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  1. Master Drow please Google "The Jester Hackivist" While what he did was simple I get the feeling that it's a "dry" run for something else. Years ago Wisdom got hacked by the sorts of people that "The Jester" steps on. To put it bluntly he is a real life edgerunner. A US Government Cyber Security expert who has gone freelance and targets what he belives to be enimies of the country he loves. Yes he has gotten it wrong in the past but he did end up tracking down the leader of a criminal hacker group...Although the FBI did find the guy first and had turned him against his own group. He h
  2. Rockwolf66

    Gun Cameras

    Seems rather neat. I wonder how well it takes the recoil though. Plus there is the issue of how well does it take impacts?
  3. Apparently an "Ethical" Hacker has turned the tables on the Anon crowd. Details It gives one some great ideas about CP2020 netrunning and how to get a corps datafiles.
  4. I just want a version without aliens or mutants or psychics or any other cheesy stupid shit... The origional Philip K. Dick story had Alien in it. Apparently Quaid stopped an Alien invasion of Mars when he was 9 or so. Gah, I love source material.
  5. As someone who has fired a 40mm Grenade Launcher I can say that the recoil is really mild. I't like fireing birdshot out of a 12 gauge...I don't really feel it. So if you have correctly mounted a M1913 rail on a cyberarm there should be no problems with recoil. Heck you could possibly get away with mounting a so called "Masterkey" Breaching shotun on the arm. Use a semi auto and then replace the trigger with a fireing stolinoid that jacks into the arm through a smartgun plug. Point and shoot versitility.
  6. Lucky guy Mark. I wish I could go to front sight. Right now I'm stuck building a pistol range in the back yard. PS: Not a bad AR-15. Unfortunatly I can't barrel and put in the gas tubes of the uppers yet.
  7. well I am having computer issues...Again. I'll be posting alot of older stuff in a rought timeline and then keeping the story rolling as I'm finding the more often i write the easier it gets to do good stuff. Hopefully I'll get this draft finished sometime within the next six months so i can find someone to edit it over at the Baen Bar...Well I'm not sure how popular it will be but I have two 600+ page story arcs planned and possibly a third in the future. I'd love some feedback here and should I keep posting her until I am done with the rough draft of the first story arc since you all g
  8. Oh c'mon. You love it and you know it. Now we want a fully automatic version. Malek, The round is made from a cut down and necked out 20mm Vulcan round so anything that can fire a 20mm Vulcan round can be rechambered into the .950 JDJ. Think about what 6,000 of those a minute would look like. then again those rifles are known to knock out shooters. Maybe it's a better rifle FOR cyborgs.
  9. Hey All, I'm currently working on converting the first Four Fallout video games to the Interlock system for my own gaming purposes. I know I'm going to need some help with the conversions and maybe some starting packages Right now I am just gathering up the in game data and I'm just about finished with Fallout 2 and am going to be starting on Fallout: BOS then Fallout Tactics. One thing I am going to do is that when a real world firearm is used I am going to use real world stats...yeah Rocky's being a crazy gun nut again.
  10. I guess as one of the shooting folk here I'm strange. I love the verticle forgrips on the rifles I shoot with(Ruger 10/22, Kel-Tec SU-16, FN SCAR16S, FN SCAR17S.) and I hate the FN P90 ergonomics(Squishes my large hands together uncomfortably), Bullpups while sometimes usefull have really little advantage over a traditional assault rifle(longer barrel yes at the expense of a worse trigger and a slower reload.) As far as big Automatic weapons go i really do prefer an M60 to any other machinegun reliability be damned.
  11. First off...Nice Threadcrap Interrupt, now please fuck off to whererver forum trolls go to die. As far as the SCAR-16S goes it's a good, well thought out Ergonomic rifle that is once you replace the PWS Muzzlebreak plesant to shoot. I'm sorry but the Muzzledevice gives my .300 Winmag a run for it's money muzzleblast wise. Once you find magazines that fit the gun and break the rifle in properly. The SCAR-17S Usually doesn't have as much trouble as the one I have shot gave me. Basically the time I had was a fluke as Rifles that are normally Sub-MOA were shooting all over the place. Re
  12. Well I have shot the SCAR-16 and for my birthday i got to shoot the SCAR 17 as well. Unfortunatly it seemed that the only firearm that day that didn't get a case of gremlins was my Ruger 10/22. I'll have to try again latter to get a good day of shooting out of them. Plus I really don't think a freezing cold winter's day is the best to shoot a firearm straight out of the box.
  13. The resin version of the firearm didn't work. They made a steel version of that pistol that worked. Unfortunatly they got into legal trouble for that one and had to demil that propgun.
  14. I've just gotten an interesting bit of information about the life of an Armorer in Hollywood. I'm sure it will entertain some of the people here. Needless to say To those of us who like guns we sympathise with the Armorer and then bust out laughing at the propmasters idiocy.
  15. Why the heck do you think I got out of California the powers that be there want their own Communist state. Seriously if you ever listen to what some of the long term California Politicians have said it's obvious that they want to control peoples lives from the cradle to the grave. Rocky, You wouldn't know a Communist if it bled on you. I have several close friends who's parents are members of the Communist party. I could debate you as to why Communism as a concept simply cannot work until we get unlimited energy and Star trek style replicators. I could go over the differenc
  16. I'm going to check my backissues of Shotgun News but some of the modern large bore Air Rifles can be taken hunting wild boar. Crossman Rogue
  17. Why the heck do you think I got out of California the powers that be there want their own Communist state. Seriously if you ever listen to what some of the long term California Politicians have said it's obvious that they want to control peoples lives from the cradle to the grave.
  18. The Hawaii Defence Foundation is sueing Hawaii and the Honolulu chief of Police for violating the 2nd and 14th amendment of the US Constitution. For those who don't know Hawaii has stricter weapon control laws than California. Details I'm in touch with one of the Lawyers involved in the case and I've pointed out to him that Hawaii does not have a film Exemption to it's laws, thus major productions like Hawaii Five-O are breaking the laws yet the government of Hawaii gives them an unofficial exemption. Double standards that will hurt in a jury trial.
  19. Ever wonder why Johnny was in Juarez the morning he met maria? Johnny's Morning Johnathan "Johnny" Bishop inhaled the sent of lavender undertoned with something distinctivly feminine. It was then that Esmerelda "Dizzy" Gomez snuggled her slim body against him in her sleep. They had spent the previous day together and they had ended up sharing Dizzy's bed. He opened her eyes and studdied her angular brown features. Gentily he brushed a strand of dark hair away from her face and kissed her forehead. She stirred at his kiss and opened her dark, coffee colored eyes. She caressed hi
  20. Dude, It's been done to death nowdays. Heck right now I can order "Ninja Training Videos" from schools that claim dubious Ninja liniages. It's funny that people still picture modern Ninja as dressed in black Gi's and swinging swords. Nowdays they would be using modern weapons if they were to cary something. The closest I can find to a modern Ninja is a theoretical "Ghost Force" that conducts Espionage and sabotage in the service of a country. The members are highly trained "Grey men" who enter a country through conventional means and then conduct their business before vanishing the same
  21. He's also showing a very anti-British Bias. Simply put the SAS never trained the Protestant terrorists in Northern Ireland. They did train and equip the RUC. Now it's a sure bet that the RUC had members moonlighting as Terrorists. Frankly the SAS was and is 30% Catholic. Probably not the most faithful of Catholic but none the less. If they really wanted to kill off every suspected IRA member they could have easily done so. Heck they had members of the SAS and the 14th intelligence company drinking with the IRA. I have some Irish in me and the Catholics blame the Protestants and the
  22. a better tagline would be. "When your enemies arn't worth a bullet."
  23. Unfortunatly Foxfire only covers the day to day chores and not the venacular of rural life.
  24. I sugest you try living in Richmond California for a while and then see if you have any sort of sympathy for those 19 year olds who "Play too much GTA4 and think their gangsta". These people act like gangsta's because their culture encourages thuggery and criminal acts. Hell they had a girl gangraped about a year or so ago there and people just stood around, watched it happen and videotaped it on their cellphones to show their friends latter. We can't justify simply napalming places like that off the map because it's inhumane, thus we have to guard ourselves against what comes out of places th
  25. Was it a dead cow filled with dynamite? While i am usually against burning books I say that we have a V3 burning and then have the MIB use that little flashy thing on us all.
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