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  1. >>Cyberjunk >>Jun 8th 3:25 AM Quite right Kill Switch. The Snow Crash VR is an environment that everyonecan understand - Hiro being the Netrunner because he has hacked access to ares that mere mortals cannot get to. However If I remember rightly in the CP rules it covers this and that mere mortals do get to see a VR world with the netrunners working inside that. Maybee a good way to get all players involved is to get them to read Snow Crash - or watch the Matrix of course.
  2. >>kill switch click >>Jun 7th 10:51 PM Actually, an excellent example of "virtual reality netrunning" could be found in Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash". The concept behind 'the metaverse' is basically a VR 'Net. I've used this idea in a few of my games, and it gets alot more involving for the non-netrunning characters in the group, although with prolonged exposure to the 'Net, all players should gain IP in Interface.
  3. >>Paladin >>Jun 7th 6:00 PM Already been done folks. Gm'ing a game in which the pc's HAD to meet a certain npc in a Virtual Reality. They had to get a runner to piggyback them in, but once in the vr(a corp rec-garden), they were pretty much free to do what they wanted, except ref was slightly modified. (Feels like syrup when you move to fast) Net-runner didn't suffer this penalty though. Anyway, when enemy corp runners crashed the party to prevent them from speaking with the npc I shamelessly allowed an NPC net-runner (my old char Cairn Rain) to run a creator program called ... wait for it ... GUNS! Lots of guns! I'll leave the rest to your imagination, just mention that everyone thought it was really cool. (By the way, Cairn has a love of old flatscreen sci-fi movies ..go figure)
  4. >>koali >>Jun 2nd 3:14 PM Well, the rules are already on my awfully simple page: http://www.geocities.com/simplepunk2000/ Still, no through playtesting of them so looking forward for comments
  5. >>Halo >>Jun 1st 8:36 PM The Net's what you make it... I will admit the Black Book's rules are rather cumbersome, and its description requires some suspension of disbelief... to this end, it seems that almost every group that uses the Net has house rules to simplify actions. I've heard a lot of suggestions to try a Matrix-like VR Net (although without the Terminator-style mythos from the movie), and I think it's a really good idea -- get everyone into the Net, make it a true alternate world. It's justified, too, because it's very reasonable that the Net is supported financially (and is expressed in expensive I-G Transforms instead of cheaper, non-VR hyperlinks) because of the "normals" frequenting its VR domain, instead of just to keep the hackers happy. Looking forward to Koali's report (or anyone else's?) on how well this works.
  6. >>Calton Hall, Fixer >>Jun 1st 8:22 AM I kinda like the sound of that! In the games that i have played we haven´t used the net that much, and that´s because it´s pretty complicated (or is it?-)
  7. >>koali >>Apr 2nd 4:05 PM Idea: Netrunning is awful in my games, so I've come up with an idea [apart from burning all netrunning rules and make it interpretative]. The net is mostly composed of VR worlds, so everyone can use it and do most of the stuff. What differences netrunners from common people? They add their Interface to ALL physical rolls and Awareness. They know how to manipulate the physics of the VR and do supernatural things. Playtest pending but I think it's a good idea
  8. >>Crash >>Jun 28th 1:44 PM When your 'runner executes the find remote command, how do you decide what types of remotes are available? Do you use a table or just make it up? Wouldn't NPC's be pissed that their remotes are being taken over by net runners and take precautions against this? What about NPC runners using remotes? How do 2 decks duel over a remote (if my runner tries to take over a remote controlled by an NPC or vice versa)?
  9. >>freakboy6117 >>Mar 26th 1:34 PM well i reckon most of these things run via navigation beacons or GPS a jonny cab or whatver you want to call it will have a limited AI responsible for spotting pedestrains and keeping it from hitting other cars the technology already exist for most of this so its easy. as for controling a` remote it deopends fiorst how smart it is and second on eth program you use most simple controlers from tegh main rule book i think are a lot like a tv remote you know you can turn things on and off switch the channels and alter contrast you could also eject cds from a csd player or turn on the washing machine. well tahst what a controller program does a more advanced version with pesudo intelect coudl command things so you could give doors commands liek opebn three times then seal permenantly or get a car to drive forward 100metrers turn 90 degrees drrive 100 meters at top speed then stop and open all doors. probably teh most advanced contriollers are hard wired versions used as auto pilots in cars etc.
  10. >>nodegamra >>Mar 25th 11:16 PM don't even need to control it yourself. Just have a map of the area and tell Johncab to go to X coordinate at Y speed, and don't tell him about the mega solo in his way. Modern drones work on the same principle. No one flys them, someone just punches in navigational waypoints.
  11. >>Halo >>Mar 25th 7:11 AM >you'd better shut off the gloves while running/dodging Oops. Good point Maybe some kind of keyboard/joystick deal.
  12. >>manu >>Mar 25th 0:30 AM About gloves and goggles you'd better shut off the gloves while running/dodging, because you can't tlle where you hands are. Think about making martial art moves with the gloves on... About the robocab I didn't think to this one, but definitively yes, in capabilities and function if not in design.
  13. >>manu >>Mar 25th 0:26 AM Here is how i see the locate/control remote program of a cyberdeck : you turn on the jack, and run the programm. Without help, it locates every open access remotes in his control radius, and tells you the result. Then tou have three choices : 1) stick with real basic instructions (open the door, turn on the engine...) 2) use some autonomous program ('Igor' would be perfect, just hope he don't confuse sides) to tell the remote what he shall do 3) jack in to get full control
  14. >>Halo >>Mar 24th 11:55 PM Good point, Manu. Paladin, I think the book says you can do these functions from Realspace instead of the Net because you don't have to be "jacked in" on a run, you can just haul the deck out and, if you've got a display output, locate remotes that are directly connected to the Net (as manu says, less-than-secure remotes), and if you got a control input, use Controller programs on your deck to attempt to control these remotes. You're not in the Net (although your deck probably generates an icon when used in this manner), you can't LDL or run any other programs, it's like bringing up a web browser but not clicking on any links outside your LAN because there's no access. I think that, like Creator, it's supposed to be a standard deck function. Why would this be done? I think this was done by R.Tal to keep runners in the action. They don't have to jack in and go spacey in a firefight (and make everyone else lose their bloodlust while waiting), they can haul out Mr. Remote Control and join in the fun. Our group usually plays that, unless you wanna be like Hiro and ride your motorcycle around your front yard, you gotta jack fully into the Net to affect anything outside your deck. But, it doesn't have to be a cybermodem jack-in. If you're willing to take the Initiative loss, you could be fully "in the Net", using Intrusion and Decryption programs, Controlling secured remotes and still be perfectly safe... behind your Goggles-and-Gloves interface It lets your runner stay in the action (i.e., running like crazy and looking out for bullets) without the Ref having to offer up unsecured Robocabs and autocranes to smash people. P.S. When people think of Robocabs, do you think of the ones from Total Recall, too? "Welcome to JohnnyCab. Could you repeat the destination?"
  15. >>manu >>Mar 24th 2:55 PM If you read the book, it tells that you can control remotes which are connected to the Net, and only thes ones. Which is obviously not the case for any even vaguely secured system.A cellular cybermodem can work as a remote control unit, but it will be less effective than a real one. But you can gain acces only to the less protected of the systems.
  16. >>Paladin >>Mar 24th 1:19 PM O.K. Manu thanx, but why does the manual say that one of the most important functions of the menu can be used without even being on the net? (refering to control remote) I don't have the manual with me now, but I'll check the page no. This is what I couldn't understand. P.S. If it wasn't for you guys most of us in South Africa would be playing really weird rules, were thick like that y'know.
  17. >>Stephane >>Mar 24th 12:53 PM For the remote control thing, there are some cybermodem specially designed for piloting remote-controled vehicule. But as any regular console/modem, they work only if you're granted access to the device and it can be really difficult to usurp control (eventually going as high as a a thight-eam, frequency-jumping, encrypted transmission !) There is an exception to the reusable program rule, some really expensives or experimental program are written on read-once chips. You start the program, an this burns the circuitry, so you need a new copy to use it again.
  18. >>MANU >>Mar 24th 11:30 AM Not necesarily, all will depends of the control mode of the concerned remote : Besides, cellular cybermodem/cyberdecks (yes it's the same) transmit on the cellphone frequencies and transmission protcols, wich AREN'T the same as remote frequencies/protocols (too much risk of interference). So you'll have to a ) use cellular mode to acces the net b ) enter the datafort/system c ) obtain acces to the remote contronling installation And using a cellular connection inside a building won't get you in the datafort of the building - you'll be next to it, but not inside. What would be the point of having security remote installation, if any schmuck with a cellular deck can take control of them without need to pass the system's defenses ? Programs aren't used up, unless they were on a chip which gets fried by anti-system ICE.
  19. >>Paladin >>Mar 24th 7:39 AM Thanx 2 all for replying to my questions, in thanx I submit some more: Do net-runners have to have a cellular cybermodem to perform the locate/control remote function? Is a cybermodem the same as a cyberdeck? (This seems stupid, but I have to be sure) How often can they run a program while on a run? Are programs 'used up' for that run once used? Cheers folks, and happy netrunning.
  20. >>Peace >>Jan 24th 1:27 PM Netrunning made simple Check out the Hardwired Netrunning rules
  21. >>Jackie >>Jan 23rd 3:35 PM Netrunning made simple Well let me toss out suggestions that I'm presently using to speed netrunning about, some of them are my own, some belong as part of the rules mods one of my groups is designing and tweeking. The biggest quickening object is to pack net time in and have everyone operate all at the same 'speed' be it 'net wise' or 'flesh wise'. That will eliminate the 'lag' between the two during 'combat/initiative' situations. I've tried doing a 3 actions (net) vs 1 action (flesh) but that was still over the top in my opinion. Second biggest thing is Index cards. I suggest colored ones to put progs/decks on. Code the cards for various prog types..makes it quick to see what you've got loaded and what have you. The Gm should make use of a similar system to sorta 'lay out' the fortress itself. I just place them in a stack sort of order of appearance. For example. *Code gate* (plus the datawall str) * Generally some bit of extra ice * data * controlers * More ice * Classified data * ldl Links * security controlers or what ever it is you were planning on putting in the place...much faster than the old 'map'/ crossword puzzle idea. I reserve that for places where the fort design might be something 'special' I also tend to make 'serious' netrunning as deadly as fire fights..so people take time to plan them carefully and are prepared...rather than what I've had happen in the past, where its a more 'off the cuff' experience. If its planned, the GM can then also plan things to keep the rest of the party busy while the runner takes his/her shot at the fortress. Anyway..that's a quick 2 cents worth.
  22. >>Tim Collie >>Jan 17th 11:05 AM Netrunning made simple What would people recommend as the best way to reduce the load when netrunning and make the process less complicated? What sites would people recommend as alternative netrunning rules sources?
  23. Right now I wouldn't, even though I have had quite a bit of major surgery over the years - most of its hasn't been metal. Mind you the nurses... If someone built a cyber;imb that gave huge advantages over a normal limb then I am sure someone would go for it. What happened to Stevie Wonder? I headrd a few months back that he was about to get a cyber implant in his eye to allow him to see for the first time since he was a toddler. (Obviously this wasn't from The Old Forum - I just forgot to change log-ins when I wrote it! CJ)
  24. >>Refsarinn >>Feb 5th 3:25 PM Íslenskir spilara, er 25, bý í Rvk og bráðvantar að kynnast e-hverjum Cyberpunk spilurum ef þeir eru enn til. Sendið mér póst á refsarinn666@yahoo.com
  25. >>Vanilla Gorilla >>Jan 26th 8:17 AM I'am looking for a serious game to hook up with in the area of Tacoma. If you live in Pierce Co. or surounding area leave a responce. My last group just died out due to having lives.....
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