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  1. Yeah, the Ianus stuff has some alternate takes on CP while still being licensed CP products. Some of the guys behind those books are still around in gaming circles, too.
  2. chromedog

    The Expanse

    I've been watching it since late 2015 when I first heard about it. Also devoured the books after the first few episodes (when I found out the series was based on some books). I'm on Babylon's ashes atm. There's a couple of episodes to go and things are shaping up. It's got some cool ideas, and it's about time some decent sci-fi was back on Syfy. Earth is an overpopulated shithole (30 billion as of book 1 - this changes during book 5). More of a near orbit +, than cp, but the first episode DID mention prosthetics or vat grown replacements. The time period would also make it more "transhuman" than cp, but most of the cp stuff became "transhumanism" or got absorbed, whatever. I was watching Dark Matter and Killjoys while it was off - they aren't the same, but the three shows scratch different itches for me. I like Miller, the cop. With his stupid hat.
  3. The Cthulhu crossover was done with another fanzine, "The unspeakable oath" and has the modern day precursor material that begets the cp version. I have all 6 of them (plus a stack of the TUO issues, too). The first issue was written before 2020 came about, and is for cp2013 (hence the conversions to 2020). Basic history is that a few of the playtesters (Chris Hockabout and co) spoke to the folks at RTG and asked if they could do it. Add their own material, etc. Expand on stuff (since there was nowhere near as much for 2013 as there was for 2020). They used to play in the back room of their local games shop in Alameda (Tita's house of games) - so they were "locals" to RTG. I even got a shoutout in the 5th issue.
  4. They had an update a day or so ago - but it was more a reminder that they are still around. I think they're stuck ironing out wrinklies in the Witcher 3 property. I'm not expecting 2077 much before 2020 myself.
  5. Our "federal" police had a good example of media spin. They "printed" a gun (using the lowest spec printer and cheapest materials) and it really was no surprise to anyone who knew ANYTHING about firearms that the single .38 round they loaded into it WAS GOING TO DESTROY the gun - as well as eject a slug fairly deep into a ballistics gel body. "As you can see, such things will be shoddy, and dangerous for the users" blah, blah - and the inevitable "they will be able to smuggle it through metal detectors" hyperbole (not unless the ammo is some magical non-bullet-like bullet things. The ammo would set off all of them. You could get a gun through, sure. The ammo is a different issue and a gun without ammo is a stick.)
  6. It SHOULD look like a Syd Mead design. It is one. He did work on it, after all. I'm not going to get around to seeing it on the big screen with what's happening in my life atm - so I'll just have to get it on disc and watch it on our 42".
  7. In the beginning of the 2013 years, when Rockerboy hadn't come out yet and Solo of Fortune was it for CP apart from the box - and Shadowrun already had several books of pre-plotted adventures, I *modified* a couple of them for CP use. First up was DNA/DOA which admittedly was a pretty basic dungeon (sewer) crawl with genetically modified critters. NPCs got CP proflies, critters got cp profiles. I had transgenic predatory animals, a bit of an eco message and "exotics" only they were transgenic, not biomods. I still have that book with the mods (all typed up on paper - this was before I had a computer. I wrote my first cp2020 convention module on an electric typewriter). Start by stripping out magic (unless your world has it). Then go with the "that feels about right" method for converting and wing it.
  8. chromedog

    Total Recall

    Its major deviation is that it has absolutely no trace of PKD mindfuckery in it at all. At least the arnie movie had that left in it (and the Arnie movie was cheesy as all get-out). There's meant to be a doubt whether or not Quaid/Hauser's memories are real, and whether or not everything he has also experienced along the way is real. In the Arnie movie, the Rekall fantasy he chose was "blue sky on Mars". The resolution of this arc, is naturally, the terraforming of Mars, and the "blue skies.". The movie ends with the instant terraforming of Mars and the blue-skying of it. Is it real or is this part of his implanted memories? That kind of thing. It's not about heroes and villains. It's not about redemption. It's about the mutability of perception of identity. Something PKD probably shared after his copious mind-altering-substance use during those "counter-culture" years. It's a pretty movie. It has action, great visuals of a dystopian future landscape, Kate Beckinsdale's arse, and Bill Nighy. Its story sucks balls, though. The science of the fall is hokey, and it lacks any trace of the idea that birthed the last movie with this name.
  9. I'm currently playing in an eclipse phase campaign and playing Infinity alongside it (though not at the same time). I've loaned my CP stuff to a mate down the coast so he can run his own game though.
  10. It's been a normal thing here for years. It helps the vets and the local pounds by identifying where the animal might have come from. And if the animal was abandoned (because the family moved house and left it behind) then the RSPCA often investigates.' Now if only they'd start lo-jacking the local kids ... (like 'find my ipod' isn't abused enough.)
  11. IEC came first, as an outline (in terms of publication dates) as there was a very brief entry on it in the 2013 sourcebook (black box, 3 booklet edition). Shadowrun followed up a bit later, but it had more info on the corporate profiles. 6 of one, half-dozen of the other.
  12. Did it for 1st ed SR (came out around 2013 CP when CP had not a lot going vis-a-vis material). Still have the notes for the "adventures" and gear converted across. Old computer died and I'm migrating the files across to the new comp - but some files are protected and the new comp won't allow me to gain access to them. I'll have to replace the dead PSU and put the HD back in, boot it up and transfer it. Problem with this is we are currently undergoing a house renovation, so the old comp is in storage.
  13. Finally got around to watching it. DvD upscaled on a HD screen (102") with 7.1 surround. Visually impressive even without the 3d. Liked the little throwbacks to the original. Liked the modern retakes on some of the older stuff. (Like the tank trundling through the city when Sam is going looking for Zuse). There was something 'wrong' with the animation for the younger Kevin Flynn in the beginning of the movie. It didn't look quite right. Something about the eyes, but also the skin. CG faces have improved since the Final Fantasy movie (Spirits within and later, the matrix short) but they aren't quite there yet. With CLU2.0, the differences are understandable. Olivia Wilde in tight latex. Yum. Jeff Bridges just seems to be channelling "the dude" a lot in his later movies, though. The soundtrack ... What can I say? I'm not the biggest fan of Daft Punk (or any kind of fan, really). TBH, if you gave me a cd of their stuff, I'd probably use it as a frisbee o' death. Ironically, their soundtrack is the only CD of theirs that I can actually listen to without wanting to rip it from the cd player and fling it across the room.
  14. With the amount of anti-whatever this comp has, mal-and other badstuff-ware hasn't been an issue. Cost me a bit to upgrade to Acrobat X (was using Acro5 for so long - Win7 doesn't like it). Besides, I don't open attachments from people unless they are known and trusted - and the A/V vets all attachments.
  15. Heh. I have automan on my HD so's I can watch cheesy 80s tv if I'm bored (I don't usually get that bored).
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