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  1. LOL! Why does the old phrase, "Takes one to know one" suddenly come to mind? Well does anyone remember what happened when the First CIA team in Afghanistan encountered the Chechens? A Squad of Chechens overran a Northern Alliance Hill without firing a Shot. The Chechens simply ran across No Mans land and up the Hill. The CIA Team leader could have popped the whole quad with his carbine but his radio man had the Air Force on the radio. The CIA Officer retreated with the local NA commander. The Commander commented about how frightening the Chechens were. The CIA Team Leader re
  2. It isn't Immigration that Conservatives have a problem with It's ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and the failure to enforce the laws already on the books. What is really ticking those on the Political right off is that immediately after the bombing the MEDIA started claiming that is was probably some RIGHT WING NUTJOB TEAPARTY ACTIVIST because of the date or some other BS. Instead of simply reporting the news the media has been trying to sensationalize the event and spin it to fit their political biases. In other news it seems that these two were radicalized and there is a dangerous
  3. As a Civilian I have seen the results of homemade devices that had a bigger bang. Then again most of the time the locals make IEDs to take out stumps in the middle of nowhere. They don't pack the devices with shrapnel to inflict casualties.
  4. What about the Kudzu or whatever you call it? Plus weren't you the one who told us about "the land that Time forgot?"
  5. Well a friend of mine from off of VFTE is starting a Cyberpunk2020 game set in the Gulf Coast of the American South. Our first game is supposed to be a simple delivery job into the Everglades. It will be interesting as we have Cop, a Corp, a solo and a pirate. This should either be really good or go really bad.
  6. Just don't pull a Coca Cola and go from the Origional tasty formula to the Horrible New coke to then go to Coke Classic that has the good parts swaped out for almost as tasty cheaper sweeteners. Then again I buy mexican cokes whenever i can as it's closest to the origional formula I can get.
  7. I have to call Bullshit on this one. In Vietnam the NVA only started winning after we pulled out in '72 and it still took them three years to take over the place. They only were able to do that because the US Ingnored a treaty and left the South Vietnamese to die. In Afganistan vs. the USSR the Afgan people were being armed, trained and Funded by the Western nations. Plus the Afganis introduced the poor Russian conscritps to heroin and Opium. In the End it was the USSRs verion of Vietnam where Militarily they won but they lost the politica/cultural war. Dogsoldier has Already comm
  8. Damn! That's an expression I haven't heard for almost thirty years! Remind me to get you a Ripple Creek T-Shirt.
  9. Well Ridged Inflatable boats are now designed in "cells" so that one punture will not sink the boat. Boston Whalers on the other hand simply cannot sink.
  10. I just ran across the following video and it seems rather apropriate.
  11. Well in the wake of Newtown Diane Fineswine(I'm sorry but I have no respect for the hag) has unveiled her lattest Gun ban sceme. In responce I have tossed together the following. I know I should probably have pointed out which firearm is legally the machinegun. it is the Ruger AC556 below the Colt Sporter Rifle.
  12. Why do you think that modern drug cartels run fleets of jamming vehicles. Messing with your enemies communications is a great way to prevent him from calling 911.
  13. That is exactly what that means and it was mandated IIRC by the NYPD to deal with the bad habit of officers who, as the saying goes, "wrapped their booger hooks around the bang switch" when they were not intending to fire. So some Liberal idiot demanded a mechanical solution to an intelectual problem. I'm not too up on the LEO community(A couple relatives and a handfull of aquaintances) All of them condemmed the horrible NY shooting. Among the people that I know the only ones who were defending the NYPD were the more liberal types. I don't understand their mindset when they say it's ok
  14. Possibly but there is the issue that those jamming Vehicles have alot more power than anything man portable. Yeah those grenades might be a decent temporary measure but a proprly set up vehicle radio will have enough power to "burn" through the interferance of anything man portable. There is a good reason that Civilian radios have built in limits to their power. I know of at least one case where some scumbag boosted his radio to the point where he was drowning out all other nearby signals. His neighbor ended up calling the cops on him and it was only luck that someone spotted the booster.
  15. Not true. Most American firearms owners pray that they never have to shoot anyone. We don't carry firearms because we want to "clean up Dodge City." We carry firearms because we simply cannot rely on the police to protect us. The US Supreme court made that ruleing decades ago. I carry a pistol not because I want to shoot a person but because I live out in the country I have and will again encounter hostile wildlife. Be that wildlive be a rabbid fox, a bear, mountain lion or some white trash's pack of feral dogs.
  16. There have been Jamming Vehicles since the 1980s. I have a friend who used to be a radioman with the USMC. Apparently they could jam communications while inside a modified HMMWV. it wasn't easy but they could do it. I've also got an account of a French Foreign Legion Squad tracking down a Lybian Jamming vehicle in the 1980s. The stuff they have now is an outgrowth of that and it's getting interesting. Then again there are reports of the Mexican Cartels useing such vehicles.
  17. Unfortunatly here in the US there is a perception of the NYPD as being Trigger Happy Goons. The reason for this is that there have been a few incidents where the NYPD "sprayed and Prayed" to hit a suspect. The primary cause is psycological and can be corrected with proper training.
  18. I really need to page Hanns. He's our resident Clubcritter with a security background.
  19. I know this is resurecting an old Thread but after my move and having to 86 two computers I thought I had lost all of my old writings. I've found Crimson & Crome and I'm working on re-writing it with a Russian friend of mine. Hopefully I can bring it back even better than before.
  20. How about you import a few Frenchmen?... I'm sure they would love to have a steady supply of escargo. Heck have a french styled resteraunt where the owner pays Juviegangers to collect snails for him.
  21. Wisdom your Combat Zone is starting to sound like the Flavelas of Brazil. I know they aren't the only RL "Combat Zone" but they are the best known. Maybe I should look into such places.... Then again you find places like Dogsoldiers "land that Time Forgot."
  22. You were saying... Honestly I wish we were allowed to shoot some of these nutters.
  23. I know that Coasties use a bungee system to stablize their barrets when they are unting Narcotrafficers Gofast boats. They also replace the high powered optics with a simple reddot...Not to mention practice as much as they can.
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