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  1. I had a character who use to add his own little chip and transmitter and carried a device that would send a signal to temporarily disable that device so he could get away, though the draw backs were short range of the signal and well he is not the only one who does cyberware implants, but if he did have to a repair on someone elses work he would add his chip.
  2. m-134 minigun well that is what I turned out to be.
  3. well you could make it partly like running man and have the prison guards betting on who will not make it. and maybe the players will still be chained up to just to make it sporting, wearing bright orange jump suits.
  4. I would hate to see the mobility aids they would have in the cyberpunk world. a electric scooter with a rocket launcher any jokes about the elderly and blamo your just a smoldering pair of shoes on the foot path
  5. very big biz, alot of money is spent and made in this area.
  6. has anyone ever used a cybered up animal like a dog? what rules did you use for them? what cyberware did you give it? did you give the animal any weapons?
  7. On the mechanical side of tech it would need to address areas such as power source, reliability, dexterity, longevity, material engineering, and size. For the med-tech we are concerned with nerve interface, bio- mechanical, and bone and tissue interaction, organ acceptance/rejection. Just real quick off the top of my head. well that was more what i was thinking when I posted it the mechanical side of things, I understand that the interface part who require more of a medical back ground, so there would be people out there that are a combination techie, medtech
  8. what about cyberware design? a example of a tech is whistler from the blade series.
  9. yeah a book on corporates techies and medtechs would be great, in the games I play someone always is a med tech others would love to do a corporate just they do not know how to go about it really. I can help somewhat pending on work.
  10. I work in a nursing home I see the effects on the elderly. I would really hate to see an elderly person who has dementia, that has cyberlimbs, go crazy. I have seen people go for days without sleeping and these are people who are like 90 years old. yes they get given drugs but they shrug them off like it was nothing. and when they go crazy, I tell you they get some amazing strength from somewhere.
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