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    fast heavy music, rpg video games, sci-fi & fantasy books, wasting time online... (probably more stuff than that. i cant think of it all. meh.)
  1. good solid cheesy fun. 3 and a half midgets heads.
  2. msn messenger? try Trillain instead..
  3. people still use their "media player"?
  4. shit i have not seen that story in years!
  5. having finally gotten around to reading my copy of the book, it makes sense now..
  6. its like wiki on smack...
  7. maybe they can just do a voice dub whenever he goes to speak?
  8. have watched, now really want to see that movie. looks impressive.
  9. while i found it a really good movie with excellent trip scenes, well acted and with impressive special effects, i could easilly see it as a good flick to shock people out of doing drugs. at least as stupidly as that.
  10. we are as i type watching the last disc of the dvd set of that first season. is a pretty decent show. well worth wasting a few hours on.
  11. Transformers Techno Man Robotech
  12. hmmm sense a Michael Crichton fanatic, i do...
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