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  1. You are obviously not up on your Lock Stock phrases! I'll try and get up to see you (fill in your own insult here) when I have some cash and some free time, can't be more specific than that I'm affraid
  2. Hi Annie, I prefer Shandy Drinking Southerner and I hope you don't mind me calling you Northern Monkeys!!!! Oh yes Virgil, I have a motto that once I find the plot it's time to slip off the mortal coil as I don't think i was ever born with one!!!
  3. Cheers Virgil, my partner in crime has just escaped to Canada for a month but as soon as he gets back i'll be in touch about a trip up to see you. We are in that neck of the woods on a couple of occasions so maybe fate will get us LARP'ing sooner than we think Until then i'm off to keep working on my CP adventure that i'm putting onto cd rom, qish me luck and some spare sanity! epoch
  4. That's half the problem!! Me and a friend or three have been playing normal "sit down stylee" rules for some years but want to get into the LARP side of things. I'm right out on the Essex coast, near Southend on Sea, well sort of!
  5. Hey all, i have been into cyberpunk for ages but have been away from the seen for a while, anyone out there that games near me? Drop me a line with suggestion please
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