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  1. Personally I think it would be better to have lesser known or unknown actors for Neuromancer. It's not a glamourous setting, so I feel glamourous actors won't create quite the same atmosphere as lesser known / unknown actors would. Just my opinion of course.
  2. And knowing my luck that'll probably work. *makes a note to not get attatched to any NPCs she creates for games with Rohan and Stips*
  3. I have an uncanny ability to stay alive. I've yet to have a character die. I've had some pretty nasty injuries (see the "What Are The Chances?" thread), but I have, so far, always managed to survive.
  4. In that case, I'm getting myself some hefty muscle and bone weave under my skin weave. What are you and Stips going to do when I decide I want a go at GMing? Who is going to volunteer to block bullets with their face then?
  5. Finished Neuromancer the other day. CP makes an awful lot more sense now. Molly is cool, but so is Case. I also realised just how unoriginal my ex was in all his names for himself as a DJ and some of the names in things he wrote. I look down upon him more for it. He's become a name stealer... Bloody DJ Straylight....
  6. OK, generally when I play a CP game I seem to have really good luck. I don't get injured very often, and when I do it's minor or easily fixed. I've now played two games at Rohan's place and had the weirdest bout of bad luck ever. The first game I had one side of my face completely blown off rolling a 1, but survived because I was lucky enough to have a med techie with me to help out. We had good laughs about it. The next game I played, I had that same side of my face blown off twice. Yes, that's right, twice, and still survived them both. Why? Cos almost everytime I got shot I rolled a 1. I dunno whether Rohan's die are cursed or if he and/or Stips (the other girl who was playing with us) are bad luck charms, but it has been an awfully amussing two games. I want to play another one just to see if I can manage to get my face blown off again. Has anyone else had a weird bout of luck, good or bad, like this? Please do tell.
  7. QUOTE (thedamned @ Jan 25 2004, 10:43 AM) Gotta hate to love any movie with John Candy in it. Especially Spaceballs. And how about this: I've read all the Harry Potter books. Which isn't a strange thing in itself, but consider that I'm a 19 year old male who's guitarist in a political punk band. :and: I've read them all too, and I'm also 19, soon to be 20. They're good books. I dunno if I hate to love any movies. I either love 'em or hate 'em, with a few in the like and dislike categories. If I like something, then I think it's cool. If I think it's cool, then it is cool, regardless of what anyone else will try to tell me.
  8. Have started reading Neuromancer, and I have to say that Gibson's writing style has developed and improved since he's written it. I'm not sayng it's badly written - it's really good - but I like the way he wrote Pattern Recognition better.
  9. Bunnycakes


    UpLink is sweet. Rohan introduced me to it a couple of weeks ago and I keep playing it when I don't have anything else to do. It's just fun. Anyone here played Floor 13?
  10. Hem... Hate to be a fussy b*tch, but shouldn't this go in the 'General' board of the forums? Anyway...it's amusing, and annoying.
  11. Quote (Bookwyrm @ Dec. 28 2003,09:52) I'd say he was the other way around. I stopped reading the Trilogy because he spent far too much time describing things (especially scenery) and not enough time moving the story on. That last post was worded badly cos I was in a rush. I meant all the battle scenes that people generally like to read baout were told in a folk tale fashion, and he saved his descriptive talents for the parts most people don't really care to have described as much as he did.
  12. It's because he had a very folk-story way of writing things. I can't think of any other words to describe it right now, but it meant he was often lacking in the descriptive department, prefering to keep to the storyline. Can you imagines how big the books would have been if he had put in more time and effort to write better though?
  13. Almost 6 hours... That can only mean one thing. All the cool parts that I was upset about being left out will be put back in.
  14. It's comes out tomorrow here in Australia. *is shaking with anticipation*
  15. So I got hold of a bookstore and I've got Neuromancer on it's way. Also managed to pick up a copy of Pattern Recognition on sale for $10. So I am well pleased. I find his writing style a little disjointed though and harder to follow than other writers I've encounterd I get the feeling it's intentional, but it means I can only read a chapter, maybe 2, in one sitting and then I have to stop and close the book and think on it to get it all to go together for me. I'm still trying to decide if I like his style or not.
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