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  1. Found this today and thought you guys might be interested http://www.engadget.com/2014/02/07/renault-kwid-car-drone/ I have a similar concept for the Scramble that I'm slowly putting together
  2. This is what has caused me to attempt to create a shortened racing version of the SRT. And crew it. And organise pre race security, and in-transit refueling trucks, and... and... Ugh. Me and my overactive brain
  3. Nobody's mentioned Series_7:_The_Contenders yet. I tried writing a short story using this in 2020, but as i can't write...
  4. Didn't Iolad say that he'd send you his stuff if you asked for it a few posts back? That guy didn't but Lolad did And again I give permission for my stuff to be used. At the moment its not up after geocities died but I will get it back up eventually.
  5. I've got all of my TST site files sitting on the HDD waiting for me to have time to remove all the geocities crap that got added to the files (couldn't they remove all that ad crap when they new they were going down?) and find somewhere to put it back up again. If you want any let me know and i'll send it your way -lolad
  6. If you mean the Bodyweight Life Support it's in Chromebook 1, p6 haven't found any of the others yet tho
  7. Good idea for 'disposing' of the extra books Recieved my copy and I'm glad I'm going on hols next week. I'll read it then (if my 2.75 year old lets me have a moments peace)
  8. Fn-P90 Sub-Machinegun You are deceiving by your stature as you can unleash a fury. You prefer a fast paced upclose and personal fight.
  9. Sorry Niko but I beat you to it. SCA with an inbuilt coolant system for those extended 'burns' But that doesn't mean that different companies haven't created similar working systems. At the time i thought a specially designed shell was the best way to go (includes coolant, flamethrower, etc and was meant to be a specifically targeting weapon of vengence) but did include the option as almost an afterthought. The main reason behind it was that anything worn externally would take damage everytime you lit up, so it had limited usage. Not that it's not a fun idea and you
  10. Walkers are in Solo Of Fortune 2 and Firestorm: Shockwave The main article is in SOF2. Don't know where else off the top of my head.
  11. I have one of the novels and i can say that the book swallows and not in the good way. I have both of the novels I just hope that means that I am a slightly obsessive collector
  12. I can't quite help you with that, but how about a 3 screen laptop? Its only a prototype, and its not as portable as a standard laptop, but still its a lot more portable than a desktop and 3 monitors
  13. lolad


    Count me in. Refresh yourself with the Hunter landmarks. Hopefully it'll give you a more than adequate starting point
  14. The pics are online here. (with a few extras)
  15. There is also the re-imagining version of RT with Rogue being replaced with Friday, and the chips of his dead buddies being created by the Scavenger of Souls (unlike the original where the chips where in the skull waiting to be activated) The two did meet in that series, before the religious holy war made its mark (and the Nort-Souther Coalition did the same) more pics Rogue and the re-gened biochips (with Friday in the small pic) & Venus Blue Genes
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