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  1. Key concepts: Viridian Involuntary Parks, Korean Demilitarized Zone, tigers, Tiger Man Attention Conservation Notice: Full of daffy local color, but from a widely known New York publication. Links: Man, I sure am logging the mileage. http://blog.wired.com/sterling/ Every fan of spimes should make it a point to read the CASPIAN newsletter. http://www.nocards.org/ http://www.spychips.com/ "Metal Rubber." Really? More or less. http://feed.proteinos.com/002203.html They're literally importing coal to Newcastle. http://feed.proteinos.com/002203.html
  2. I have turned off the old cyberpunk.co.uk home page today as the existing site is woefully out of date. The new home page is run by the content management system in the Forum Software. Once again this ought to be a temporary situation but given the stupifying busyness of my life over the past 2 years I suspect it will remain like that for a while. I may be thinking about the staff situation again shortly. Perhaps a meet up in London later this year for any one interested?
  3. Today our thousandth member registered! Despite rumours and articles to the contrary this must surely prove that the interest in cyberpunk is not dead and buried. The forum has been busier then ever before over the past few months. (Some of you will have members numbers higher than 1000 because when we updated the forum this year there was some overlap with existing numbers.) I would like to say a big thank you to every member for making the Views from the Edge forum the community that it has become.
  4. Key concepts: Spimes, Gizmos, Products, Machines, Artifacts, SIGGRAPH Attention Conservation Notice: the Pope-Emperor trouts out his latest hobbyhorse for the delectation of the end-using masses. Links: Barcoded fish. http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/newse/20040816wo11.htm Pentagon RFID. http://www.rfidjournal.com/article/articleview/607/1/1/ "When Blobjects Rule the Earth" by Bruce Sterling SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles, August 2004 The last speech at an awards ceremony can't be too short. I'm Bruce Sterling, I'm a science fiction writer. I
  5. until
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  6. Key concepts: PV-TV, see-through solar panels, projection display screens Attention Conservation Notice: It's a wacky, overpriced solar-power knickknack, but every red-blooded Viridian is bound to want one. Links: http://www.jellylab.com "PaleA.MGX is the latest lamp produced by Materialise.MGX, a manufacturer based in Belgium. The lamp is made of epoxy resin, stainless steel and aluminum, is available in a variety of colors and is produced using a stereolithography process. (...) The self extractable file from which the product can be printed and repro
  7. Key concepts: haptic modelling, CAD-CAM, force-feedback gloves, virtual clay, Dominic Muren, IDFuel, virtual reality labs Attention Conservation Notice: I'm keynoting SIGGRAPH in a few days, so I'm getting up to speed on all things virtual. None of the stuff in this Note is really working yet, but, being a futurist, that's why I'm interested. Link: SIGGRAPH 2004, where I plan to deliver a screed entitled "When Blobjects Rule the Earth." http://www.siggraph.org/s2004/ Here's a cheery thought: China industrializes, burns all the coal left in China, and we al
  8. Key concepts: odd things done with toilets Attention Conservation Notice: We Viridians don't normally dabble in bathroom humor, but these peculiar snippets were assembled by a curator we know who works for the Guggenheim Museum. This is more than toilet humor == this is, like, toilet art. Link: Jon Ippolito. He sent this stuff. http://three.org/ippolito/home.html Subject: pee-green Date: July 23, 2004 9:27:05 PM CDT To: bruces@well.com "Bruce, "Google says you haven't written about these links yet, so I just had to forward them on. Maybe it's
  9. Key concepts: microbes, bioremediation, Big Mike the Viridian Bug Attention Conservation Notice: continues the long-term Viridian obsession with micro-organisms and their applications. Link: http://www.designobserver.com/archives/000170.html#more "Where are the Design Intellectuals?" I dunno, but I'd guess they're over on Design Observer, complaining on the Web about our society's lack of granite- chiselled gravitas. http://www.smalltimes.com/document_display...ocument_id=3730 Swell David Pescovitz article on the growing plethora of teensy, portable power
  10. Key concepts: High Ground Design Conversation, Colorado, Tucker Viemeister, spimes Attention Conservation Notice: I was in Colorado at this event, and discussing a book that I'm writing on design. Okay, it's a big pamphlet. But it will have some new ideas in it. Links: Oh man, that is just so beautiful. Have a look! Tell all your friends. http://www.exxonsecrets.org/ Oops! No more London. Thanks, Esso! http://www.guardian.co.uk/climatechange/st...1260825,00.html Protesting in the streets this fine political season? Try not to drop dead of the
  11. Cyberjunk

    Dexcon 7

    From RTalsorian: 07/14-18/2004 Dexcon 7, East Brunswick, New Jersey Chapter 13 Press will be running Demonstrations of Bad Muthas: Tales from the Funk! and other bits of Fuzion Madness.
  12. until
    2004 Gen Con Barcelona Gen Con Announces Gen Con Barcelona Gen Con Barcelona will be held Friday, Jul 2 - Sunday, July 4, 2004 at the Palau Sant Jordi (a sports stadium) in Barcelona, Spain. Gen Con Barcelona will be managed under license by Devir, the well known distributor of hobby games for Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. For more information about Gen Con Barcelona please contact Joaquim Dorca at joaquim.dorca@devir.es. For more information about Devir please check out www.devir.es. For more information about the Palau Sant Jordi check out http://www.bluffton.edu/~sullivanm/spain/bar
  13. Key concepts: Enron, California energy crisis, fraud, market manipulation Attention Conservation Notice: Americans, these people put your President into office. Californians, you lost a governor over this, not to mention a whole, whole lot of your money. Welcome to our new friends who read our last Note on Slashdot == you know, the one about nukes and their inconvenient proliferation difficulties. http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99992455 The Reek breaks the human heart. http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?t...storyID=5316791 (((Di
  14. Key concepts: paranoia, handwringing fear, catastrophe, climate change, James Lovelock, nuclear power, Gwynne Dyer Attention Conservation Notice: Spooky, disconcerting, contrarian, and goes on and on and on. Links: Kill Big Mike with nasty antibiotics, get asthma for your pains. http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99995047 Fry, dinosaurs! FRY!! http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,63613,00.html The increasingly flinchy and gunshy US State Department. Maybe they should wake up and realize that the Defense Department, PNAC and OSP wan
  15. Key concepts: global dimming, plastic oceans, Viridian Aromatizer Contest Attention Conservation Notice: Contains two newspaper articles that got a lot of press attention but probably less than they should. Also announces winner of the Viridian Aromatizer Contest. Links: http://blog.wired.com/sterling/ Why you haven't been hearing much from me lately. http://www.abc.net.au/science/news/stories/s1079991.htm Photovoltaic hiking bags. http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cf...25223/story.htm Oil tanker causes shipfull of cars to sink. Hmm, that
  16. Final Entries Key concepts: Viridian Aromatizer Contest Attention Conservation Notice: Contains the last entries allowed in the contest. Links: http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/000689.html The WorldChanging crew invites Viridians to come help them brainstorm in San Francisco. http://www.aec.at/nyc/ The Digital Avant Garde Ars Electronica in New York Celebrating 25 years of Ars Electronica May 21 == July 18, 2004 http://www.havaianas.com.br/index.asp Brazilian plastic flip-flops are now officially the world's coolest shoes, for some obscu
  17. Key concepts: grain harvest shortfalls, climate change, mass starvation, price rises, Lester Brown Attention Conservation Notice: Grim, scary, involves one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. There are no new entries in the Viridian Aromatizer Contest even though it ends in three days. Last chance, people! Links: Disasters? Hey, California is fully briefed, and has corporate sponsorship, too! http://www2.sjsu.edu/cdm/drc04/partners.html Post-consumer alteration gets re-defined as "designer fanfic." http://www.core77.com/reactor/05.04_more_merrier.asp
  18. Key concepts: Bush Administration, environmental grievances, National Resources Defence Council Attention Conservation Notice: A long, painstaking, one might even say nitpicking, list of outrages that the NRDC assembled for Earth Day 2004. Also includes more entries for the Viridian Aromatizer Contest. Links: The ancestors of our cuddly Viridian mascot, "Big Mike" the microbe, used to devour fresh lava on the primeval Earth. http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cf...24873/story.htm "National Cyber Security Day." Ever heard of it? Me neither. No wonder
  19. until
    From RTalsorian: 04/30-05/02/2004 A Gazebo Of Games, Edison NJ Chapter 13 Press will be running a Demo of Bad Muthas: Tales from the Funk! and Cyberpunk 2020
  20. Key concepts: Bruce Sterling, book tour, publicity, Viridian Aromatizer Contest Attention Conservation Notice: Who cares about some author out on the road promoting some new novel. Contains some more entries on the Viridian Aromatizer Contest. (((I'm about to confront the biggest book tour that I've ever done. If you ever felt the urge to press-the-flesh of the Pope-Emperor in person, well, here you go, then. Also, if you are local media, then the estimable Mr. Robbins of Del Rey publicity would rather like a word with you.))) Bookstore Tour Sched
  21. Key concepts: Environmental Defense Fund, Meet-Up, Viridian Aromatizer Contest Attention Conservation Notice: It's a stirring call to arms from people who have called to the American population into the righteous streets for, oh, forty years or something. Also includes yet, even lots more, wordy, ingenious entries in the Viridian Aromatizer Contest. Links: This Viridian contest got Boing-Boinged. Pray for me. http://www.boingboing.net From: Meetup*environmentaldefense.org Subject: Important Global Warming Fight! Date: April 12, 2004 5:54:30 PM CDT
  22. Key concepts: Viridian Aromatizer Contest, public participation Attention Conservation Notice: Even more rapidly accumulating entries in the Viridian Aromatizer Contest. Special bonus non-sequitur: lots of astonishing pictures from NASA. Links: Bored by daffy contests? Well, try watching these remarkable clouds. Did you ever wonder just *how weird* our planet's clouds can get when the weather is *unbelievably strange*? Imagine stepping into the street to pick up some groceries and eyeballing one of these babies. http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/
  23. I went to do it myself - couldn't understand why the lock icon was not showing and yet in the thread it had the closed button - answer: you locked just as I got there!
  24. Entries Key concepts: Viridian Aromatizer Contest, public participation Attention Conservation Notice: Contest entries are tumbling in at an unheard-of rate. I am pitchforking them out in short order, lest they heap up and begin to smell. Link: Viridian Design. http://www.viridiandesign.org From: bob*bomoco.com (Bob Morris of the Viridian Curia) Subject: Re: Viridian Note 00406: Viridian Aromatizer Yes! Another contest! ViridianRepository has sprung to life and has full details listed. The Viridian Contest Repository. http:
  25. Design Contest Key concepts: design contests, aromatizer, interactive scent device, applications, demographics and markets, Paul Groepler Attention Conservation Notice: It's another in our long series of Viridian Design Contests. Links: http://www.viridianrepository.com The place to find earlier Viridian Design contests. http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99994834 The so-called "smell cannon." May well be an April Fools' joke. We Viridians don't even care! http://www.airhead.org/ProductSearch/ The Air Head group seeks products that help clean a
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