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  1. I was wondering. The part where the articles states: Quote The XM8 will be based on the kinetic energy weapon that is part of the XM29 next-generation infantry weapon system (formerly the Objective Individual Combat Weapon) currently under development by ATK Integrated Defense. does that mean it's like a railgun and the projectile is 5.56?
  2. What is really a great part of these weapons is that you don't have to worry so much about interception as in the anti-missile missile systems. Basically, if you can track the thing - once you hit the trigger you know whether or not you hit because your "projectile" travels at friggin light speed! Completely spiff! If they can cut down tracking/seek times against incoming threats then one of these things could take out the volleys mentioned above. In theory, you're only limited by how long it would take to lock on to one object, fire, lock on to next because you have "intsant" kills so to speak.
  3. Quote With an ICBM it can multiple warhead affair, using a similar analogy as a shot gun. ICBMs with what I think is called Multiple Indepent Rocket Vehicle (or MIRV) warheads are the norm; however, the MIRV only becomes effective once closer to the target. The ICBM needs to travel about half the distance to the target and into low Earth orbit before those systems can be deployed. With the early warning systems the Americans have in place right now they can detect launches within a few minutes or so after liftoff, if that long. If you can detect an ICBM and get the laser on it within 20 minutes (from launch to detonation it is about 45 minutes on average if you're coming from somewhere in northern Asia to North America) then you're still in good shape. I think the whole point of having a cluster of these things in orbit would be to neutralzie the threat before it got a chance to spit up.
  4. Quote Sure the thing is able to shot down ONE artillery shell. What they don't say is : - the success rate - the size and cost of the thing - how sustained is it's fire capacity The fact that it exists at all is impressive. I can't see it being out of the prototype stage at all, or if it is it's only the first in a series of models. A battery of these things hooked up to an Aegis system could make a very effective screening/defence measure I'm sure. Quote Kinda makes you wonder why they're still bothering with the missile defense shield thing, hey... That actually doesn't surprise me too much. They could potentially be making a platform that would see a cluster of these things in orbit that, combined with the early detection systems already in place, could possibly destroy ICBMs and whatnot while still over the country of origin. Personally, being from Canada, I rather like that idea because the current US plans to deal with attacks of that nature turns Canada into a radioactive debris field. ...And know I don't think we should have to pay for that privilege. Pat Buchanan is a complete ass - see this link to find out what I'm talking about.
  5. Anyways, it appears that we're getting closer to Star Trek all the time. As this article shows, the technology of energy weapons is making certain progress.
  6. Quote Use their cyberware against them. EMP in heavy dosages. This is what I like to use against the borged out crazy PG. As the rulebook states "...because you can't intimidate frack when your spinal column locks up." Once you do this to them and have some punks come up, spray paint their names on the PGs back, take the PGs cyberarm to sell at the nearest clinic then piss on the PGs head for their trouble. This could give you an overwhelming sense of humility or just kill the PG - either result is satisfactory to me. To other PGs that aren't borged out, but are the "solo-from-hell" types, I go for the lowtech answer mentioned a few posts above. Freeway encounters where they are stuck driving a vehicle are good. Also, fire or Willy Pete grenades do wonders for a personality and are my favourites. Lastly, there is the PG that is nothing special, just out to f*ck up your game. I've found that having these PG one-upped by the other party members at every turn until they wise up is a decent solution.
  7. I'm actually just coming off of a long DnD 3rd edition campaign myself. I had a little hiatus from CP2020 and it was okay but I'm done with it now. Hopefully they will be interested. Well, I'm actually not a stone's throw away, maybe 5 stone throws - I'm on Partington.
  8. I guess when people start speaking about non denominational presents around mid-winter I get excited. Unlike many others I tend to hear from, I quite enjoy this time of year.
  9. Quote Too bad they closed down the Sandwich Mill eh? You can say that again. Oh, how I loved a good Celtic with a pint of Tennents on a Saturday afternoon...
  10. I can hit the main campus with a rock from the end of my street. I'd certainly be interested in hooking up. Are they veteran players? They play CP2020 of course...
  11. That's right RockWolf! And anyone else who doesn't like it, well I've got a nice bag of pointy ears for you next to my kid sister's tea set.
  12. Quote To paraphrase Groucho on this one, I wouldn't want to be part of any subculture that would have me as a member. Tell it sister!
  13. Hound, as in The BlackHammer Cyberpunk Project Hound? Paging Dr. Hound...
  14. Quote Hehehe - you've never programmed, have you? I created a monkey variant with Pascal, but that was a collaborative effort back in high school. The best I could manage now would be an ATM program or a couple of tight scripts to automate network tasks. Anyways, I see what you mean by "calling" program functions now. It's like being able to backdoor a system. I'm anxious to see how it's written in your concept document.
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