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  1. "Y'know, something sharp, yet concealable. I dont think wearing my rain poncho on the job is a good idea, so the machettes are out." A small amount of sorrow can be heard in his voice as he states the obvious. "Also some throwing blades, just in case I cant get close enough to the bastards"
  2. Eugene looks towards the back of the truck before addressing Mr. King. "Do you have any traditional weaponry in there?" He enquires.
  3. Eugene climbs out of the vehicle, and silently stands behind the rest of the team. He gives Mr. King a slight nod.
  4. "Quick!" Eugene yell's as he bounce's up and down in his seat, obviously enjoying every moment of Hassan's driving, "If you swerve now, we can hit all of them!!" Like a child who has just spotted a puppy, he points at the cheering crowd by the side of the road.
  5. "YEEEEHAAAAR!!!!! GO FASTER!!!" Eugene yells. "Lets show those f@#%in pigs who's boss!!"
  6. The first smile to grace Eugenes face in many years quickly vanishes. He takes his CD back and sits back in the cars seat grumbling to himself until they arrive at their destination.
  7. Eugene climbs into the back of the car securing himself the middle seat. He waits for Hassan (who I assume is driving) to climb into the drivers seat. He hands an old fashioned CD to the driver, with the word "Slipknot" written on it with black texta. "Play" Eugene demands, "its a golden oldie". Sitting back, he crosses his arms, and from behind the safety of his mask, he cracks a smile.
  8. I too am also lost. As far as I knew, we had done our observation and were ready to do the job. Therefore, if this is not the case, then at 10:30am game time, Eugene is is usually at his pad sleeping. If this is the case though, then he is following Nick around in his "bodyguard" attire, ready to cut something up. Oh, and he has no need to speak to Mr. King.
  9. QUOTE (Vampire @ Feb 15 2005, 10:23 PM) OOc: As I think we are going to do O'borg plan first, that means observation for the whole day, hopeing that Enrique's men will appear, then follow them. At night go and wear the siuts and do to 'rent a girl' game. But if you want, Nick can asap go and wear suit so we can do rent a girl' game right now. OOC: Im sorry, but I was under the impression we had done the observation. Correct me if Im wrong.
  10. OOC: Sorry guys, my boss is away, and Im filling in for him while he's gone....my mind hasnt really been on whats important (too me). IC: Eugene parks his bike in a dark alley, not to far from the brothel. Feeling a little lost with out his main blades, he pates the area of his his back where his not quite as large butchers knives are concealed. Moving to the end of the alley, he does a quick check of the street ensuring no one is around. After a moment of waiting, he see's Nick arrive, and the taxi pull away from the curb. He removes his poncho, folds it neatly, and places it into
  11. QUOTE (O'Borg @ Jan 31 2005, 12:29 PM) Hassan glances breifly at Eugene and puts on his 'inscrutable' butler's face OOC: omg I love it when you do that. Im happy with the time warp thingy Harry.
  12. Eugene kisses his blade before returning it to its sheath. With a look of general dis-interest, he pays attention to what Ax has to say. QUOTE Then he turns to Eugene. "I got some gear for you too - first - " Ax' holds up a red facemask. It looks like an Imperial Stormtroopers faceplate screaming, with smoky red eyes. "And this." he holds up a red biking body armour suit, with plastic armour sections to protect against vicious cases of road rash. "The colour matches our ties. There should be some pockets to put things in." "Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah, pockets." Eugene compl
  13. Eugene sits in the corner of Ax's room (he didn't know where else to go besides home) while Ax is taping the case. In his left hand he holds a sharpening stone. With graceful precision the edge of his blade glides along the stone. All the while he stares in the general direction of Ax with his usual cold glare. QUOTE He knocks the door and says "Nick's here", waits for someone to open him the door and walks in, sits and listets. He ignores the sound of the knocking door as he continues to sharpen his blade. QUOTE Ax launches from his position and unbolts the door,
  14. Its won me over with the pic of the cyber-rat.
  15. Eugene watches the screen carefully. "Tell me where to see up, and I'll ensure nobody goes in or out without us knowing about it" he tell Ax. "And if need be, I can always snatch her off the street now I know what she looks like."
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