I'm just trying to keep this fantasy in the realm of practical realities.
  15. Grenade, grenade launcher, Rocket Propelled Grenade... All things that have actually been adopted by agencies that kill people for a living in target rich environments, because they are actually practical for that purpose. The problem with a gas operated mutlibarrel machinegun is cooling. Well, that, and complexity. That's why it's been tried (Prototyped) but never successfully.
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