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  1. For appleseed, why was the password hitomi? Whats so special about her? Plus, are there any other animes out there like appleseed?
  2. APPLESEED. I kind of prefer it to ghost in the shell.
  3. WinterJewel


    Anybody watched this movie? Is it worth it? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/630523267...&n=130&v=glance http://www.mutantreviewers.com/rnemesis.html
  4. I think what you're referring to there is a 'drone'. Re: the music itself - that is freaking wierd...it's like love songs to 8 bit computer games...I'm strangely attracted to it even as my IQ melts away... ~ (Is there any Jungle or D&B crossover w/ it?) 88025[/snapback] Whats a drone?
  5. WOOOOOoooooooooooot. Check this out: www.myspace.com/diskowarpwww.myspace.com/diskowarp www.diskowarp.com/www.diskowarp.com/ I like the in the groove track, this is eurodance right? WHahahaha, nice. Oh yea, eurobeat's not my type of music(It doesn't have those digitized voice right cos I've never encountered any unless you classify the above as eurobeat); I prefer half techno/digitized voice, go check out the "in the groove" track and you'll know what I mean.
  6. Game sounds crazy to me, technology and magic simply don't mix at least not most of the time. I know a game which blends both in well though but the company producing it went bust.
  7. I know this is a very popular game but have never played it before, whats it about? Is it fantasy or sci-fi? I've seen shots of the characters with swords and shields and others with guns?!?!?!?!? I'm confused.
  8. Why do animes always consist of riduculous big giant SUPER FLEXIBLE robots crashing and burning entire cities with a little guy or girl hidden inside? That usually turns me off to anime. Otherwise I like others like Hellsing, Gits which don't have giant robots bigger than skyscrapers. Another thing is spaceships zapping each other. Sure, for most CP, tech is futuristic but not that futuristic. Oh and there's the big giant explosions as well which go BOOM BOOM from the pistol held by the big robot.
  9. which isn't really very good IMO. A few years back, all we had to do after installing was just blast everything, plonk down buildings and earn cash, etc, etc. But nowadays when I get a new game say for example, Neverwinter Nights, there's so many things to take note of and then there's Sims 2 which is so difficult to control, especially the viewing, etc. I don't like the way in which games nowadays are heading, I mean its more like work than fun. I have yet to enjoy a "modern" PC game and I've noticed that games are also slower and less in variety in their releases. What are your views? I thin
  10. OK, can someone tell me the difference between OST, OVA, TV series and I don't know what else?
  11. So in the ending in Integra's cell, do you think she would agree to become a vampire? and is there a sequel or something because I really liked the show. 1 thing I would prefer though would be that they show more scenes of alucard instead of that Seras Victoria. EDIT: Is it just me or does Integra look like a man, er, well at least a little?
  12. I like Hellsing, IMO, I think its 1 of the best animes I've ever watched. I don't watch alot of animes though. Its gothic right?
  13. I'm currently watching the rest of the episodes now but 1 thing I do not understand is why on some occasions they say something like open to level 4/3/2/1, etc? Whats that mean?
  14. Is he really Dracula? Why is he so powerful?
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