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  1. I will be going to st. petersburg [russia] for about one month between 9 July and 11 August and I have no idea what kind of internet access I'll have there so I can be on-line everyday or not at all.
  2. After a moment Nick adds: "But beeing honest as I remember our plan is simple." "We move in and predict to be 'important guy front guard' and we wanna to rent a girl for him. We are testing - in looks and psyche - diffrent girls and try to find Mitsy. Meantime Ax and Eugene install some bugs at their comps. When we will find Mitsy, we will tell that we want her tomorrow and that we will come for here. Then we move out." "So that is the first part for today." "Tomorrow we will come, take Mitsy and bugs and disappear with all needed data and a girl." "Then phase B begins, find and e
  3. "Get in ... whipe out all diffence ... f**k some girl ... get out" says Nick with smile on his face.
  4. OOc: I'm here all the time, only waiting for the game to move on, but maybe for sometime O'borg we can move the game together waiting for others to return. What will you say ? Ic: "Let's go under the brothel, on some car park, then we will make a final brief and go on the action." Says Nick sitting in his new coat.
  5. OOc: Sure then Nick takes the business type coat. Ic: Because it's great occasion to observe others in action, in chosing equipment and other stuff Nick, while sitting the the car's carrier, observes others.
  6. OOc: I'm asking because: 1* I have no idea how to image myself the coat, is it so heavy armored that it's easyly seen, or it looks like casual coat or maybe the bussines type coat 2* the describtion: gives me no idea how the coat may look. 3* for the laso one, clothes are very important in first part of our plan, they can make us look trustful or if obviously armored make people suspicious, and again because I how no idea how to image the coat, I don't know how do you image the coat. Ic: "Nice thing" Nick answers to driver and gets back to the van and take one brown
  7. Nick asks the driver "What's that brown grenade?"
  8. Nick waits for everyone to collect equipment, meantime he takes the briefcase and looks for a activator. When he find it he activate the briefcase and looks what happen. When the briefcase cover drops and reload the gun, crouch and shoot to some imaginary targets [not aiming in direction of the rest]. Then stands and looks carefuly on the gus, is there everythink he ordered. At the end Nick hide the gun in the briefcase. By all this time you can observe that Nick behaves like a little boy when he get new toy If everything is OK, he looks at the driver and says "Good job." When Has
  9. Greetings to ALL MY APOLOGYIES for being absence recently. I hope it won't happen again.
  10. OOc: wow I didn't know that, but now I know So let's go and get some car chase
  11. hi sorry for being not so active as I'd like to, but I had a lot of work during this week and almost 0 free time I'll post during this weekend and will be posting regulary from now
  12. OOc: I know that I had few days delay but what was that ??? Ic: Nick observes with curious what Ax and the rest is doing and lets Hassan drive without asking him any question.
  13. "I just can't sleep much longer." "breakfast, oh ... I saw one it was running aroud the cupboard, has eight legs and many eyes" huge smile appers at Jack face. "So maybe you will stand up and we will go and find something ... tasty"
  14. OOc: I've realized myself that I forgot to write something ... Ic: It's 12 o'clock.
  15. Nick wonders: he is wearing a suit, one of his bodyguard a soldier suit and the other one a bike raider suit. What a 'happy' group. Whatever, he's too stressed about what he has to do in near future to think about such a not important detail.
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