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    Nightmare Asylum Writeup

    Hi there. Thanks to Annie & Spudfairy for their reviews. I thought it might be interesting for people to see some of the session from a refs view point... T-14: Ref meeting to firm up session plans and plot lines. Pencil in rough session time line. T-7: Finish putting together character briefs from late return sheets, news articles etc. T-5: Get In-Character literature on-line. T-1: Final ref plot meeting to firm up session details, time line and NPCs. Final preperation to props. (Including building two very cool looking sentry guns - big up to Emma) T-4 hours: Mass printing session of briefs, news articels, new player guides, etc. T-1 hour: Arrive at venue. Refs scatter round club, each attending to their alloted tasks - assisting with character generation, collecting subs, setting up props, de-briefing NPCs, organising DJ booth, etc. T-15 mins: All refs group together to check last details. Pre-brief to all players - introductions, basic rules explanations, safty messages, etc. T: Time In! In session. Some plot items dropped, time lines changed, things forgot, things created, characters doing things not thought of, improvisation, character / costume changes, general mayhem & organised chaos. Guns, net running, gang wars, back room dealings, bio-hazard, DJs, murder. T+4 hours: Time out! De-brief to all players. Colapse into heap. All in all it was a great session! It was nice to hear so many players commenting on how much they enjoyed the session. All the refs put in a lot of hard work but without the input from so many great players it wouldn't have meant anything. Refs may set up the pieces, but it's the players who bring the game to life. The session photos will be up on the site in the next few days... Regards, Nails
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