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  1. Finally we have updated the site. (It has been a long time coming) The site was revamped with PHP Fusion, registration is not necessary to view our material but once the forums get setup you will need to register to utilize the forums. We should have newer material to come within the next 2 weeks as well. Edit: Just added 4 Gauge Thermite EMP Shells. Enjoy!
  2. Updated 5/2/2k4 Finally we have added game material in todays update. The Mossberg Tac-CAW 2020, the long awaited BMW 2020 Tactical Ambulance, the Medline DX-Bio monitor and the first part of many in "Differentiating Roles in Cyberpunk" rule modification. Enjoy!
  3. Come check out the Repository's new forums. After much work on setting it up (well I lie, only a couple of hours) I have setup forums for my own site.
  4. Site Updated 5/1/2004 Finally set up our own boards. I have put up a political crossfire section where its no holds barred. Feel free to stop by.
  5. ohms

    The Crew With The Gear

    What you said was hardly criticism but more of a pot shot.
  6. ohms

    The Crew With The Gear

    QUOTE (Strawberry-Cream @ Apr 12 2004, 05:02 PM) I didn't really get this was game-inspired, so I'm sorry. I thought it was toting guns around and thinking you're cool then to have yourself equipped with gear designed to kill human beings. uhh excuse me but isn't Cyberpunk about the Dark Future where there is poverty, murder, guns and the bad human element? If you have a problem with the guns and killing why even play the game? For what? The what; "style and fashion"? If thats the case go play with your barbies and Carebears. I personally have become so sick of people who play CP2020 and say that its about attitude and style. Let me look at my copy of CP2020 here, oh look! it says Cyberpunk Roleplaying in the Dark Future. And if I didn't emphasize it enough, here it is again for you - ROLEPLAYING IN THE DARK FUTURE. As for what you said about some people taking the comment you said personally, yeah I do have a gripe with it. Maybe it's just me, or maybe its just the city I was raised in, but when you go out of your way to make a stupid comment like you did don't think that it won't go unoticed. So I guess in me saying that it proves where you come from you are taught to be annoying, self righteous waste of Carbon. If you can't tell already SC I don't like you. So i'll stop here before I say anything else that starts to include nice 4 letter words I love so much. edit: oh and just to answer your question, I am a supporter of home defense and the belief that if you can have a gun it makes criminals think twice before coming into your home to commit a crime knowing that the soon to be victim could easily put him/her in the grave as he/she or she could to the victim. And yeah it gives me a woody holding a Firearm. edit again: and the thread you started about why people like guns, you should have found a more suitable place to put it then here. It's like you almost want to start something or just piss people off.
  7. ohms

    The Crew With The Gear

    Any of you who knew me from the old board as well as from the R. Tal board know that I take shit from no one, and I don't beat around the bush. I don't openly attack anyone for no reason unless people give me a reason to by verbally attacking my friends or myself. Do either of the two and I put the zippo and/or matches away and I pull out my Flamethrower. I'm not an arcenist when it comes to flaming like Grim or Kountzero. Their approach to it is to pull out a piece of cardboard and fan the flames. I'm the scumbag who comes walking along and tosses a bucket of Kerosine on the fire.
  8. ohms

    The Crew With The Gear

    Do you like being an annoying asshat? Because it seems like you do, we put up a post to share some pictures of rifles we have and you come here and post a stupid comment. See everyone in that picture? None of us think to highly of you Strawberry-Cream. So do us a favor and keep your bleeding heart pie hole shut.
  9. ohms

    The Crew With The Gear

    Thanks, I think... I don't know if I should take that as an insult or compliment.
  10. ohms

    The Crew With The Gear

    All I have to say is thats the way a REAL Paramedic should be equipped.
  11. ohms

    The Crew With The Gear

    copy and paste the URL.
  12. my first Techie was on the roof of a building disabling the electrical system, someone blew up the building and he went with it. my solo put in too much cyberware one day went cyber psycho and CSWAT put him down
  13. Added a new notable place called The 2600 and made some cosmetic changes to the site. Enjoy! Hopefully the next update will have a more definied AV-4 Medvac and modified BMW-2020 ambulance I have been working on and my small company Prodigy Works Inc.
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