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  1. I have the rrestored edition of the movie by fritz lang on dvd. Very impressive, especially if you know it's made in 1927. I'm no fan of realplayer format, so i will watch the movie instead.
  2. I'm not finnish, but i've been directed towards the starwreck movies a couple of years ago by agamemnon, and i can't say i regret it. There aree some translation sheets around on their site as well, but for the sake of nonscreenfillingsubtitles they have chosen to go with the "just about it", instead of the 100% accurate translations. Still, worth the 500 mb download.
  3. Well, consider this a little bit of spamming, but i'm going to do it anyway. Water, a member that wandered around here for about 18 months ago, has an online radio station, and tonight is the halloween special. You can request in the chatroom and via several messengers. Here are the links: for the site: www.secondshifters.com for the radio stream (several types available under the link) Audio Stream, please pick one that suits you the chat (if you really feel like talking to people in person) and this one is just for giggles to get in the
  4. I think it might be nice to dig up some movies bu Jan de Bont. Robocop 1 and 2 do seem to fit in with this topic.
  5. Tellng anna her deactivation code is a way lot easier than fighting her. And Gunter... well... who needs that borg anyway?
  6. there are several implants that don't comsume power in dx2, but they are more suited to steath. in dx1 i think that all impants have a cost to use.
  7. You mean Deus Ex 2? It's visually improved over the original, but in gameplay my opinion is that it is severely lacking.
  8. QUOTE (WinterJewel @ Jan 6 2005, 02:22 AM) I woul much prefer it if the game was 3rd person. You can play it in 3rd perso mode, but you have to "cheat" to get the game working that way. I think it was something like "behindview=1" that has to be typed in the console, but you should be able to find the cheats for DX1 on your own allright I prefer to play it in fps mode, because the weapons system is based on that view and nnot 3rd person.
  9. QUOTE (Critias @ Jan 5 2005, 06:02 PM) Just to double check here -- you guys are all talking about the old Deus Ex game, right? First person shooter from, like, eight or maybe ten years back? Really? I've never played it, myself, and I don't think any of my friends have, either. If it IS the game you guys are all so impressed with, I might have to find me a copy somewhere cheap... I don't remember hearing much about it, at the time. Check the bargain bin in your local gameshop, it should cost you about 5 or 10 euros at best. The game itself is from 1998 as i recall, and yo
  10. QUOTE (MonSTeR @ Jan 5 2005, 12:06 AM) I didn't really enjoy the invisible war sequel nearly as much, if you played the first one, you kinda knew who Alex D was and the complete lack of a skill system - wth?!?!?! I just hope they do a Grand Theft Auto game that uses the San Andreas system but set 25 years in teh future Using the HL2 engine, putting on the same people who wrote the story for DX1, bring back JD Denton in a good way, and yes, use the friggin skill system. In DX1 it was good.
  11. I found that light weaponry (pistols and the like) and hackiing/lockpicking were good choices for skills. and if you play it the right way, the pistol can be fitted with a silencer, scope, extended mag, recoil dampening, laser sight and probably more stuff. it's all very useful in longer range combat. Hacking and being able to open locks with less tools is a good thing as well because there are a lot of hidden things to find everywhere.
  12. Well, considering it is a bit of a cbp setting, and strange things, happening all around it, what do you think of the game? how well would something like this work in a different way of playing?
  13. QUOTE (Joe Q. Public @ Nov 14 2004, 04:47 AM) Looking over the post, and living in hell with my new copy of XP that won't recognize my onboard sound card I gotta ask the question.... In this Dark Future, how will issues of compatability be regualted? Will data slot A fit all the given chip types? Will a runner need to carry 5 different types of cables to do that cloak and dagger internal hack job? Why would your Combat Master 3000 Smartgun link really work with that old Merecedes interface cable that you boosted off your old man? Input!!! I need Input!!! a: enable your so
  14. forget freelancer and go for i-war edge of chaos (also a space sim, but you need a joystick for control)
  15. Necronada

    Pc's Purce

    Don't forget the super glue and the lockpicks. and a disposable camera. Throw in a roll of ducktape and you are set.
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