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  1. Use of Views from the Edge Forum It's on the top of every page jsut under the logo. (yeah I just turned it on!!) I have deleted his post and that's probably the best solution for now for spam posts - actually they are called something else, not Trolling but I can't remember what. Spam would be someone posting urls for other sites or products etc that have nothing to do with our community. Vigilance is the key - not that we all have time!! Warnings are there for serious breeches - such as flaming or personal attacks, racism etc and YOU can give someone a warning - don't wait t
  2. If you can't log in please try the password reset. If that does not work either then please e-mail me webmaster (my attempt to stop spam) @ (my attempt to stop spam) cyberpunk.co.uk
  3. We have allocated a certain amount of space for your personal messages (see 'My Controls') unlike the previous system. Please check your messages now - if your box is full you will not be able to receive any further messages until you reduce the number of messages. Reducing the number of messages. You can delete the messages you don't want anymore or you can archive them and delete them. Archiving messages allows you to archive up to 50 messages at a time and the Forum e-mails them to you for you to store. I had over 500 old PMs which took me 10 archives and deletes to clear the box!
  4. We have added a live chat board for registered members of the forum. The link can be found top right of forum pages - Live Chat. It uses the same log in and password as the Forum so you won't need to register again. Enjoy!
  5. Yes indeed posteriors have been double clutched at last. This is a brand new forum system, although coded by the guru who developed the old forum system so hopefully the majority of it will feel simular. We do apologise that the Views from the Edge Forum has been unavilable for a few days. It was shut because of a technical error and we took the opportunity to change systems (a move that we have been dreading for about 9 months!!). This is the first step in some major changes that are undergoing consideration for cyberpunk.co.uk which include a significant upgrade to this forum again, exp
  6. NEWSNEWSNEWS The semi-official IRC #Cyberpunk channel is moving to psionics.net! During the past few months those of us who are regulars on the Rebelchat channel #cp-usa_staff. have noticed the lack of people there. Also with www.cyberpunk-usa.com gone, and the limited prospective audience on the rebelchat server we decided to move to irc.psionics.net. The #cp-usa_staff on rebelchat will exist for the next two months, but it will be a dead channel, so it is better to come over to irc.psionics.net and join the #cyberpunk there. There are two co-owners of the channel #cybe
  7. Cyberpunk.co.uk will be offline from around 6am GMT for about 4 hours tommorow morning 16th December 2003. The server is being moved to a new facility. We are not moving servers rather we are moving facilities which means the server will get phisically moved, probably on the back of a pizza delivery moped, but at least it will stay nice and warm! (I do an injustice to the hosting company who are brilliant.) We apologise in advance for loss of your service. Have a nice one my son.
  8. I deceided to sponsor a site in the Blogathon 2003 this year and chose ronincyberpunk.com as my grandfather died of leukemia when I was young. Give the site a look and chuck some pennies his way!
  9. When I have the time!!! It's actually running on a different system now and there is an major upgrade I have yet to install which may include automated stats for members - I have asked for it! But I expect I will have to do it by hand at the end of the month. I will see what I can do.
  10. The server went down for 40 minutes today - we apologise to those of you who couldn't reach the site. We are assuming it was friendly fire.
  11. Despite the war in Iraq we have reached over 40 thousand posts! I say despite - certain members are out there fighting now and are thoughts are for thier saftey. So they are not posting but the conflict (of interests) has brewed quite a few hot topics.
  12. We are well over 36,000 posts now and have 641 members so things are rocking along well. Who said cyberpunk was dead! I still intend to move over to the new forum software I have sitting on my test server but I have been crazily busy over the past 6 months. Thanks for being patient this far!!!
  13. We would like to wish all the regulars and indeed anyone who visits the site a very merry christmas and and happy and prosperous New Year. We rather hope to be bringing you a new look site very shortly - despite some hardware problems we are suffering at the moment - fortunatly not on the web server - the new design is 75% complete and just needs coding and detailing plus, as promised this time last year , the new forum software will be implemented.
  14. We still have dns changes to make over the next 7 days but the old name servers are pointing to the new site so we will have uninterupted service while the domain propogates. If thats all greek to you don't worry things are going well!
  15. Apo-Stasis now has its own sub catagory under Cyberpunk 2020.
  16. Quote (acehunter @ Aug. 30 2002,00:21) My account is easier to edit, what more can you ask for? I could ask for the software to be free! Actually the banner advertising has paid for it which is why its there - to generate money to build and improve the site! I could also ask for some minor improvements in the admin side of the software but from the users side it should be a ton better which is why we made the move.
  17. Quote (Karsten @ July 20 2002,17:37) What is reciprocal link URL in the entry form? Sorry I should have taken that out. It is there if the list requires a recipriocal link back before the site is added to the list which can be set as mandatory but I am not using it. Sorry about the banners! Yours look great. Actually they are all pretty good so far!
  18. I have sent the mail again using my normal e-mail account. You should all have a copy now.
  19. Hmmm. This is one of the reasons I am changing the system! The current one sends mails out once per day at 4am central time - which I make about 40 minutes ago and I still have not received anything myself. I send personal e-mails if nothings come through by the end of today.
  20. I have just e-mailed all the webmaters of the Cyberpunk Top 100 telling them about the changes to the Top 100. If you are one of those webmasters - welcome! Please go ahead and post you questions, opinions and rants here!
  21. The views from the Edge forum flew past 20,000 posts over this week solidifying its position as the forum of choice for the Cyberpunk community. We are working on bringing you a new forum, faster bigger better more etc, in the very near future and the enhancements to the cyberpunk.co.uk site that we have been promising for years!
  22. Nightwolf and I have sorted this out now. As usual it was my fault, probably! If anyone has any problems (with the forum not personal ones!) please PM or e-mail me.
  23. If you keep getting logged out from the board please delete all you cookies which can be done from in your browser preferences and also from the link at the base of the main forum page.
  24. Some people have received a message saying that thier posting priveliges have been revoked when trying to post. We have not revoked anyones posting privelages so if you get this and cannot post please e-mail support@cyberpunk.co.uk as we do not know who this has affected or why. This has undoubtably been caused by the servers apache upgrade as a couple of other things have been burnt as well. Please accept our apologies. This is now fixed.
  25. The sites server is being upgraded. This means that it may be unavailable for a short period, 30 mins or so from 0000 - 0600 GMT, June 4, 2002. Hopefully this will eliminate some of the problems we have been having as of late - if you have experienced a slow or missing site, that will be it. Thanks for your patience!
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